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It was the highest altitude I had ever climbed by ski, I mean Damavand skitour. It was a unique experience, after topping the summit, I skied about 1,500 meters from the summit to the shelter in about 1 hour and it was great.

Ms. Marai Mlynarczyk | German Client Review after Successful Damavand Skitour at 2014

Well, as you guessed and the title of this page is explained, here we want to talk about the Damavand skitour.
Undoubtedly, one of the best tours in Iran for athletes and mountain lovers is the Damavand skitour, which attracts hundreds of tourists every year.

To have a successful ascent to the Damavand Peak by ski, you need necessary and important information.

It is very important to know when is the best Damavand skitour season, how difficult is this tour, what are the best Damavand ski tour routes, the ski tour map, the timing, and schedule of tours, and what is the Damavand skitour price.

Also, for more information about the history and ancient of Mount Damavand, you can see “The Enchanting Mythology of Iran’s Mount Damavand“.

On the other hand, on this page, we will introduce the best Damavand ski tour packages. In this way, you can compare the tour length, schedule & timetable, trip itinerary, and the price of ski tours.

So you can choose the most suitable Damavand skitour for yourself and book it with the best Iran ski tour operator.

You can see the Damavand ski tour packages and the following Information about Damavand Ski Touring :

Also, you can find the Best Damavand ski tour deals & Prices, see the skillful guides, schedules, and timing in weekly guaranteed departures.

Scroll down and be amazed by the most complete and valuable information on the Damavand ski touring packages.

Damavand Skitour on top summit 5610 m
The Switzerland Skitour Group on Top of Damavand 5610 m - Click to Enlarge

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Necessary & Important Info for Damavand Skitour

The most complete collection of unique and amazing Damavand ski touring information, various ski tour packages, knowing the best Damavand ski tour guides, the best season for ski touring, tour difficulties, and …

We guarantee the lowest Damavand skitour price…

Max Altitude: Daily Tour Price:
Available Tour Packages: Best Season:
5610 m from 99 € ≤ 10 Tours March to May
Lowest Tour Price: Shortest Tour:
Higher Tour Price: Longest Tour:
from 390 € 4 Days 1990 € 16 Days
Departure: # Routes on Tours: # Huts/Shelters: Duration:
Guaranteed Weekly S – SW – W – N 4 Available to use 4-16 Days


Scroll down to view the diverse and attractive Damavand skitour packages

Damavand Skitour

Damavand Skitour Background view

Imagine, in the spring, with sunny weather and excellent snow cover, you get off your car at an altitude of 2400 meters, prepare your ski on the asphalt road, and start the Damavand skitour.

One of the best reasons for the attractiveness of the Damavand Iran skitour is its powder snow cover in winter and spring.

Due to its conical and solitary peak, and is located in the south of the Caspian Sea (with an annual rainfall of over 2000 mm), this mountain has excellent powder snow cover.

On the other hand, with a height of 5610 meters and is located between the peaks of 4000 meters in the Alborz Mountain Range, it absorbs almost all the rainfall that enters Iran from the west and northwest (Mediterranean Sea) and provides suitable slopes for Damavand skitour.

If you have experienced skiing in other mountains, you know for a fact that one of the concerns of skiers in the mountains is the presence of trees and forests on the slopes, and large rocks upstream.

A problem that you do not see in Damavand skitour at all. The conical shape of this mountain with gentle slopes (25 to 40 degrees), safe ridges away from avalanches, wide and long valleys, has made Damavand ski resorts one of the best in the world.

Damavand Skitour Video

In the following, we invite you to enjoy watching the video of the Damavand skitour and ski touring in the Doberar mountains.

Because, getting interesting information about the destination before traveling or booking a tour is the most important thing to do, which watching the video of that trip/tour can bring for you.

In the Damavand ski tour, by arriving at the village of Polour/Rineh, you will find yourself in the middle of high mountains covered with snow. Where, according to many travelers, it is like the Zermatt region for Iran.

On the one hand, you will be looking forward to Damavand Ski Turing, and on the other hand, you will enjoy the great view of Damavand behind you, by ski tour on the snowy slopes of the Doberar mountains.

The description is enough, and it’s time to watch the video and enjoy a ski tour of Damavand Iran.

Damavand Skitour Packages (Ski Tour Package)

Iran Exploration, as one of the best tour operators in Iran, is proud to be active in designing and implementing Damavand skitours since 2007.

The experience of performing hundreds of successful skitours in Damavand Iran, as well as using the opinions, feedback & requests of professional skiers (our customers), caused the number of Damavand ski tours to be gradually increased.

