Trekking in the HIGHEST volcano of Asia

Damavand Trekking Tour

Damavand Trekking Tour (5 Days)
The Best & Successful Damavand Tour – Full Board From/To TEHRAN

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STANDARD  640 € 440 €

VIP  990 € 799 €

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Damavand Trekking Tour Overview

Mount Damavand trekking tour is one of the most popular trekking tours in Iran that everyone would love to experience once in her/his life.
On this tour, you will have a trek up to Damavand the highest volcano peak in the Middle East & Asia. It is also a national heritage site and national symbol of resistance and strength which has a significant place in Persian & Damavand mythology.
Mount Damavand is located in the southern part of the Caspian Sea (the biggest lake in the world) and 1-hour away from the capital city of Iran (Tehran).

In the Damavand trek tour, you will see the Lar National Park from the top, which has rich wildlife and flora. When you reach the top of Damavand Peak you can walk around the volcanic crater and see the greatness of the Alborz Mountains range and Iran’s nature from the height of 5610 meters above sea level.

Damavand Trekking was always my dream. It’s kind of a dream, come true for anyone who loves climbing. A feeling that cannot be described in any way. Until I reached the summit for the first time at the age of 76 and felt that feeling inside me, something between pride, courage, exhaustion, and hope.

Iren Schmid- A German Lady

Why Damavand Trekking Tour in 5 Days?

Years of experience in carrying out Damavand trekking tours have proven to us, that the best and most successful itinerary for the climb of Damavand is a 5-day tour.
Undoubtedly, a successful and safe trek requires mental and physical preparation. That is, for this, you must have the necessary physical preparation, adapt to the altitude (acclimatization), and have mental preparation, hope, enthusiasm, and willpower to climb the 5610-meter Damavand peak!
The 5-day Mount Damavand trekking tour is designed and organized in such a way that you will have enough time to rest after a long trip (flight to Iran), while you will go to the foothills of this beautiful mountain and slowly you will be adapt to the height and atmosphere of Damavand.
While you will climb step by step and be acclimatized to the higher altitude, you will be familiar with the climate of Damavand and your body will get acquainted with the activity at this altitude.
During the climbing, our experienced Damavand guides will teach you what to do, what food to eat, at what pace to climb on the mountain, etc.
In general, they provide you with the experiences they have gained during years of trekking in Damavand to have a successful, easy, and safe ascent. Still want to learn why to choose Damavand guided group tour, read more here.

Mount Damavand Trekking Map - Southern Route
Damavand Trekking Map - Southern Route - Click to Enlarge

How and Where Does Damavand Trekking Tour Start-End?

Damavand Trek Last Day
Happy after successful Damavand Trek

The Damavand 5-day trekking tour is a full-board tour with all the services you need (starting) from Tehran (and ending) in Tehran.
This tour includes all accommodations, transfers, a professional Damavand Mountain guide, and all the meals. There are no hidden or extra fees on this tour! For more information, you can see the list of Damavand trekking tour services 5-day here.
This tour has weekly departures and all departures are quarantined. To prevent the tour from the crowds of Iranian climbers at weekends – Thursday and Friday – all tours start Saturday to Wednesday.
Of course, if you have special conditions and want to come on a date outside the Damavand climbing tour timetable, this is possible, please contact us.
On Saturday between 9 and 10 am, your climbing guide will come to your place of residence, hotel, or hostel in Tehran so that you will start the tour with a group of climbers who participate in that tour, and drive towards Damavand Hostel.
Considering that we always use fresh fruits and vegetables on our tours, you will probably have a short break from shopping along the way.
After about 1.5 to 2/5 hours (depending on traffic), you will reach Iran Exploration Hostel in Damavand. Where, in addition to amenities such as free Wi-Fi, hot shower, beds, etc., you can store your extra stuff – suitcase, luggage, city clothes, etc. in the hostel and get ready for the Damavand trekking tour.


