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Trekking & Climb in Iran Plateau

Rugged, mountainous rim; high, central basin with deserts, mountains; small,

discontinuous plains along both coasts. The highest point is Mount Damavand (5,671m) which is the highest volcano in Asia.

Two great deserts extend over much of central Iran: the Dasht-e Lut is covered largely with sand and rocks, and the Dasht-e Kavir is covered mainly with salt. Both deserts are inhospitable and virtually uninhabited.

The Zagros range stretches from the border with the Republic of Armenia in the northwest to the Persian Gulf, and then eastward into Baluchistan. Zagros is extremely hard, difficult to access, and populated largely by pastoral nomads. The Alborz mountain range, narrower than the Zagros, runs along the southern shore of the Caspian to meet the border ranges of Khorasan to the east.

Approximately 11 percent of Iran is forested, most extensively in the Caspian region. Here one finds the broad-leafed, vigorous deciduous trees, usually oak, beech, linden, elm, walnut, ash, and hornbeam, as well as a few broad-leafed evergreens. Thorny shrubs and fern also abound. The narrow Caspian subtropical coastal plain, in contrast, is covered with rich brown forest soil.

Iran, the Best Destination for Trekking/Hiking Holiday

Do you search for a good destination to spend your adventure holidays? Tired of boring city sightseeing tours? Like hiking and trekking in beautiful nature away from pollution and traffic? Prefer camping in cozy areas under the milky way? Hearing only your breath and nature load?……
If so!
Reading this article about Iran adventure tours, the best trails for trekking/ hiking in Iran, and camping holiday tours are recommended to you strongly.

Iran Geology construction

As the 18th biggest country in the world (16 or 17th), with 1,648,195 km2 land and located at latitude 32.4279099 and longitude 53.6880455, it is part of Asia and the northern hemisphere. The vast Iran plateau, which is about 90 percent of Iran’s current geographic area, is a long and mountainous land located in the southwest of Asia, linked to the Armenian and Anatolian plateaus in the west and the Pamir and Tibet plateaus in the east. Iran is not only a large country but also mountainous it is.
More than half of Iran is covered by mountains that provide special trekking and hiking routes for mountaineers from four corners of the world. From east to the west, north to south of Iran, you can’t find any places without a scenery of mountains in the horizontal.
Its two huge and long mountain ranges are the Zagros (Zagrus) mountain range that starts from northeast of Iran with really nice and pictures 4000 meters mountains like Sabalan, Zardkouh, Dena, etc. to the southeast and the Persian Gulf. The other one is the Alborz mountain range that also starts from northwest to the northeast of Iran with high altitude summits like Mount Damavand 5610 meters, Mount Alam Koh 4850 m, and many other 4000 meters summits that make it paradise for mountain trekking and hikers as well as untouched and untracked slopes for ski touring in Iran.

It’s Good to know that, the average altitude of Iran cities is 1500 meter above sea level and more than 80% of Iran population live at mountain areas. So it’s not surprising if you hear that the most popular and commune sport in Iran is mountain trekking and hiking. You will feel this fact when you go trekking in the Iran mountains especially at weekend. Where you see many Iranian hikers and mountain trekkers in foothills or higher mountains.
“In fact, Iranian people born in high lands of Iran Plateau, grow up there and know who to trek in our mountains and enjoying this sport.” 90 years old mountaineering coach, MOHAMMAD EVAZI said.
Not only mountain trekking and hiking are common in Iran, but we also have the availability of organizing desert treks and hiking tours in our two huge and mysterious deserts, Dasht-e-Kavir & Kavir-e-Lut.
Imagine, when it’s stormy and snowy in Iran’s high mountains, you can go for desert treks or dunes hiking with enjoyment spring weather.
Desert trekking tours can organize how you trek 20 to 35 km per day while your luggage and stuff are loaded in camels and you will hike in ancient Iran paths like the Silk road.

Iran Hiking and Trekking Routes

Thanks to our highlands and mountain cities, it’s truly not difficult to find the best trekking or hiking route while traveling to Iran. Just choose where do you want to travel to in Iran and which city do you want to be there, then IranExploration Tour Operator’s skilled staff will share their experiences and organize enjoyment for your Iran hiking holidays.
To give more information regarding Iran Trekking tours and Hiking Routes, in this article and future chain articles, we share our experiences with travelers who want to find the best trekking areas in Iran or know more about hiking routes, availability, difficulty, distances, and so on in Iran mountains.
In this way, we divide our knowledge about mountain trekking in Iran with you in four parts:
Alborz Mountain Ranges summit trekking routes, hiking trails, and Huts/shelters.
– Zagros Mountain Range Peaks, access roads, villages, mountain trekking paths, and best hiking season.
– Other Mountains Trekking ways, necessary equipment, altitudes of summits, and important notes.
– Iran desert trek and hiking paths.
However, there are many dividing systems for the promotion of Iran mountains, but we want to prepare an advisable, useful, and exact guidebook for tourists who want to know more about Iran mountain trekking routes and hiking areas.
Of course, Iran Volcanic Summits with the most famous, popular, and favorite of them Mount Damavand, are classified in this four categorize.

