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Nicole Steck and Epic Damavand Ski Tour

Nicole Steck Ski Tour Damavand

The beautiful photo of Nicole Steck while ski touring in Golezard Summit & great scenery of Damavand in her background.


This is the story of Nicole Steck, a name that resonates not just as the wife of the legendary “Swiss Machine” Ueli Steck, but as a mountaineer in her own right, starting on a journey to Iran’s majestic Mount Damavand by ski.

In the world of mountains and dreams, where summits touch the skies and adventures know no bounds, there exists a tale of courage and friendship that exceeds borders and Nicole Steck showed this story with a group of professional skiers in Iran.

Join us to read the story of Nicole Steck’s trip to Iran and the Ski Tour of Damavand.

Exploring Tehran’s Beauties: An Intro to Nicole Steck’s Damavand Ski Tour

In the middle of spring, May 2016, a group of professional ski tourers from Switzerland and Germany traveled to Tehran, Iran’s bustling capital, under the leadership of Hans Honold and the most professional ski tour organization in Europe, Alpine Welten Die Bergführer.

Among them was Nicole Steck, a woman whose spirit burned brighter than the tallest peaks. The journey began with the exploration of Tehran’s northern allure, where the scents of Tajrish Bazaar and the grandeur of Sa’dabad Palace welcomed them. Feeling the Eastern lifestyle through a short cultural tour in Iran, walking in traditional Bazaars, and beautiful mosques.

Nicole Steck in Tehran Tour
Nicole Steck in Tehran, Iran. Visiting Sadabad Museum Complex Tour.

Ski tour Doberar Summits: A Path to Acclimatization

The days that followed were filled with Ski Touring the summits of the Doberar mountain range, one of the best ski tour slopes of Iran, each day a step towards acclimatization.

Strong Nicole Steck, with her persistent determination, showed her presence amongst fellow members of this ski tour.

She shared stories and forged bonds that would echo far beyond the snow-covered slopes.

Amazing and enjoyable ski tour of each peak was more than just a physical endeavor; it was a mental and emotional preparation for the ultimate goal that loomed ahead—ski touring Mount Damavand.

Nicole Steck Iran Ski Tour & Damavand Background
Nicole Steck Iran Ski Tour & Damavand Background

Mount Damavand Ski Tour: A Test of Solidity

By climbing over 4000 m peaks, having an enjoyable ski in powder snow at over 1000 m slopes of the Doberar Mountain Range, and getting good adaption by altitude, started their ski tour to the Damavand Hut via the southern route.

As the sun painted the skies in hues of orange and gold, the team’s gaze turned toward Mount Damavand, Asia’s highest volcano.

On the dawn of May 6th, 2016, skis strapped and spirits soaring, the group began their ascent. Every step and turn was a testament to their mettle, every push forward was a step to success in the beautiful journey that Nicole Steck started.

The ascent was marked not just by the thrill of conquering heights but by the sense of unity that ski-touring Damavand fostered among the group. Nicole, carrying the legacy of Ueli’s passion for skiing and mountaineering, led the way with determination etched in her eyes.

Skiing the Summit: Victory of Being Together with Nicole Stecke

Nicole’s heartbeat in rhythm was with the mountain’s pulse as the team climbed Damavand’s summit by ski. A success not just of reaching heights untold, but of unity and leadership and professional ski tour guides.

Nicole, carrying his spirit within her, stood tall upon the Damavand summit, a testament to the power of love and adventure.

As Nicole and the team carved their way down Damavand’s slopes on skis, their laughter echoed through the mountains, a joyful chorus reverberating across the icy expanse. The ski tour had not only challenged their skills but also created memories that would forever bind them together.

Nicole Steck on Top of Damavand
Nicole Steck on Top of Damavand

A Glance of Tehran’s South: UNESCO Heritage and History

The descent from Damavand marked the end of an unforgettable chapter, yet there was more to discover. A day amidst the splendor of Tehran’s southern gems awaited. Golestan Palace, a symphony of history, and the bustling Grand Bazaar, a labyrinth of treasures, welcomed them.

Nicole’s presence, amidst the vibrant culture of Tehran, was a reminder that her journey was not only about reaching summits but also about experiencing the heart and soul of a nation.