In this regard, we decided to design and plan ski tours in different mountainous regions of Iran, like the Doberar Mountains, Dizin area ski, Zagros ski Mountains, etc, and combine it with the Damavand skitour, to collect a diverse and professional collection of these popular ski tours in Iran.

Of course, the common point of all these tours is Damavand’s guided skitour which is the opposite point of the solo climb!

A few days of pleasant skiing and good acclimatization at altitudes of 3000 and 4000 meters peaks, plus a few days of Damavand skiing, creates a unique and enjoyable combination that can guarantee your success in Damavand ski touring.

In the following, you will see some of these attractive Iran ski tours

view of Damavand Ski Tour

Mount Damavand SkiTour & Doberar Mountain

A complete and unique 11-day tour of Damavand skitour and Doberar mountains. Arriving in Iran, you will be transferred to the hotel and have a wonderful day with a city tour of Tehran. Before starting the Damavand skitour, you will skiing for 3 days in the Doberar mountains in the over 1000 meter excellent slopes. After enjoying skiing in Damavand Iran, you will see Kashan and a rosewater festival …

From 1190€ 890 €
11 days
Running Time:
Mar/ Apr/ May
Physical Rating:
Level 6/10 (Moderate)
Check the Tour Details

Damavand Ski tour & Alamkouh ski touring

Damavand & AlamKuh Skitour

One of the most challenging and beautiful ski tours in Iran is the wild skiing in Alamkuh mountain with a height of 4850 meters and Damavand skitour. You can warm up at the peaks of 3000 and 4000 meters of Alamkuh. After good acclimatization and the experience of a ski tour in untouched powdery slopes without rocks or trees, you are ready for a successful Damavand skitour. Available only from April 1st because of the risk of huge avalanches.

From 1990€ 1790 €
16 days
Running Time:
April/ May/ June
Physical Rating:
Level 7/10 (Moderate)
Check the Tour Details

Mount Damavand ski tour

Lasem Mountains & Damavand Skitour

Lasem mountains & Damavand skitour is an intensive and excellent holiday for professional skiers. Without wasting time, you can enter Damavand directly from the airport. You will stay in a local guesthouse with excellent facilities like wi-fi & hot shower. You will reach the beginning of your ski tour with a few minutes’ drive every day. During three days of acclimatization in Lasem, the Damavand view in the background will amaze you.

From 990€ 650 €
7 days
Running Time:
Physical Rating:
Level 6/10 (Moderate)
Check the Tour Details

Classic Damavand Skitour


The 9-day Damavand skitour is one of the most popular and suitable ski tours in Iran. Upon arrival in Tehran, you will be transferred to the hotel and after a short rest, we will have a Tehran excursion. After three days of skiing and excellent acclimatization in the Doberar Mountains, you will be ready for a successful Damavand ski tour. We will spend the last day exploring Tehran again. Unbeatable price and guaranteed departures (even for one person), you can not ignore this tour!

Duration Group Size Meals Physical Rating
9 Days Min 1, Max 8 Full Board (on mountain) Level 6/10
 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Tour Price:

Per Person


Upcoming Damavand Skitour Packages (On Request)

As mentioned, Iran Exploration, as the best tour operator in Iran skiing tours, has always tried to increase the variety of ski tour packages in Iran.

On the other hand, unfortunately, due to the lack of copyright laws, most of the content of our tours is copied without permission and placed on invalid and fake websites.

To prevent this problem, we have prepared special and various Damavand skitours in the form of ready and complete packages and they will be sent to the customers depending on their request.

Of course, we have decided to upload all these Damavand skitour packages on the website soon so that you can easily access the required information and book your desired tour online.

Until that, you can see the details of upcoming Damavand skitours below and if you need more information, send us your request so that complete packages will be sent to you.

damavand ski touring

Compact and Quick Damavand skitour

The fastest and most ideal option for professional ski-mountaineers. Three days ski tour at Mount Damavand, no more, no less !!! If you are fit and don’t have any problems with high altitude and acclimatization, this tour will satisfy your expectation to top Damavand summit by ski. Start from Tehran, ski tour to the hut, summit day, and descent back.