Group Size: Min 1, Max 8 Duration: 5 Days  Meals: Full Board
Suitable for age: +10 Activity: Trek & Climb Join in: Tehran, End in: Tehran
Best Time: June 1st till November 30th Physical Rating: Level 3/5 (Moderate to Challenging) Max. altitude: 5610 m
  • Photography of the unique nature of the Alborz Mountains
  • Climb & Trek Mount Damavand, the highest summit in Iran & Highest volcano in Asia
  • Enjoying the beautiful scenery of Lar Lake & National Park
  • Chance of seeing the Caspian Sea from the top of Damavand Peak
  • Visiting local people, Damavand nomads, and shepherd
  • The most successful Damavand trekking tour with over 96.7% during the years

Damavand Trekking Tour Itinerary

This section will familiarize you with the Damavand trekking tour itinerary details. What is the daily itinerary like? What time do we start the trek? Where do we sleep and rest and other details of the Damavand trek & climb tour…

Surely, before or after reading the itinerary, you should read “Mythical Beliefs and Folklore of Mount Damavand” to learn about the culture and customs of the rural people on the foothills of Damavand.

Please note that the itinerary may have changed due to weather conditions or your mountain guide’s decision in special circumstances.

START: Regularly 9-10 AM, From Tehran TOUR ENDING: Expected 18-20 At Tehran


1st Day

Drive to Rineh/Polour Village, Start the First Day of Damavand Trekking

Damavand Trekking Tour-First Day

Trek between beautiful Anemone flowers

As you see in the Damavand trekking tour timetable, this tour starts every Saturday to Wednesday to prevent Iranian weekend (Thursday & Friday) and the crowds of Iranian climbers on Damavand.

So Saturday morning (beginning of Iranian week) you will be picked up from your residence, hostel, or hotel in Tehran between 9 to 10 am by your guide (any location in the city).

Soon or late, the group gathered and leave Tehran towards Rineh/Polour village and Damavand Hostel. It will take 2-3 hours max driving on the mountainous road in between Alborz Mountains via Haraz road.

Before reaching the Hostel, you will have a short break at the Iran Mountaineering Federation Office in Polour village to submit the Damavand trekking form and pay the 50 $ (or EURO) to receive the climbing permit.

By arriving at Damavand Hostel (2200 m) at the foot of Damavand, you’ll have some hours to rest, have lunch, walk around, and pack your stuff (you can leave your extra luggage, clothes, and equipment in the hostel).
Afternoon you’ll start trekking up to 2700-2800 m between beautiful red Anemone flowers, which takes about two and a half hours. There you can have a few rests for better acclimatization, then descend to the Damavand hostel.

In some cases depending on your guide’s decision, time, weather, group fitness, etc. there may be the ability to trek to Goosfandsara camp (the Mosque) at 3000 m altitude, then back to the hostel.

O/ N at the hostel (Lunch. Dinner).


2-3 hrs       +1000 m       2-3 hrs       Damavand Hostel/Camp       Full Board



2nd Day

Trekking to Damavand Camp (Bargah-e Sevom) at 4250 m Altitude

Damavand Trek Tour Bargah Sevom Camp 4250 m

Damavand Trek-Bargah Sevom Camp 4250 m

By serving breakfast in the early morning, you’ll transfer to Goosfandsara camp at 3000 m by 4WD cars. Where you will load the luggage on the mules (every 2 persons 1 luggage about 15 kg) to be carried up to the 4250 m campsite. Then slowly start trekking to Damavand camp/hut with a lightweight backpack. Today you will ascend around 1200 m, so we have to go at a fair pace to be well acclimatized.

You will have at least 3 breaks on the way to drink and eat something you have in your lunch pocket/box which is provided for you by the company. Lunch pockets (or lunch boxes) are included fresh fruits, juice, some biscuits, chocolate, etc. which will be used as your light lunch during the Damavand trekking tour.
Totally you will have 10-15 min rest each hour of the trek to well adapted to the altitude and feel good when you will reach the hut/camp.

