A marvelous experience of hiking mount Damavand southern route & Alborz Mountains

Hiking Mount Damavand & Trek Alborz Mountains

Along with Climbing 4000 meters Peaks Around Damavand with an Unparalleled View

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Hiking Mount Damavand & Trek Alborz Mountains

To have a pleasant, safe, and of course, successful hiking Mount Damavand, having good exercise and acclimatization (adaptation to the altitude) is the most important key point.

There is no better option than trekking in the beautiful Alborz Mountains for this purpose.
Damavand mountain with a height of 5610 meters placed in the heart of the Alborz mountain range with very beautiful 3000 and 4000 meters summits.
This location of Mount Damavand surrounded by huge peaks, has created the best position for good training and acclimatization to hiking Damavand summit.

We strongly recommend you read the stories of Damavand in the “Diving into the Mythical Stories of Mount Damavand” blog post.

Guarantee the safe and successful hiking of Mount Damavand by climbing the two peaks of the Alborz mountains at the beginning of this tour.

As mentioned, the Alborz mountains, with a length of more than 1000 km, are located in the southern part of the Caspian Sea and extend from northwest to northeast of Iran.

The Central Alborz Mountains in the neighborhood of Damavand Peak, despite the good communication roads, have provided a very suitable option for the acclimatization of hiking Mount Damavand.

On this tour, we will climb two beautiful peaks of Golezard (which means yellow flower) with a height of 3750 meters in the southwest of Damavand Peak, and Mount Pashureh with a height of 3870 meters in the East of Damavand Mountain, before heading to the highest mountain in the Middle East and the highest volcano in Asia.

Both of these peaks are near Damavand volcano and can be reached via Haraz Road (between Tehran to the Caspian Sea).

Hiking Mount Damavand & Alborz Mountains Map
Hiking Damavand-view from Gol-e-Zard summit

After arriving at Damavand Base Camp in the Polour village or the Rineh town, and staying at our guesthouse (or local house), we rest a bit and prepare for the first day of hiking on the Gol-e-Zard summit (the Yellow Flower peak).

This beautiful mountain with an approximate height of 3750 is located just above the village of Plolour is a very suitable place for practice, acclimatization, and photography of the unique scenery of Damavand Mountain.

To get to the beginning of the hiking trail, we ride in four-wheeled cars for about 30 minutes on the dirt road, then we are ready to hike.

This peak is one of the most accessible and simplest mountains around Mt. Damavand, which we climb for the first day on this tour.

The second mountain that we will climb for being well acclimatized and practice for hike Damavand, is Pashoreh summit with an approximate height of 3870 meters, which is located on the east (southeast) side of Damavand volcano.

To climb Pashureh, we go to Nava village through Haraz road and start our interesting hiking this peak of the Alborz mountain range.


Group Size: Min 1, Max 8 Duration: 6 Days  Meals: Full Board
Suitable for age: 11+ Activity: Hiking & Trekking Join in: Tehran, End in: Tehran
Best Time: June 1st till November 30th Physical Rating: Level 3/5 (Moderate to Challenging) Max. altitude: 5610 m
  • Photography of the unique nature of the Alborz Mountains
  • Hiking & Trekking Mount Damavand, the highest summit of Iran & Highest volcano in Asia
  • Enjoying the beautiful scenery of Lar Lake & the National Park
  • Chance of seeing the Caspian Sea from the top of Damavand Peak
  • Hiking peaks of about 4,000 meters in the central Alborz
  • Visiting local people, Damavand nomads, and shepherd
  • The best Acclimatization process for a successful Damavand Hike

Hiking Mount Damavand Itinerary

In this section, you will be familiar with the Damavand hiking tour and the Alborz mountains details. What is the daily itinerary like? What time do we start hiking? Where do we sleep and rest and other details …

Please note that the itinerary may have changed due to weather conditions or your mountain guide’s decision.

START: Regularly 05:30 AM, From Tehran TOUR ENDING: Expected 18:00, At Tehran

1st Day

Toward Damavand Base Camp, Trekking in Alborz Mountains

Early in the morning before the daily traffic in Tehran, the company’s agent and your mountain guide, will pick you up from your residence and drive you through the Haraz Road to Polour village, 75 km northeast of Tehran at the foothills of Damavand Peak.