From 850€ 660 €
3 days
Running Time:
Mar/ Apr/ May
Physical Rating:
Level 7/10 (Moderate)
Request Tour

Damavand in background - Iran Ski Tour

Five days Ski Touring in Damavand Peak

Not too long, not too short itinerary of ski touring Damavand summit. The reasonable tour for those who do have not enough time to book an incredible Doberar & Damavand ski tour!!! One more day for bad weather reservations can give you a chance of having a good weather window on the Damavand summit day ski tour. 5-day itinerary…

From 890 € 740 €
5 days
Running Time:
Mar/ Apr/ May
Physical Rating:
Level 6/10 (Moderate)
Request Tour

Damavand North Side Ski Tour

Mount Damavand North Side Ski Tour

The most technical Ski Tour at Mount Damavand. When ski season is over in the Alps, you can be amazed by the unbelievable ski touring at Damavand Northern side. You have to carry your necessary stuff, because of the lack of porters on the northern side. Ski tour in steeper slopes and some part challenging of passing the rocks…

From 990€ 875 €
5 days
Running Time:
Physical Rating:
Level 7/10 (Moderate)
Request Tour

Damavand skitour & Sabalan ski
Sabalan & Damavand skitour

Mount Sabalan, with a height of 4811 meters, is the third highest peak in Iran in the northwest of the country. Snowy winters and suitable slopes have made the combination of Sabalan and Damavand skitour, one of the most attractive packages for ski lovers. Three days of skitour in Sabalan mountain and a little rest in the middle of the route from northwest of Iran to Damavand mountain helps you to easily climb Damavand summit by ski and enjoy these majestic mountains.

From 1190€ 990 €
8 days
Running Time:
Feb/Mar/ Apr/ May
Physical Rating:
Level 6/10 (Moderate)
Request Tour

Dizin Ski & Damavand Skitour

Dizin Ski & Damavand Skitour

Skiing in Dizin, right in the north of Tehran, without a long transfer and in a comfortable hotel next to the Dizin ski resort. Three days of ski tour at the peaks of 3000 and 4000 meters will make you good acclimatization and ready to Damavand Skitour to have an easily and comfortably top the summit. The Dizin region is located in the heart of the Alborz mountains. By climbing these peaks, you can see a unique view of Mount Damavand in its eastern background.

From 1090 € 890 €
9 days
Running Time:
Feb/Mar/ Apr/ May
Physical Rating:
Level 6/10 (Moderate)
Request Tour

Zagros Ski Tour

Mount Damavand Ski Tour & Zagros Skiing

On this trip, you will have a unique experience of two separate ski tours in Iran. Before the Damavand ski tour in the Alborz mountains at the north of Tehran, first, you will travel to the heart of the Zagros mountains. Skiing in the Zagros Mountains with an average annual snowfall of 2000 mm. Undoubtedly, after training and being acclimatized in the Zagros Mountains, you will simply ski in Demavand and have a successful climb.

From 1290€ 990 €
11 days
Running Time:
Physical Rating:
Level 6/10 (Moderate)
Request Tour

Damavand skitour Bericht (report)

The following is the Damavand Skitour bericht (report) in 2016, written by Ms. Petra Meyer, our German traveler, she wrote and sent to us…

Damavand skitour bericht (report)

Damavand skitour bericht – On the Top Of Doberar Mountains

Many years ago at the beginning of the twentieth century, I heard the name of Iran and I wanted to travel there. Years passed and this possibility was not provided for me for various reasons.

Until once a normal day I accidentally came across a person in the Munich metro who had returned from a Damavand ski tour in Iran and was explaining it to his friend…

Suddenly I was nailed in place and inadvertently started listening to them. After a while, I realized that I had mistakenly passed the station I was looking for, and I did not notice the passage of time!

That day until night, I thought about the Damavand skitour and made my decision. I have to travel to Iran and climb Damavand by ski.

Every day after work, I searched the internet, read Damavand ski tour bericht (reports), and asked questions of friends and acquaintances who had previously traveled to Iran so that I could plan properly.

Whatever it was, I had a goal and I had to reach it. Ski tour to Damavand, the tallest volcano in Asia, the highest mountain in Iran, and of course the highest altitude I was going to climb.

During this time, while researching and looking for German and European travel agencies, I came across the Iran Exploration tour operator in Iran.

The content of their tours and articles about Damavand skiing on the website was the most complete, accurate, and most importantly real!

I immediately emailed them and submitted my request to participate in the Damavand ski tour. But I was alone and worried about whether there was another group to join? if not, how much the tour would cost?!

I was taking a nap when suddenly the sound of a new e-mail on my laptop woke me up … It was very interesting to me, less than an hour had passed since I sent my request and now someone on the other side of the earth with a friendly and of course professional tone answered all my questions about Damavand skitour …

You can also read Nicole Steck story about Damavand Ski Tour trip when she traveled to Iran at 2016.


Damavand Skitour Schwierigkeit (Difficulty)

During all the years that we have been active as tour operators, almost all groups have had many questions about the Damavand Skitour Schwierigkeit (difficulty) before traveling to Iran.