These chain articles will promote Iran mountain trekking routes, Hiking paths and let you how to choose a good destination for climbing in Iran, trekking, and hiking, regardless you are a professional mountaineer or you want to enjoy your holidays in Iran mountains with your Family/Friends.
So continue reading with us in “Iran Trekking and Hiking Routes #1 to #8” in future articles.
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Iran Trekking and Hiking Routes

Trekking & Hiking in Alborz Mountain Range
Iran’s northern huge mountain range, Alborz* that also called as Alburz or Alborez or Elborz with more than 1000 km length from north west to the north east, covered Caspian Sea like a huge wall in the south.
With more than 50 four thousand meters summits and too many 3000 m peaks, it could be the paradise for mountain sports like Rock Climbers, Mountaineering, Ski Touring, Free Riders, back country skiing, Mountain Biking, etc and it’s one of the best destinations for hiking in Iran
Different altitude between Caspian Sea (~ – 50 meters below sea level) and high peaks of Alborz mountain range (with average of 3500 meters), prepare special weather conditions, unique eco system and nice Iran hiking /trekking routes for mountain lovers.
The Alborz mountain range has such a significance, that the population over 8 million people in four provinces of Iran is affected by the Alborz Mountains benefits.
* There are no dependence between Alborz or Elborz mountain range in Iran and Mount Elbrus in Russia.

Iran Mountains, Alborz Mountain Range, Summits & Routes

With a sample dividing, Alborz mountain range could be dividing in three part:
I. Western Alborz: with the second highest summit of Iran Alamkouh & Takht-e-Soleiman mountains 4850 m, from Talesh mountains in northwest to the Chaloos road
II. Centeral Alborz: with highest peak of Iran, Damavand 5610 m and many other 4000 m summits, from Chaloos road to Firoozkouh pass
III. Eastern Alborz: that is shorter than other part with more 3000 m summits, from Firoozkouh pass to northeastern side and Torkeman Sahra

I. Western Alborz Mountains

1- Alamkouh & Takht-e-Soleiman
The second highest peak of Iran, Alamkouh (or Alamkooh) with 4850 m altitude, placed in the middle of Takht-e-Soleiman mountains with more than twenty 4000 m summits surrounding.
The most famous peaks of Takht-e-Soleiman are:
Siahgook 4446m, Rostam Nisht 4426 m, Takht-e-Rostam 4246 m, Siah Kaman 4472 m, Miansechal 4348 m, Chaloon 4516 m, Siah Sang 4612 m, Shane kooh 4465 m, Alam Kouh 4850 m, North Khersan 4680 m, South Khersan 4669 m, Marjikesh 4560 m, Setareh 4276, Menareh 4370 m, Gardoon kouh 4402, Hezarcham 4323 m, and many other 4000 meter summits.

Access roads, hiking & trekking routes to Alamkouh

By accessing many beauty summits, nice nature, camping sites and other mountain attractions, Alamkouh is one of the best destination for climbing in Iran, trekking, family camping and climbing mountain areas in Iran.
There are two main access road to reach Alamkouh area and Takht-e-Soleiman mountains;
– Chaloos road, Marzan Abad, Kelardaht city, Roodbarak or Vandarbon village
– Karaj-Qazvin Highway, Taleghan city, Garmaroud village
Nowadays Taleghan or Taleqan access road is not common due to distance and less facilities for mountaineers, so most of trekking and climbing tours in Alamkouh is starting from Kelardasht city, Roodbarak or Vandarbon village.
From this villages, there are two main access routes for hick up mountains in Alamkouh areas. One in the north and the other goes to the south side of Alamkouh.
Between this two hiking trails, the southern is most preferable due to less steep, nice scenery, camping sites, too many trekking routes and less technical summits.

In northern route of Alamkouh that separate from southern in Vandarbon village, you can reach Sarchal Refuge after 5 hours trekking in nice and tight valley. Sarchal refuge (hut) is an old stone building with few rooms and beds, no blankets, kitchen appliance, nor facilities. So if you want to choose this route for trekking in Alborz mountains and Alamkouh, you need to carry all the stuff by yourself or rent porter or mules.
From Sarchal hut, you can hike up to the Siah Kaman, Rostam Nisht, Shane Kouh, Takht-e-Soleiman, Mian Sechal, Siah Sang and many other peaks daily and descend to the hut for overnight.
Also this northern side is the best access route for Rock climbers who want to climb Alamkouh wall (more than 800 m granite wall) and it’s many nice climbing routes.
But the southern side that is more preferable and most famous is Hesarchal & Tange Galoo route.
To climb Alamkouh area from southern route, from Vandarboon village, you can reach to Tange Galoo (tight valley) in 3400 meter by using 4WD cars or pickup. Where you can start hiking trail in the right side of the valley to Hesarchal Plateau (means sounded by high mountains) in 3700 meters altitude by two hours hiking.
There are many nice camping sites in Hesarchal and you can choose most beautiful one next by the rivers that comes from Khersan Glacier or small spring lakes that made by melting snow in Heasrchal.
By turning from the south to the north, you can see landscape of huge peaks of Hezarcham 4323 m, Lashgarak 4406 m, Gardoon kouh 4402, Setareh 4276 m, Menareh 4370 m, North Khersan 4680 m, South Khersan 4669 m, Alam Kouh 4850 m, Shakhak 4780 m, Marjikesh 4560 m, Siah Sang 4612 m, and many other no named summits that provides great potential for trekking and hiking in Alamkouh mountains.

Continue reading with us in “Iran Trekking and Hiking Routes #2 to #8” in the future articles.
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