After about 5 hours (4-6 hours) you’ll see the Damavand hut and Bargah-e Sevom camp. To cool up, first, you will set up the camp tents by helping your guide, then change the wet clothes and have enough time for walking around, taking photos, and rest.

O /N at two-person tent (Full board, Breakfast. Lunch box. Dinner)


45 min       +1200 m       4-6 hrs       Tent Camp       Full Board



3rd Day

Damavand Trek Acclimatization or Bad Weather Reservation Day

Damavand Trek Acclimatization Day

Damavand Trek Acclimatization Day 4650 m

Today you have enough time for Damavand trek acclimatization and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Alborz Mountains, Lar National Park, etc. After well sleeping, and serving breakfast you’ll start Mount Damavand trekking slowly to around 4600-4700 m altitudes.

There is no rush to climb, but slowly going up step by step, and will have enough rest on the way, taking photos, etc.

The key to good acclimatization in high altitude is drinking well and being active, so having a thermo-flask is recommended in addition to a bottle of water. You will seat to have an hour’s rest at a higher altitude while enjoying the greatness and silence of the Damavand. Around noon, you will descend to the camp slowly to have delicious lunch and more rest.

NOTE: If the weather conditions on the summit day (according to the itinerary) will not be good, in special circumstances, depending on your guide’s decision, it will be possible to change the summit day with this day (one day move itinerary forward).

O /N at two-person tent (Full board, Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner)

N A       +450 m       1-2 hrs       Tent Camp       Full Board



4th Day

Damavand Trekking Tour Summit Day

Damavand Trek- On the Summit- 5610 m

On the Top of Damavand Summit – 5610 m

After breakfast in the early morning, you’ll start your Damavand trekking tour to the top of Iran, Damavand summit (5610 m). It takes about 6 hours to reach the summit.

During the trek, you will have some breaks for rest, eat & drink. First on 4600 m where we call it the Acclimatization Ridge and the second will be around 5000 m with great scenery of Damavand Icefall on the right side. The third stop will be at 5250 m where we call it Sang Pestan or Pyramid Rock, and the last will be above this rock and the beginning of the Damavand sulfuric area at 5450 m.

By reach to the Tape Googerdi (Sulfuric Area), you are on the last steps away from the Damavand summit. After the last break and recovering your energy, you will be on the top of the highest volcano in Asia, Mount Damavand at an altitude of 5610 m.

On the top summit, you can see the Crater of the old Damavand volcano, enjoy the scenery of the Alborz mountain range, the beauty of the Caspian Sea (in clear weather), and Damavand Northeast Route.

Finally, by taking memorial pictures of your successful Damavand trek, you will be back at the camp in around 2-3 hours.

O/N at the two-person tent (Full board, Breakfast. Lunch box. Dinner).

NOTE: According to the itinerary, you have to stay tonight in the Bargah-e Sevom camp, but if possible, considering the time, the readiness of the group, the weather, the possibility of transporting luggage down, and the discretion of the guide, you can descent to the hostel in the evening, to have a comfortable night in the village (2 hours to Goosfandsara).


N A       +1350 m       6-8 hrs       Tent Camp       Full Board



5th Day

End of Damavand Trekking Tour, Back to Tehran

Happy for a successful Damavand trekking tour, you will pack the luggage to load on mules. By serving breakfast, start descending to Gosfandsara camp (2 hours), where our 4WD cars transport the group to the village.

At the hostel, you can take a shower and collect the equipment. Afternoon, we’ll transport the group to Tehran (your residence/hotel or hostel), and the Damavand trek tour will be finished successfully and happily.

In normal conditions without the traffic jam, supposed to be in Tehran between 18-20 PM.

(Breakfast & Lunch are included).


  • In case of your wish, you can go to LARIJAN LOCAL HOT SPRING, and enjoy swimming in natural mineral and sulfuric hot water in private or public pools for an extra charge of 10-15 EUR per person.
  • Damavand Climbing Certificate will be available on request.