Therefore, we decided to give you a full explanation of the difficulty (Schwierigkeit) of the Damavand ski tour. For a better explanation, we have to examine the Damavand ski tour from the southern slopes.

It is safe to say that the best and simplest ski tour of Damavand can be done on the southern route.
The existence of a relatively well-equipped shelter (hut) at an altitude of 4250 meters has provided the possibility of overnight stay and proper rest for groups and has made the Damavand skitour southern route the most popular and simplest route.

Length of the Damavand Skitour in South Route

The total length of the route in the Southern route skitour is about 10.2 km.

  • From the beginning of the route on the asphalt road to Goosfandsara (altitude 3000 meters) 2100 meters.
  • From the Goosfandsara to the shelter/hut (altitude 4250 meters) 4800 meters.
  • From the shelter to the Damavand summit (height 5610 meters) 3300 meters.


Slope Angle & Temperature in Damavand Skitour

The slope angle of the route varies from 20 degrees to 38 degrees, which is the steepest slope near the summit (5100-5400 m).

Damavand temperature in the ski season is completely variable. The intensity of the wind, sun, and other factors are effective in it. But approximately, the temperature is expected to be like this during the Damavand ski tour season:

  • Polour/Rineh base camps: between -1 to 5 degrees
  • Goosfandsara at an altitude of 3000 meters: -5 to -7 degrees
  • Shelter/hut at an altitude of 4250 meters: -7 to -12 degrees
  • Damavand peak 5610 meters: -5 to -45 degrees depending on wind speed and sunshine.

With all the above explanations, we have estimated the difficulty of Doberar & Damavand skitour 7-day, between 6 or 7 out of 10.
Explain that:

This trip grading involves a combination of our MODERATE and CHALLENGING levels. The emphasis is on moderate activity with several challenging stages. These adventures involve ski touring in remote areas in variable weather conditions for up to 7 to 8 hours a day (possibly more subject to weather conditions and altitude).
Damavand South route skitour is not technical, but it needs skill skiing at high altitude and knowledge of snows kind and condition.

Skitour Ararat Damavand

One of the favorite and demanded tours of our travelers is Ararat and Damavand ski tour.

Ararat 3d version 1

Damavand and Ararat mountains, which are called sisters, are located in Iran and Turkey, and due to the snowy slopes and many other similarities between them, have attracted the attention of professional skiers and we receive many requests annually for this tour.

Based on this, we decided to design and perform a combined tour using our good and experienced ski tour guides.

In this way, travelers who booked this tour, first enter Turkey, and after transferring to the city of Van in eastern Turkey, near the borders of Iran, skiing in Mount Ararat. After good weather and a successful ascent of Ararat by ski, they come to Iran and experience an unbelievable ski tour in Damavand.

In this way, they climbed two beautiful and conical peaks of Ararat and Damavand, which is very attractive.

Both the summits are in the non-technical 5000 meters range. the best condition for ski tours on Mount Ararat with 5137 m & Damavand with 5610 m altitude, is in March and April.

For better acclimatization, before the ski tour on Damavand, the Ararat ski tour can be a good option.

Ararat Damavand Skitour

Mount Damavand Ski Resort From Sky

Unfortunately, in recent years, the Turkish government and army have severely restricted the permission to climb and ski tour to Ararat for military reasons, and this combination has become very difficult to perform this tour.

But we, as a successful & best tour operator in Iran, with the good relations we have in Turkey, are still ready to run the Ararat and Damavand skitour.

So if you are interested in this tour, do not waste time and contact us soon.

Damavand Ski

 Damavand skitour Panorama

Amazing Panorama from Damavand Ski Hut

When we talk about Damavand ski, we must understand what we mean? Simply put, Damavand ski falls into which of the categories of this winter sport?

Well, it is certain that at first glance, it can be understood that Damavand skiing falls into the general category of backcountry and off-piste skiing.

Because there are no lifts, machines, or snowmobiles to climb Damavand and ski down.

In the history of skiing, the kinds and categories of this sport are constantly evolving and new skis have emerged depending on the type and activity of altitude and type of use.

But the question that has been asked by our customers many times, is which type of ski can be used for skiing in Damavand?

  • Skiing Turing?
  • Snowboard?
  • Alpine skiing?
  • Splitboard?
  • Speed flying and speed riding?
  • Freeriding?
  • Etc…

If you would like to know which types and categories of ski equipment can be used for Damavand ski, stay tuned and hear more from our experiences in performing Damavand ski tours below.

Damavand Ski Resort

It is very interesting that many customers and enthusiasts of Damavand ski ask questions about Damavand ski resort.

How many lifts does Damavand Ski Resort have? What is the length of the resort? And many similar questions!

