Our Story

“We were born in the Zagros Mountains in the West of Iran, Where a child, become familiar with the mountains and the rich culture of life in the mountains. Here, what can expect from Mountain children. It is our duty to show our rich culture and unique nature to the world.” Reza Heidari, Iran Explorations Director Manager, said.
Early in 2007, the company establishing idea was come to our mind. On that time, we was younger, active, explorer, adventurous and simultaneous was finished training courses and gaining experience each days. At the beginning we had run a different fields hiking and mountaineering programs for friendly groups. Over time, our program was focused on the implementation of incoming tours.
In the meantime we thought to a question, that why most travel agencies, run their tours, regardless of the quality and demands of their customer?
On the one hand we always had run successful and high quality programs, On the other hand we couldn’t cooperate with the agencies that were only care about money.
Finally we found the answer, none of the agencies who work at incoming adventure tours, was not an adventure tour operator. They sign the contract with client, and don’t pay attention what’s happen during the adventure tours.
The lack of facilities and quality services for incoming tours, and the importance of showing the true face of Iran, unique nature and rich culture of this land, has encouraged us to establishing our own company.

So it was that, Iran Exploration, after years of practice and gain experience and knowledge, was established in 2010.


“There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.”  Ray Goforth