2-3       -1800 m       2-3 hrs       N A       Breakfast & Lunch


Mount Damavand Trekking Videos

In this section, you will see two unique and amazing videos of the Damavand trekking tour, which were specially produced by the Iran Exploration content production team.

In the first video, which is a moment-by-moment description of the Damavand trekking tour from the southern route, you will climb from Gosfandsera camp to the peak with our professional team.

Step by step, you will get to know the team’s acclimatization process in this tour and you will find out how all the members of our groups reach the summit, full of energy, happy and cheerful, and hug each other.

In the second video, you will see one of the most mysterious features of Damavand. Sulfuric gas vents and yellow-green color chimneys near the summit. Something that has always been both dangerous and attractive for climbers and geologists! (See Damavand height and geology formation here).
So join us by watching these two videos, see how you should have a successful Damavand trekking tour, and how to enjoy its beauty…

Damavand Trek & Climb Video from South Route


No matter how much we explain what’s going on in the Damavand trek & climb tour video, it’s useless until you see it with your own eyes!

Well, here is the turn to see the unique and complete video of the Damavand trekking tour from the south route, which was prepared with great effort by the Iran Exploration content production team.

Let’s be honest, all aspects of the Damavand trekking tour are shown in this video, and watching it, is very useful for those who want to climb this magnificent mountain. So, play the video and enjoy it carefully from each moment and imagine yourself on a virtual trekking tour of Damavand peak.

Of course, first let’s explain a little about it for those who don’t have enough time to watch this video, or who want to watch it later…

In this tour, one of our groups is participating the Damavand trekking tour from the southern route. They start their journey on the second day – Damavand 5-day trek tour – Goosfand Sara camp at an altitude of 3000 meters…

Everything is carefully planned in advance, and the group starts its trekking on time, by loading luggage to be carried by mules to the third Bargah camp (Bargah-e Sevom).

The group arrives at our camp at an altitude of 4250 meters happy and refreshed and welcomed by fresh and delicious Iranian food and will have rest at their tents.

To discover the secrets of the Damavand trekking tour and see the unique views taken from the top of the peak (sky view), join us and watch the rest of the video…

Am I Climbing an Active Volcano on the Damavand Trekking Tour?

There is a common question among all those interested in the Damavand trekking tour and they always ask us.

“Is Damavand an active volcano? Do we climb to the top of an active volcano on the Damavand trekking tour?”

The answer is simple but complicated! NO, and YES. Watch the video to know why the answer is no & why yes…

Damavand is not an active volcano. But what you see during the Damavand trek, amazed you and gives you a pleasure that is no less than climbing an active volcano.

Although Damavand is a volcanic peak and has erupted in different periods, today it is a dormant, or rather semi-active volcano. There are many reasons for this claim that you will see during your Damavand trekking tour. Sulfuric vents and chimneys, yellow sulfurous stones and soil near the peak, warmer soil in 5400-5610 m, the round volcanic crater of Damavand peak, huge rocky lines of dried magma, and even hot springs prove this.

In this short video, you can see why we call Damavand a semi-active volcano!? The high-pressure eruption of sulfurous and volcanic gases from the depths of this magnificent mountain is incomparable to other mountains and, of course, a very scary sight.

Scary, because at an approximate altitude of 5,400-5,500 meters, the amount of oxygen in the air is less, and if the wind direction changes, you may be exposed to severe sulfur gas poisoning, which is very dangerous and may cause your death!

Accommodation During the Damavand Trekking Tour

Undoubtedly, accommodation during the 5 days of the Damavand Trekking tour is very important. You need to sleep and rest well in order to have a successful and safe ascent.

So we have always taken care of this and have considered the best accommodations for you in the Damavand trekking tours.

According to the itinerary, you will sleep the first night either in the tent camp in Gosfandsera (3000 meters) or return to Damavand Hostel (most recommended) for a better rest after the first-day trek & acclimatization.