In Iran, there are more than 30 beautiful and attractive ski Resorts in different provinces. This piste is scattered around the most northern provinces of the country, such as the Alvares ski resort in the Ardabil province, to the south of the country, the beautiful Sepidan ski resort around Shiraz. But

There is really no ski resort called Damavand in Iran. Also, there is no lift or gondola in Damavand Ski slopes that can be considered a Ski Resort!


Damavand Ski Resort Tour

Undoubtedly, this is a common mistake that has made skiers who are interested in Damavand skiing – but do not have enough information about it – mistakenly think that Damavand has a resort.

Of course, those who search Damavand Ski Resort may want to know information about Damavand Mountain ski slopes.

To understand the greatness of Damavand Mountain and to know that there is no ski resort in Damavand, we suggest you read the Damavand climbing guide article and Iran Ski Resorts.

Damavand Ski with Snowboard

Every year, among the large number of Damavand ski requests that are sent to us, there are a number of requests for snowboarding in Damavand.

Most of the snowboarders who intend to ski Damavand are professional and experienced athletes who, after years of snowboarding off-piste in different mountains, are ready to ski Damavand this time.

To do so, you have to roll up your snowboard and walk along the normal Damavand trek route to climb the peak.

Of course, it is possible to carry a snowboard from the beginning of the route to the hut, by a porter or mule. In this case, you only carry your snowboard from the hut (4250 meters) to the top.

The snowboard route in Damavand (descent route) is the same as the ski tour route and sometimes it happens that one or more snowboarders are grouped with one or more athletes who like to ski touring in Damavand.

In this case, the ski tour team will climb from its route and the snowboarders from the normal route of Damavand trekking.


Damavand Ski with the Splitboard

Although snowboarding is possible for Damavand ski, you should know that for various reasons such as high slopes, deep snow, and avalanche danger, snowboarding is not possible in the Doberar mountains.

But do not worry, there are tools for this purpose. Yes, Splitboard.

The splitboard is actually a snowboard that splits in half in the middle and has the ability to set up the skins under it to climb.

Just like ski touring, you can split your snowboard in half (like alpine skiing), stick special skins under it, and start ascending.

At the end and reach the top, you can take the skins away, stick the two pieces together and start snowboarding. It seems that if you are going to ski Damavand with a snowboard, the best option for this is a splitboard. If you have a splitboard, in addition to Damavand skiing, you can easily ski in the beautiful mountains of Doberar.

Damavand Ski Touring or Ski Tour

When we talk about Mount Damavand ski in Iran, we are actually talking about Ski Mountaineering or Ski Turing. On the other hand, sometimes the word “Damavand Ski Tour” is used instead of “Damavand Ski Touring”.

The word Ski Tour can have two meanings. One is ski tours in the general sense, which includes different types of skiing, such as when we say Iran Ski Tours that includes on-piste, off-piste, backcountry ski in Iran, etc.

Thus, when we say Damavand ski tour, considering that there is no Damavand ski resort and lift, we actually mean ski mountaineering or Damavand ski touring.

One of the main skiing branches in which athletes do not need a lift, motor vehicle, or helicopter to climb a mountain.

They reach the top of the summits using a layer of (artificial) skin that sticks under the ski. On the top, they take off the skins and ski down in beautiful slopes.

Therefore, both the words Damavand ski touring and Damavand ski tour are used in the same sense, climbing Damavand peak with ski and downhill skiing on perfect powder snow slopes.

Damavand Ski Touring Beste Zeit (Best Time)


Beste Zeit (Best Time)

Beginning of Season

End of Season

Damavand Ski Touring South Route
April & May Middle of February Middle of June

Damavand Ski Touring North Route
June & July May 15th End of July

Iran Ski Touring
February, March, April Middle of December End of July

Iran Ski Resorts
January, February, March Middle of November Middle of April

Due to the wind speed in October/November and even December, Damavand snows blowing away to the valleys and is not suitable for ski touring. The first stable snowfall in Damavand – sometimes it snows in Damavand in summer but melts after a few days with the sun heat – starts from the end of the trekking season, in October/November, and usually covers up to 3500 meters. Damavand Ski Touring season usually starts from mid-February to mid-June, depending on the annual snowfall. The best time for Damavand Ski Turing is from late March to the middle of May.

At the beginning of January, winter snowfalls begin, and actually, every cloud that comes to the Alborz mountains has good snow on Damavand Mountain.

Thus, Damavand ski touring can start in mid-February. Of course, in winter – January, and February – Damavand ski tour is not recommended due to the very low temperature, strong winds, short days, frequent snowing, as well as the risk of severe avalanches.