Nicole Steck in Alborz Mountain ski
Nicole Steck in Alborz Mountain ski

Nicole Steck’s Legacy Carved in Snow and Hearts

Nicole Steck’s journey to Iran was more than an adventure; it was a celebration of human resilience and connection. Her footsteps echoed the courage of Ueli, the “Swiss Machine,” whose legacy was now woven into her own narrative.

The story of that May in 2016 wasn’t just about conquering mountains; it was about conquering fears, forging bonds, and nurturing the flames of passion.

Every turn in the snow, every shared laughter, carried forward the spirit of mountaineering, the essence of adventure that Nicole and Ueli held dear.

As the echoes of their journey continue to reverberate through the mountains, they inspire us all to chase our dreams, scale our summits, and embrace the journey that life presents us.

So, let the tale of Nicole Steck’s Iran adventure serve as a testament to the heights we can reach when we combine courage, camaraderie, and the unwavering belief that with every step forward, we leave a mark not only on the mountains but also in the hearts of those who dare to dream.

For those seeking their own adventure, a ski tour in Damavand beckons—a journey that offers not just the thrill of conquering peaks, but the opportunity to discover oneself amidst the majestic landscapes that Nicole Steck and her team once conquered with skis and spirit.

In memory of Ueli Steck, the hero, and our dream to see him at the top of the Iran Mountains which never get happened.
Nicole Steck & Group Dance after Damavand Ski Tour

Damavand Ski Tours Which Nicole Participated In

You may be interested in which Damavand ski tour in Iran has attracted Nicole Stack’s attention to participate in it?!
First of all, you need to know that although she is a professional experienced in ski tours, she never risked and chose Damavand guided ski tour instead of solo climb!

If you want to know these, you can check the following tours and see which tour suits you best.

Although the 11-day ski tours of Damavand skitour and cultural visit to Kashan and Rose Water Festival, the 16-day ski tour of Damavand and Alam Koh, and a 7-day Damavand ski tour and Dobrar have been introduced below, it is good to know that Nicole Stack actually participated in a Taylor-Made ski tour, including a 7-day Damavand skiing in addition to two days of visiting Tehran.

If you like to design your trip to Iran for skiing and cultural visits in your own style according to your wishes, and you are interested in Tailor-Made tours, you can contact our experts by completing the Travel Iran Tailor-Made form to get the best possible itinerary, of course, at the best and most suitable price…

No worries if you are not a good skier! The Damavand Trek tour is available as well for those who want to climb Damavand by feet.

Nicole Steck on Damavand

view of Damavand Ski Tour

Mount Damavand SkiTour & Doberar Mountain

A complete and unique 11-day tour of Damavand skitour and Doberar mountains. Arriving in Iran, you will be transferred to the hotel and have a wonderful day with a city tour of Tehran. Before starting the Damavand skitour, you will skiing for 3 days in the Doberar mountains in the over 1000 meter excellent slopes. After enjoying skiing in Damavand Iran, you will see Kashan and a rosewater festival …

From 1190€ 890 €
11 days
Running Time:
Mar/ Apr/ May
Physical Rating:
Level 6/10 (Moderate)
Check the Tour Details

Mount Damavand ski tour

Lasem Mountains & Damavand Skitour

Lasem mountains & Damavand skitour is an intensive and excellent holiday for professional skiers. Without wasting time, you can enter Damavand directly from the airport. You will stay in a local guesthouse with excellent facilities like wi-fi & hot shower. You will reach the beginning of your ski tour with a few minutes’ drive every day. During three days of acclimatization in Lasem, the Damavand view in the background…

From 990€ 650 €
7 days
Running Time:
Physical Rating:
Level 6/10 (Moderate)
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Damavand Ski tour & Alamkouh ski touring

Damavand & AlamKuh Skitour

One of the most challenging and beautiful ski tours in Iran is the wild skiing in Alamkuh mountain with a height of 4850 meters and Damavand skitour. You can warm up at the peaks of 3000 and 4000 meters of Alamkuh. After good acclimatization and the experience of a ski tour in untouched powdery slopes without rocks or trees, you are ready for a successful Damavand skitour. Available only from April 1st because of the risk of huge avalanches.

From 1990€ 1790 €
16 days
Running Time:
April/ May/ June
Physical Rating:
Level 7/10 (Moderate)
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Nicole Steck’s Damavand Ski Tour Video

During Nicole Steck’s trip to Iran and ski tour in Damavand, we succeeded in taking a video of her ski touring days in the Doberar mountain range, and you can see the video below…


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