You will spend the next three nights in a tent camp at an altitude of 4,250 meters on the Damavand peak, next to the shelter (the third bargah or Bargah-e Sevom).
In the following, you will see the accommodation description for the 5-day Damavand trek and climb tour…

Damavand Hostel in Southern Route

Experience has proven to us that a quiet and comfortable stay increases the energy of our travelers on the Damavand trekking tour. That’s why Damavand Hostel is the best accommodation for Damavand tours.
Considering most travelers arrive in Iran with long flights and have not slept well the night before, Damavand Hostel can be the best place to rest and renew energy before climbing to Damavand. In this way, in addition to tent camp at 3000 m, a quiet and private place with shared bedrooms, hot showers, clean baths, a dining hall, equipped kitchen, kind staff, and everything you need will be available for a comfortable stay.

Mount Damavand Camp 2 & Alborz Mountains view

Damavand Trekking Tour's Southern Camp

Damavand Trekking Tour’s Southern Camp is set up at an altitude of 4250 meters. This camp, which is actually the second camp of Damavand Mountain in the southern direction, will be used for our trek and climb tour groups from the end of May to the end of September. Our camp is well equipped with suitable two/three person tents, and what you need for the Damavand trek & climb. Every year, Iran Exploration sets up its private camp in a solitary place accessible to the clean and sanitary toilets near the hut. Kitchen tent, dining place with table and chairs, hot & cold water, and kind friendly staff will be there to serve you all the best.

Mount Damavand Trek Difficulty

(3 / 5)

A general question! Almost all our travelers ask how difficult is Mount Damavand Trek tour. In the first statement, the answer is simple, 2.5 or 3 out of 5!
This trip grading involves a combination of our MODERATE and CHALLENGING levels. The emphasis is on moderate activity with several challenging stages. These adventures involve trekking in remote areas in variable weather conditions for up to 7 to 8 hours a day (possibly more subject to weather conditions and altitude).
Damavand trekking tour in the southern route is not technical, but it needs good mental and physical ability and the experience of trekking above 4000 meters will be a helpful point.

Click below to read more about Mount Damavand Difficulties, on our Ultimate Damavand Guide blog post.

Services in Damavand Trekking Tour

By choosing the 5-day Damavand trekking tour, you will have all the services you need from Tehran to the top of Mount Damavand and back to Tehran. All services have been carefully selected based on your needs for a safe and successful tour so that you can climb Damavand Peak without worry and with peace of mind.

In the following tables, you can see the included, excluded, and additional services that you can get on this tour. You can also contact us if you need special services, and you be sure that they will be provided for you.

Including services
Excluding services
Travel options (Extras) +

Tour Services Include

Visa processes (Iran Visa Reference Number & Paperwork)
Pick up from Tehran
Digital Climbing Certificate 
Fresh meals & Fruits
1 x night in a Hostel/Guesthouse at Polour/Rineh Village
3 x nights in Mountain Camp
All Meals including 4 Breakfast – 5 Lunch Box – 4 Dinner
Duffel bag to carrying stuff
All transfer, Sedan/ Van/ Bus & 4WD rides
Organization of the whole trek
Hot shower and facilities at hostel/guesthouse
Luggage transport between camps
Local expert Mountain Guide and cook during the program
Fresh meals & Fruits
Free Two-person Tent
Transfer back to Tehran

Tour Services do not Include


International flight, Entrances & Tickets
 Visa fee
 Climbing permits for Damavand summit 50$
Carrying over 15 kg luggage to Damavand camp
Extra plans in case of bad weather/changes program
Tips and extra nights at hotels/accommodation
Any other services that do not specify above

Tour Extra Services +


Single Room 25 to 40 € / per night
Private Tent on mountain 10 € / per night
Urgent Visa (24 to 48 hrs) 35 €
Private Mountain Guide 80 to 120 € / per day
City Guide 60 to 100 € / per day
Airport Transfer 45 €
Private Transfer (price on request)

STANDARD vs VIP Services in Damavand Trekking Tour

As an experienced Damavand tour operator, we have faced numerous and sometimes strange requests from our customers over the past years. From the request for VIP services in the Damavand trekking tour to basic and standard services!
Climbing by helicopter to the summit, using two guides for each climber, etc., but all these requests were not unreasonable.