From the end of March, with the beginning of spring and the rising days, increasing the temperature and also stabilizing the previous snows, the best time for Damavand ski touring starts and continues until the middle of May.

But the interesting thing is that you can ski in Damavand even until mid-June. Although in this season, the snow on the slopes is melted or creamy, for this purpose, the skis can be transported to the hut (4250 meters) with the help of porters or mules, and from there to Damavand peak, you can ski touring in excellent snow coverage.

Damavand Ski Turing Beste Zeit (Best Time) for North Route

Due to the conical shape of Damavand Mountain, the northern routes of this peak are much less exposed to sunlight and the snow lasts longer. Therefore, the Damavand best ski touring season in the northern route starts from the beginning of June and you can ski in this route until the middle of July.

Yes, you may not believe it!!! But in the northern route of Damavand, you can ski in good snow and suitable slopes until mid-July and the beginning of the summer.

Although snow coverage on the northern route starts much earlier than the southern route, due to lack of sunlight, deadly cold, and avalanche risks, the best season for Damavand Ski Turing in the northern route is in June and July.

This means when all the ski resorts in Europe are closed and there is almost no suitable snow for ski touring there.

Apart from the northern route of Damavand, the northern slopes of Alam Kuh are also very suitable for ski touring in June, and the combination of Alam Kuh and Damavand ski touring can be a very good choice.

Iran Ski Touring Beste Zeit (Best Time)

Due to the large area and the existence of two huge and long mountain ranges of Alborz and Zagros, with good average annual snowfall, we can host you for more than 6 months a year for ski touring in Iran.

The beginning of the Iranian ski season is usually from mid-November when the snow covers the Alborz and Zagros mountains at altitudes above 3,000 meters.

The first ski resort to open in Iran is the Tochal ski resort because it is located at an altitude of 3700 meters above sea level.

Then, with continuous snowfalls in the highlands, other ski slopes and mountains of Iran will be ready and available for skiing.
Thus, depending on the season and time of your trip, we can have different offers for ski touring in different mountains of Iran from November to July.

In any case, if you do not find your favorite ski tour on the website, do not doubt, to contact us and get the best Iran ski tour packages from us.

Damavand Ski Tour Reviews

It is always said that before choosing the right service, accommodation, destination, or tour operator to plan your trip, reading the previous customers’ reviews is necessary to make a good decision. So without any preface, we invite you to read some of the previous Damavand ski tour reviews that wrote by our customers on the Iran Exploration’s Trip Advisor page.

