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Damavand Trekking & Lar National Park

Mount Damavand Trekking

4405 Days

Real Price : 640 €

  • Tour Type: Adventure,Trekking & Camping
  • Running Time: Beginning of June to the End of October

Mount Damavand Climbing & Trek

Damavand Peak Climb & Trek

6507 Days

Real Price: 890 €

  • Tour Type: Adventure Camping, Trekking & Cultural Sightseeing
  • Running Time: June 1st to October 15th & Damavand-Trekking- 8 days- 400 X 250

Mt. Tochal & Damavand Climb

7708 Days

Real Price : 975 €

  • Tour Type: Adventure, Trekking & Cultural Exploring
  • Running Time: 1st of June to October 15th

Damavand Alamkuh Tour

Iran's Three Summits

199017 Days

Real Price : 2390 €

  • Tour Type:Adventure Camping, Trekking & Cultural Sightseeing
  • Running Time: From June to the End of September

Travel Mount Damavand Iran Tours & Packages

Travel to Mount Damavand Iran, as one of the natural attractions, the first national natural monument of Iran (registered in 2008), and the highest volcanic peak in Asia, has always been of interest to tourists.

Even those who are not professional mountaineers, and can not climb Damavand Peak, would like to enjoy the beauty of this mountain and its natural hot springs on a camping and family trip to the foothills of this beautiful mountain.

Due to the good reception of tourists who intend to travel to Iran and Damavand Mountain, Iran Exploration, as one of the best adventure tour operators in Iran, has provided the best & complete Mount Damavand tours and packages.

Undoubtedly, for traveling to Damavand, it is better to have information about this majestic volcano. For this reason, we suggest you take a look at “Mythology and Symbolism: Mount Damavand Revealed” and “Damavand Height, Discovering the Real Altitude“.

These packages, which range from a day trip to a few week’s tours, include various categories as the following and else.

Mount Damavand Best Itinerary
Photo By Majid Behzad


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Every point on the earth has its story, even everyone has his/her story… When you travel you go through stories, this is not the only adventure but also going through the mythology of Iran


Land of cultural and historical wealth,incredible beauties, unique cuisine, hospitable and warm people, attract a raising number of tourists from Europe and the whole world. Monuments protected by UNESCO, mountains and ski-resorts  and deserts are the most visited locations.

Iran, jewellery of Middle East is located between Caspian sea and Persian Golf,
crossed by many rivers,mountains and deserts which gives an impression of a mosaic of unique natural sceneries. Perspolis UNESCO world heritage and most visited mount Damavand (highest volcano in Middle East)…

Most Popular Iran Adventure Tours

Most Exciting Adventure Outdoor Tour in Iran

Jewels Of The Ancient Persian Culture

Travel to heart of Iran. Best cultural Iran tour with UNESCO world heritage highlights.

13 days
Running Time:
All the year’s available
Physical Rating:
Level 1/10 (Discovery)

Dizin Ski Resort, On & Off-Piste Skiing

Skiing in Iran Dizin ski resort, one of best and highest ski resorts of Iran.

7 days
Running Time:
Physical Rating:
Level 3/10 (Introductory)

Luxury Restaurant

A 10 Day Iran Luxury Tour

Discovering the Wonders of the Persian Empire, in masterpieces of luxury

10 days
Running Time:
Physical Rating:
Level 1/10 (Moderate)

 Iran Cultural Tour

A 7 Days Iran Cultural Tour

A Mystery of Persian Treasures. Visiting Tehran, Kashan, Yazd, Isfahan and UNESCO World Heritage Sites

7 days
Running Time:
Spring & Fall
Physical Rating:
Level 1/10 (Moderate)

Trekking Damavand & Lar National Park Hiking

Damavand is one of beautiful volcanic peaks in Iran, Which has 5600 meters  heights

10 days
Running Time:
Physical Rating:
Level 5/10 (Moderate)

Climbing Iran’s three highest summits

Climbing three highest summit of Iran, Sabalan, Alamkooh, Damavand & cultural sightseeing

17 days
Running Time:
Physical Rating:
Level 5/10 (Moderate)

Climbing Damavand & Tochal Peak

Trekking in Alborz Mountains & Highest Volcano in Asia

8 days
Running Time:
May to October
Physical Rating:
Level 5/10 (Moderate)

Mount Damavand Trekking & Hiking

Climbing Iran Highest Mountain & Asia Highest Volcano

5 days
Running Time:
Physical Rating:
Level 5/10 (Moderate)


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    It was really good time. Damavand sloop was one of the best in the world for ski tour.
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