During all these years, we tried to provide the best services necessary for a safe and successful Damavand trekking tour for our customers, and we always defined it at a STANDARD LEVEL, and no one received services lower than the standard service.

But over time, we realized that there are specific customers who like to have VIPs and different services on their tours from others.

  • Private Damavand Trek
  • Climbing outside the Tour TimeTable (desired date)
  • Request for special tours and itineraries
  • Guaranteed successful ascent!
  • Special services and foods
  • Using more experienced guides
  • A second chance to push the summit in case of an unsuccessful try, etc…

Therefore, we decided to add a new category of services to Damavand trekking tours so that special people and VIPs who request such services can easily book their tour with us and be confident during their ascent to Damavand that they will have VIP services.

Well, which category are you in?!
VIP or ordinary climber?

Rest assured, whatever your taste, we can provide you with the best services on the Damavand trek & climb tours.

In the below picture, you can compare the standard and VIP services of the Damavand tour.


IMPORTANT NOTE: All the services mentioned above are part of our standard tour services and no additional fees are charged for them. If you need VIP services, please contact us.

Damavand Services Standard VS VIP
Damavand Standard VS VIP services, Click to enlarge...

Damavand Trekking Tour Price & Booking TimeTable

You Can See Mount Damavand Trekking Tour Prices and Available Dates on the Below Booking Timetable.

Damavand Trekking Tour Price

From 440 € From 799 €

Click on each month to see available dates and prices…

Climb Damavand in January & February – March & April

As you may know and can read about Damavand climbing season, the normal months for summer treks in Damavand are between June and September.

But as the most skillful and one of the best tour operator in Iran, we are proud to tell you that we can organize and operate your Damavand trekking tour year-round.

In this way, Damavand tours in December, January, and February will be considered winter climbing and expedition base tours, which need much more skills and altitude types of equipment.

Although March & April in Damavand are still winter condition, snowy and cold, these periods of the year is the best time for the Damavdn ski tour.

So if you are interested in climbing Damavand off-season, contact our expert counselors staff to get the most useful information.

January & February 2024

Available on Requests 

March & April 2024

Available on Requests 

Sat 04-08 May 2024

SU 24/T 1
 640 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 11-15 May 2024

SU 24/T 2
 640 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 18-22 May 2024

SU 24/T 3
 640 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 25-29 May 2024

SU 24/T 4
 640 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 01-05 June 2024

SU 24/T 5
 690 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 08-12 June 2024

SU 24/T 6
640 € 590 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 15-19 June 2024

SU 24/T 7
 640 €
Available &

Sat 22-26 June 2024

SU 24/T 8
 640 €
Available &

Sat 29 June-03 July 2024

SU 24/T 9
640 € 590 €
Guaranteed & Discounted

Sat 6-10 July 2024

640 € 540 €
Available & Guaranteed
Up to 15% Discount

Sat 13-17 July 2024

 640 €
Available &

Sat 20-24 July 2024

SU 24/T 12
640 € 590 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 27-31 July 2024

SU 24/T 13
640 € 590 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 03-07 August 2024

SU 24/T 14
640 € 590 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 10-14 August 2024

SU 24/T 15
640 € 590 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 17-21 August 2024

SU 24/T 16
640 € 540 €
Available & Guaranteed
Up to 15% Discount

Sat 24-28 August 2024

SU 24/T 17
640 € 590 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 31 Aug-04 September 2024

SU 24/T 18
 690 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 07-11 September 2024

SU 24/T 19
640 € 590 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 14-18 September 2024

SU 24/T 20
640 € 590 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 21-25 September 2024

SU 24/T 21
640 € 440 €
Available & Guaranteed
Up to 32% Discount

Sat 28 Sep-02 October 2024

SU 24/T 22
640 € 590 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 05-09 October 2024

SU 24/T 23
640 € 590 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 12-16 October 2024

SU 24/T 24
640 € 590 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 19-23 October 2024

SU 24/T 25
 640 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 26-30 October 2024

SU 24/T 26
 640 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 02-06 November 2024

SU 24/T 27
 640 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 09-13 November 2024

SU 24/T 28
 640 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 16-20 November 2024

SU 24/T 29
 690 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 23-27 November 2024

SU 24/T 30
 690 €
Available & Guaranteed

December 2024

Available on Requests 

Your desired date is not included???