After having breakfast and putting extra stuff in the guesthouse (or local house), you will register your Damavand Climb at the Iran Mountaineering Federation at Polour and get the Damavand Certificate by paying 50 $ (or EUR) in cash. Then we will drive to the beginning of the Gol-e-Zard peak at an elevation of about 2650 meters and start your first-day hike.

This peak is located southwest of Damavand Peak and southeast of the Lar National Park. We will start hiking from the northern route.
In spring, this mountain is covered by small yellow flowers, it’s why it is called Golezard which means yellow flowers.

With proper rest during the 5 to 6 hours of hiking, and enjoying the unique view of Damavand in the background, we’ll reach the Gol-e-Zard peak at approximately 3750 meters altitude.

To get acclimatized well, we will have a relatively long rest on the peak, have lunch (lunch box including chocolates, snacks, juice, nuts, etc.), and enjoy the views of the Alborz mountain range and the Dobrar ridge. Then we’ll head back to the village.

There are facilities such as WiFi, Hot showers, shared rooms with beds (usually 6 people) in our accommodation, and also if you need something you can buy it from the supermarket in the village/town.

O /N at the local house or guesthouse in Polour/Rineh village full board (Breakfast. Lunch box. Dinner).

NOTE: Considering the season and snow coverage at Gol-e Zard, the group numbers & fitness, dry and high temperatures, etc, we offer our clients to change this summit with a hike up to Goosfandsara camp from the village which is so beautiful. The best decision, for “WHERE TO GOING” will be taken by your experienced guide.


2-3 hrs       +1100 m       5-7 hrs       Local House/Guesthouse       Full Board


2nd Day

Trek in Alborz mountains, Pashoreh peak 3870 m

This morning, after eating a delicious breakfast, we will move to the historical and beautiful village of Nava at an altitude of ~2300 meters for the trek in the Alborz mountains and Pashureh peak.

As mentioned, the advantage of this tour is the good exercise and well acclimatization in the Alborz mountains, which guarantees your successful hiking to Damavand by trekking in the Golzard and Pashureh summits.

We ascend along seasonal rivers to reach a vast and beautiful plain called the Azoo Plain with unique vegetation.

On this route, we’ll see a beautiful and different view of the eastern routes of Damavand while climbing.

After 5 to 6 hours of effort and continuing the ridge leading to the peak, we’ll reach the 3870 m peak of Pashureh, where the majesty of the Dobrar ridge with an approximate length of 70 km appears on the south side, and we find ourselves surrounded by these mountains and Damavand peak.

In spring, Doberar ridge with peaks above 4000 meters is one of the best destinations in Iran for ski touring.

In good weather and having enough time, we will rest on the summit for an hour (for better acclimatization). After enough rest and enjoying photography with beautiful views, we will descend on a different route from the south.

After two hours, we’ll reach a summer village called Lasem at an altitude of about 2800 meters, where the car is already waiting for us and we move towards Polour/Rineh village (about 30 minutes).

After a shower and eating a tasty dinner, we will go to bed sooner to be ready for the hike Damavand tomorrow.

O /N at the local house or guesthouse in Polour/Rineh village full board (Breakfast. Lunch box. Dinner).

NOTE: Considering the circumstances of the area, group fitness, time, weather, etc, you may decent in the same route you climb (the northern slope) by the decision of your experienced guide.

1 hrs       +1400 m       5-7 hrs       Local House/Guesthouse       Full Board


3rd Day

Start Hiking Mount Damavand

Today, after climbing two peaks ~4000 m and passing a good acclimatization process, we are ready to hike up Damavand hut (Bargah-e-Sevom).
This shelter is located at an altitude of 4200 meters on the southern route of Damavand and we want to reach this camp today.
Using jeeps, we drive an hour of driving on a dirt road to Gosfandsara (Camp 1 Damavand) at an altitude of 3,000 meters. Goosfandsara (or the mosque camp) is the beginning of the Damavand hiking trail.

While we coordinate with the porters or mules to transfer our luggage to a higher camp, we can visit the nomads of the area and take beautiful photos. After handing over our stuff to the porters, we will hike to the Damavand shelter.