Ramia Bordakov
Ramia Bordakov
28. December, 2019.
Nejlepší lyžařské zážitky s profesionálním lyžařským průvodcem Během mé krátké cesty do Íránu jsem se po prohlídce bílých hor v Teheránu rozhodl zkusit pár dní lyžovat po mé obchodní konferenci. Hledal jsem příliš mnoho, ale bylo mnoho účtů, kteří se rozhodli, že jsou certifikovaným průvodcem! Nakonec jsem pomocí svého íránského přítele zjistil, že bych si měl vybrat hosta jako touroperátora, protože používám profesionální průvodce a dokážeme zjistit, který z nich je certifikovaný a lepší. Pak jsem se obrátil na průzkum Iránu, který je jedním z nejlepších jako můj nápad Komunikace byla opravdu rychlá a personál odpověděl na všechny otázky a poskytl mi pronájem lyžařských zájezdů. 3 dny lyžování v letovisku Tochal a cestování v severní části do vesnice Shahroztanak a summitu králů byly pro mě velkým zážitkem. Všechno bylo jasné a náklady byly opravdu spravedlivé a žádné skryté náklady. Díky mým průvodcům, Ashi, Masa, Amir a tým.
7. December, 2019.
trekking Damavand, Alamkouh & Sabalan, with Iran Exploration One of my best trip is trekking Damavand, Alamkouh & Sabalan, three highest summits with tour operator Iranexploration. I was at the trip around 20 days. At first we was climing mount Sabalan with professional mountain guide Reza Heidari. And then we went to Masouleh village to rest that ready to climb to Mount Alamkouh; befor that we stayed in Hesar Chal base camp which have beautiful view. One of best experience that I have. we have perfect lunch in to the mountain by IranExploration team. In this trip I saw the bear for the first time and was very excited. And specially view of the Caspian see that was always with us during my trip. Finally I climbed to mount Damavand for the first time and thanks to Reza for help me got to Damavand very easily and safely.
25. November, 2019.
Tochal and Damavand I had a great trip with Iran Exploration. As I'm used to mountaineering with my friends, I honestly wasn't prepared for the level of luxury and attention I would receive on a guided tour with these guys.  They thought of everything. Took care of everything (except for walking - that part you still have to do for your self :D). Transportation, equipment, porters, meals (in nice restaurants whenever possible) - you name it. I must admit, I could get used to this kind of pampering 🙂 Since I was pressed for time, they made a special 6-day package just for me. They were friendly, honest and easy to communicate with.   My guide, Farhad was very capable and experienced. He was also very pleasant company. He got me to the top of Damavand. And back. In one peace. In November. Need I say more!? I'm very pleased and highly recommend this company.
Declan M
Declan M
19. September, 2019.
Damavand and Tehran I had a wonderful time in Iran had a successful summit and good weather in a team from 5 countries Thailand Belgium Austria Bulgaria Ireland Iran exploration were fantastic had guys picking us up when they said and arranged everything. Spent a couple of days in Tehran afterwards saw great art and historical artifacts in the museums. Everyone was worried about my trip to Iran and it turned out to be one of the safest and most interesting I have ever visited. Big thanks to guide Khashi for his efforts to tailor make the tour I wanted in Tehran. I even met his mum and girlfriend! Iran and its people are great if are on the fence just go but do some training if you go to Damarvand
16. September, 2019.
Höchst gelungene Damavandbesteigung! Bereits ein halbes Jahr vor Antritt meiner Iran-Reise habe ich Kontakt mit iranexploration aufgenommen. Nach einer ersten E-Mail-Anfrage bekam ich sofort eine Handynummer mit Whatsapp-Möglichkeit. Von da an wurde alles völlig unkompliziert und prompt über whatsapp geregelt. Amir von iranexploration wurde mein Ansprechpartner und beantwortete alle meine Fragen ausführlich und zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit! Auch nach der Finalisierung meiner Buchung blieb dieser Kontakt aufrecht und Amir unterstützte und beriet mich gewohnt freundlich, kompetent und ehrlich bis zu meiner Abreise in den Iran. In Teheran wurden meine Freundin und ich von unserem Guide Ashi direkt beim Hotel abgeholt und zum Ausgangspunkt der Damavand-Trekkingtour gebracht. Schon auf der Fahrt dorthin durften wir feststellen, dass unser Guide ebenso freundlich, offen, sympathisch, humorvoll und professionell zu sein schien wie bereits die gesamte Organisation durch Amir. Bestens betreut starteten wir unsere Trekkingtour. Leider machte uns die Wettervorhersage aber einen Strich durch die Rechnung und wir mussten die Besteigung einen Tag vorverlegen - d.h. ohne Ruhe- und Akklimatisierungstag gleich hinauf auf den Gipfel. Durch Ashi`s Professionalität und Menschlichkeit aber überhaupt kein Problem! Bei strahlenden Sonnenschein (und eiskalten Temperaturen) stand ich am 2.9.2019 am Gipfel des Damavand! Und rund 2,5 Stunden später war ich wieder gut zurück im Basislager! Tags darauf stiegen wir weiter ab und wurden nach Teheran zurückgebracht. Da wir nun einen Tag früher als geplant in Teheran ankamen, organisierte Ashi sogar noch eine weitere Nacht in unserem gebuchten Hotel und wir konnten unsere Reise durch den Iran vorzeitig fortsetzen... Iranexploration ist höchst empfehlenswert und bietet hohe Professionalität und Erfahrung gepaart mit Hilfsbereitschaft, Menschlichkeit, Humor und Leidenschaft für Berge und Natur! Die Verpflegung während der Tour war hervorragend, die Betreuung durch die Guides und Organisatoren vor, während und nach der Tour war ausgezeichnet und das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ist wohl kaum zu überbieten! Vielen herzlichen Dank für diese wunderbare Erfahrung!