You can ask us for an Individual Departure at the SAME PRICE…

Group of +3 persons, contact for More Discounts!

Certified Mountain Guide are Free!

Mount Damavand Trekking Map, Routes & Important Information

If you are planning a successful and safe climb to Damavand, do not doubt that Mount Damavand Trekking Map and important information about the climbing routes and dangers are parts of the requirements of this trip.

Although our guides are fully trained and have a lot of experience in climbing Damavand Peak from different routes, it will still be very useful for you to see a complete, accurate, and good map of the Damavand trekking tour in detail.

For this purpose, the technical team of Iran Exploration, as the most experienced and best tour operator of Damavand Iran tours, has prepared a detailed map for you in the English language. You can open the map by clicking on it in the high-resolution quality view and zoom in on any route and region to be a proper understanding of Damavand’s routes on this map.

To download a high-quality and printable file of the Damavand map, click on the image or download it for free using the front button.


Tehran to Damavand Southern Base Camp at Polour/Rineh Village: 75-95 km (2-3 hrs)

Trekking Goosfandsara (end of the gravel road 3000 m) to Bargah-e-Sevom Camp 4250 m: 3.5 km (5-7 hrs)

Trekking Bargah-e-Sevom camp to Damavand Summit 5610 m: 3.8 km (6-8 hrs)


The risks & dangers of the Damavand trekking tour are many, but the most important of them are:
– The risk of frostbite and hypothermia in the months outside the normal climbing season (temperature may be lower than -60 degrees centigrade).
– Thunderstorms (electricity) and avalanches are dangers of the Damavand trek in the months of March to May.
– At an altitude above 5400 meters, due to bad weather, fog, and prevailing wind (west to east), you may deviate to the northeast and fall into deep valleys.


The Damavand trekking tour food menu is including Iranian Cuisine & delicious meals. You can inform us about your diet, so the cooks on the mountain or outdoors will provide your meals as your wish. Also in the cities, the guide tries to find a restaurant that prepares meals according to your diet (if available and group acceptance).

Mount Damavand Map-Satellite-

Mount Damavand Trekking Map – Satellite – Click to see more details


Tehran (1600-1800 m) to Damavand Base Camp at Polour/Rineh (2400 m): +600-800 m

Damavand Base Camp (2400 m) to Goosfandsara camp (3000 m) by 4WD car or Pickup: +600 m

Trekking Goosfandsara (3000 m) to Bargah-e-Sevom Camp (4250 m): +1250 m

Trekking Bargah-e-Sevom Camp (4250 m) to Damavand Summit (5610): +1360 m



As you may see in the EXCLUDED SERVICES, travel insurance is not included in your Damavand trekking tour. So we strongly recommend you buy full coverage insurance for all Damavand tours and outdoor activities (including foreign travel insurance).

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FAQ About Damavand Trekking Tour from South Route

You can find all frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers about the Damavand trekking tour from the southern route & all about this tour are answered below…

If you can not find your questions answered in the tour details or below list of FAQs, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask anything that comes to your mind regarding Damavand trekking tours.

Mount Damavand is 5610 m tall (high). There are 5671 m or else written somewhere, but that’s not trustworthy! In 2008 a group of scientists from the Iran Geology Association did a measurement project on Damavand and the exact altitude was 5609.10 m. Read more about Damavand’s height here.

The answer is simple and complicated! You can climb Mount Damavand for 2 to 5 days. Some professional sky runners do it even in 24 hours, but it’s not recommended. The best and safest could be climbing in 5 days from Tehran to Tehran.