Today we ascend 1200 meters, which will take about 4 to 6 hours. We try to have a short rest every hour and drink as much as possible water and drinks better acclimatization with altitude.

After arriving at the camp, we are greeted with hot vegetable soup, tea, and coffee.
After a little rest, we try to have a light activity throughout the day. Take a light dinner and go to our sleeping bag. Considering the great acclimatization passed at the Alborz mountains before Damavand, we are expected to sleep peacefully.

O /N at the Tent Camp/ hut (full board, Breakfast. Lunch box. Dinner).

1 hrs       +1200 m       4-6 hrs       Tent Camp/hut       Full Board


4th Day

Damavand Acclimatization or Bad Weather Reserve Day

Today we can wake up later and have a good rest. After breakfast, we get ready to climb higher for better acclimatization.
We try to hike up around 300 to 500 meters at a slow pace and spend an hour at the altitude in suitable weather conditions.

From here we can see the central Alborz Mountains, Pashoreh & Gol-e-Zard summits that we climbed as well as the longness of the Doberar Mountains.

We drink enough water and drinks and enjoy taking photos of the beautiful scenery from a different perspective.
Then return to the camp for lunch and enjoy organic food made from fresh ingredients and vegetables.

Our team strives for you to consume enough fluids and fresh food suitable for altitude, to provide you safe and healthy hiking tour.
We will end the fourth day of the trip with a beautiful sunset from Lar Lake at an altitude of 4200 meters.

O /N at the Tent Camp/ hut (full board, Breakfast. Lunch box. Dinner).

In special circumstances, if the weather conditions on the summit day (according to the itinerary) will not be good, it will be possible to change the summit day to this day (move the itinerary forward one day).

N A       +300-500 m       2-4 hrs       Tent Camp/hut       Full Board


5th Day

Hiking Mount Damavand Peak

After good acclimatization and recovery, we woke up early this morning with more energy for hiking Mount Damavand.
By serving breakfast and picking up the necessary food for the lunch box (depending on your taste) we will hike up to the summit.

We will be about 6 hours to reach the summit while enjoying the unique scenery.
Depending on the group’s readiness, we will climb slowly with short breaks. Along the way, we enjoy the attractions of the Damavand south route such as the Icefall which is located at an altitude of about 5000, the sulfur hill which is at an altitude of 5400 meters, and so on.

Many climbers compare Damavand Sulfur Hill or the sulfur region of this mountain with Mars because of its yellow and orange sulfur rocks, interesting chimneys that volcanic gases come out of, and strange ice cubes around the summit.

Cheerful, energetic, and happy, we reach the summit, hug and congratulate each other, and enjoy a successful ascent to the highest mountain in the Middle East, and the tallest volcano in Asia (read about how tall is Damavand?).

In case of suitable and good weather conditions, according to your mountaineering guide’s decision, we can walk around the Damavand volcanic crater and realize more about the greatness of this mountain.

From afar, we can see the Caspian Sea in the north and the central desert of Iran in the south.
After taking memorial photos, we will descend on the same route and return to the camp.

O /N at the Tent Camp/ hut (full board, Breakfast. Lunch box. Dinner).


  1. According to the itinerary, we will stay tonight in the Bargah-e-Sevom hut & camp, but if possible, considering the time, the readiness of the group, good weather, the possibility of transferring luggage down, and the discretion of the guide, we can descent to Pleur/Rineh in the evening, to have a comfortable night in the village.
  2.  Damavand Climbing Certificate will be available on request.

N A       +1400 m       6-8 hrs       Tent Camp/hut       Full Board


6th Day

End of Successful Hiking Damavand

Happy to climb the Damavand Volcanic summit, we will descend to Goosfandsara camp, after collecting luggage and supplies to send them down by mules or porters.

There are 4WD cars waiting to transfer us down to the village. By arriving at our guesthouse/local house, we will take a shower and lunch.

Before saying goodbye, you will get a Damavand Ascent Certificate, and later we will drive back to Tehran to your hotel/residence (airport transfer will be available for an extra charge).