5. September, 2019.
Perfect team Our aim was to climb Mt Damavand and we suceedded all, thanks to great team of Iran Exploration, guided by Beiti. All of them were warm, gently, kind and encouraging people. We felt as at home. We'll come back to visit also other places of this beautiful country.
Cezary R
Cezary R
6. August, 2019.
Damavand, Iran Celem mojej i mojego kolegi Marka wyprawy do Iranu było wejście na Damavand. Początkowo nie mieliśmy w planie zwiedzania Iranu. Z Internetu wybraliśmy firmę IranExploration. Po różnych wariantach rezerwacji samolotu okazało się, że mamy trzy dni przed i dwa dni po trekkingu na zwiedzanie Iranu. Zwróciliśmy się do IranExploration czy są w stanie nam w tym pomóc . Odległości do zwiedzania były duże i czas krótki. Jednak dostaliśmy bardzo sensowny plan wycieczki samochodem z kierowcą i przewodnikiem. Szczegółowo nie będę opisywał miejsc w których byliśmy, ale muszę powiedzieć , że Iran to fascynujący kraj z niesamowicie miłymi, uczynnymi i pracowitymi ludźmi. Bardzo bezpieczny. Sytuacji politycznej, która się rozgrywała przed i w trakcie naszego wyjazdu w żadnym stopniu nie odczuliśmy. Trzy dni to oczywiście nic. Jednak dzięki naszym irańskim przyjaciołom Parvisovi i Kashiemu udało się zobaczyć Kashan, Isfahan, Sziraz, Pasargad, Persepolis. Muszę powiedzieć, że skorzystanie z opcji zwiedzania z IranExploration – z Parvisem i Kashim było idealną decyzją. Na pewno nie zjedlibyśmy tylu różnych miejscowych potraw typowych dla danego regionu, do wielu miejsc byśmy nie trafili, wielu osób nie poznali. Rozpatrując to także finansowo - będąc pierwszy raz, nie znając języka, nie wiedząc do końca jak i gdzie się poruszać, itd. z pewnością mogłoby to nas więcej kosztować. Tak to był bardzo korzystny wybór. Z Shiraz wróciliśmy do Teheranu samolotem- wszystko zorganizowane wcześniej przez IranExploration. Odebrał nas Ashi , z którym rozpoczęliśmy przygodę górską. Wspaniały przewodnik, bardzo profesjonalny. Wejście przygotowane idealnie z bardzo dobrze zaplanowaną aklimatyzacją. Później dwa dni zwiedzania Teheranu z Kashim, czas spędzony z jego rodziną. Wszystko to było niesamowite. Z pewnością wrócę do Iranu. Zbyt krótko tutaj byłem. Co do firmy IranExploration , która praktycznie zorganizowała nam cały pobyt (byłem w wielu miejscach na świecie, na wiele szczytów wchodziłem) mogę powiedzieć – żadnych problemów. Otrzymaliśmy więcej niż mogliśmy oczekiwać.
28. July, 2019.
Damavand Besteigung mit Iran Rundreise Wir haben mit Iranexploration Mitte Juli den Damavand bestiegen. Der erste Eindruck, wenn man in Teheran landet ist, wie normal hier alles ist. Die Leute sind unglaublich freundlich und es ist sehr einfach und bequem hier zu Reisen. Unser Bergführer Beiti war ein sehr erfahrener Mann auf seinem Gebiet mit hunderten Besteigungen. Die Organisation war perfekt, wir wurden gut bekocht und sehr gut auf die Besteigung vorbereitet und konnten so auch nach 3 Tagen den Gipfel erreichen. Anschließend haben wir noch eine 2 wöchige Iran Rundreise angehängt, während der wir von Iranexploration mit Bustickets und Hotelbuchungen unterstützt wurden. Sie haben uns perfekt bei unserer individuellen Reise unterstützt. Kann auf jeden Fall empfohlen werden.
22. July, 2019.
Mount Damavand I’ve just spent the last two weeks in Iran, primarily to climb Mt Damavand. After researching my options I booked through Iran Explorations. They were able to advise on everything, from: visa application; airport transfer; what gear to bring etc. Before arriving I’d read all the media reports about Iran, but upon arrival I was struck by just how normal Tehran was. I could have been in any big city across the world. In fact I thought Tehran felt safer than most cities. I chose the 5 day Damavand expedition. This was perfect for acclimatising in preparation for summit day. Beiti my guide had years of experience and I never felt in doubt I wasn’t going to summit successfully. After Damavand I did a few days in Isfahan. Khashi my cultural guide was extremely knowledgeable about the history of the region. And if you love food this is the place for you with many unique restaurants. If you want a look at life behind the scenes: this is the company to use. I thoroughly recommend Iran Explorations and Iran in general.
23. June, 2019.
Great ascent of Mount Damavand (5671m) Well organised 5 day trip to ascend Mount Damavand with Iran Exploration. Perfect timing (mid June) before summer crowds and great weather. Ashkan (guide) was really professional, chilled and found the right pace to ascend Mount Damavand. Make sure to have 1 day acclimation at the refuge (4200m) to make sure to be in good shape for the final ascent to summit. On last day, had a great car ride in the mountains with local music (Sara Naeini Del Yar, etc) to nearby hot springs (55 degreeeees!). If you want to come Iran for skiing during winter months (some resorts are opened until June!) - Askhan would definitely be your man (he is a skiing instructor and knows all the places - including off piste). Finally Iranians are really friendly and the country is perfectly safe! Met many tourists from Germany, France and Russia and they were all having a good time; Exchange rate is in favour of the West


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