Of course, in all the Damavand base camps, the guest houses, or local houses that we choose for the team to stay, there are safe places for storing extra stuff like city clothes, shoes, etc before trekking Damavand.
However, it is recommended to keep your passport, wallet, and valuables things with you during the trip.

Of course, as many clients request a certificate to prove their successful trekking to Damavand, we will give you a climbing certificate from Iran Exploration Tour Operator for free, by confirming your successful ascent by your mountain guide. Also, the I.R Mountaineering Federation Certificate will be accessible for 30 $ (per order is necessary).

The answer is totally depending on you, your physical condition, and your willpower… If you can do normal trekking for 4-6 hours a day, and have experience on trekking tours, our guides will help you to top the Damavand easily and safely. No worries for the equipment, we can support you with it, so if you like it, just contact us.

The Mount Damavand Trekking tour is not a technical ascent in the normal season. But necessary to be fit enough to climb at high altitudes and sleep in a tent camp. Totally it can be said it is 2/5-3 from 5 difficulty level. Check Mount Damavand Difficulty in details routes by routes here.

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Isfahan Extra Tour after the Damavand Trekking

Isfahan Tour 3-Days Ali Qapu Palace

Ali Qapu Palace in Night, Isfahan

During years of experience as tour operators in Iran, we found out that most of the travelers like to have an extra Isfahan tour after the Damavand trekking as the cultural part of their trip in Iran. The combination of Damavand trekking with a cultural trip to Kashan & Isfahan could be the best and most interesting adventure & cultural trip to Iran.

In this way, we designed a 3 days Isfahan & Kashan trip, with every Wednesday guaranteed departures year round… So that you can continue your exploration in Iran on Wednesday noon after finish climbing Damavand.



Check Out Isfahan Tour 3 Days...

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Although the Damavand 5-day trekking tour is the best recommendation for climbing this beautiful peak, you may be interested in different Damavand tours.

If you have enough time, we suggest a 9-day trekking tour of Alam Kouh and Damavand.

If you want to take the best photos from Damavand, and at the same time have comfortable trekking to Damavand, we recommend the 6-day Alborz hiking tour and Damavand trekking.

We will not say anything about the trekking tour of the Three Highest Summits of Iran, Sablan, Alam Kouh, and Damavand, so you can read and check it yourself.

If you want to see the ultimate complex of Damavand trekking tours from 2 days to 17 days, visit the Damavand tours and packages page.


Mount Damavand Hood & Sulfur Gas

Damavand Trekking & Tehran Tour

When we think of Damavand Trekking Tour, the first thing that comes to our mind is climbing the southern face of this mountain.

So the 7 days Damavand trekking tour and Tehran sightseeing, can provide the best combination for those who want to visit Iran in a week and have a successful Damavand trek…

From 890€ 750 €
7 days
Running Time:
May to Nov
Physical Rating:
Level 2½ – 5 (Moderate)
Check the Tour Details

Tochal Damavand Trekking

Damavand Tochal Trekking

Guarantee your successful Damavand Trekking Tour by booking Mount Tochal & Damavand Climbing Tour. Eight days full board tour (on the mountain) and climbing a 4000 m summit of Mount Tochal, will help you to be acclimatized well before climbing Damavand in addition to a day sightseeing in Tehran…

 From 990€ 799 €
8 days
Running Time:
 April to November
Physical Rating:
 Level 3-5 (Moderate)
Check the Tour Details

Damavand Trek Scenery from Northeast

Damavand Trek North East Route

If you are looking for fewer crowds and a beautiful route for the Damavand trek tour, the northeast route is the best choice for you. A 5-day trek program, with a suitable acclimatization process and safe climb to the highest volcanic peak in Asia. Full board services include all the needed for a successful climb, from Tehran to Tehran.

From 649€ 449 €
5 days
Running Time:
May to November
Physical Rating:
Level 2½ – 5 (Moderate)
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