If you like, it is possible to go to Hot Spring (mineral) within 10-15 km for an extra charge (10 to 15 EUR).

O /N at — (half board B.L).

3 hrs       -1200 m       3 hrs       N A       Half Board


Video of Hiking Mount Damavand from the South Route

In this beautiful video, you can see the Damavand southern routes. The Alborz Mountains, the Dobrar Ridge, and the Lar National Park can also be seen in the background in the distance.

A professional team of Damavand guides, chefs, drivers, etc. will accompany you from Tehran to Damavand Peak with care and observance of mountaineering principles to provide you with a pleasant, safe, and successful tour in Damavand.

On the first day of this video, we hike up from a height of 3,000 meters to Damavand Shelter (4250 m) on the southern route. Every hour of hiking, we rest for 10 minutes, drink water and juice while enjoying the scenery.

On the second day, we reach the camp of the Bargah-e-Sevom at an altitude of 4250 meters. Damavand mountain guides measure the blood oxygen level of the team members every day regularly and take care of their health.

On the summit day of hiking Damavand in this video, due to the pass of good acclimatization process in the Alborz mountains (Golzard and Pashureh), the group continue to climb easily with the sunrise from the east.

Few meters from the peak, all the happy, healthy, and strong members get each other’s hands and all together reach the 5610-meter peak of Damavand.
Indeed, mountaineering is a group sport and it is not possible to reach the goal except with the cooperation, will, and effort of each person on the team.

In the continuation of the video, you will see an incredible view from the top of Damavand peak and its volcanic crater.
As the drone moves further, we realize the greatness of this mysterious mountain.

After a little rest and hugging each other, congratulations on a successful, happy, and energetic climb, we descent down to the camp, and the chef welcome the group for the climb.

Accommodation in Hiking Damavand & Alborz Mountain

in the following, you can find out information about the accommodations that you will stay in during hiking the Alborz mountains and Mount Damavand from the southern route in 6 days of amazing tour

Damavand Base Camp Southern Route I.R Mountaineering Federation Guesthouse

Damavand Base Camp - Southern Route

The most famous and busiest Damavand base camp is in the residence of the Mountaineering Federation of Iran in Polour village. In Hiking Mount Damavand and Alborz mountains tour, we will spend two nights in this guesthouse.
Here is a very large building and accommodation, which has a climbing hall (Dry Tolling), 8 sharing rooms (6, 8 and 16 people). The hot shower and bath, free Wi-Fi, and beautiful environment have made this residence one of the best options available for Damavand tours. You can see these hut facilities below:

Mount Damavand Camp 2 & Alborz Mountains view

Bargah-e-Sevom Camp Damavand

Damavand summer camp (Bargah-e-Sevom) is located at an altitude of 4250 meters. This camp, which is actually the second camp of Damavand Mountain in the southern direction, will be set up next to the Barhah-e-Sevom hut on Damavand’s southern route. There are many stone benches for setting up tents and camps in this area.
Every year, Iran Exploration sets up its private camp in a solitary place. There is a toilet near the hut and it is possible to buy food, tea, or snacks at the shelter.
We set up our tents next to a round room (igloo) and use this special room for dining, rest, and cooking. You can see these hut facilities below:

Tour Difficulty:

(3 / 5)

This trip grading involves a combination of our MODERATE and CHALLENGING levels. The emphasis is on moderate activity with several challenging stages. These adventures involve Ski-touring, trekking, cycling, or rafting in remote areas in variable weather conditions for up to 7 to 8 hours a day (possibly more subject to weather conditions and altitude).

Damavand South route Ski-tour is not technical, but it needs skill skiing at high altitude and knowledge of snows kind and condition.

Hiking Damavand & Alborz Mountain Tour Services

By Booking Alborz mountain hiking & Damavand tour, you have the following

Including services
Excluding services
Travel options +

Our Services Includes

Visa processes (Iran Visa Reference number or Invitation letter)
Pick up from Tehran
Prepaid SIM Card (pre-order is necessary)
2 x nights in a Guesthouse/Local house at Polour/Rineh
3 x nights in Mountain Camp | two-person tent
All Meals including 6 Breakfast – 6 Lunch Box – 5 Dinner
Duffel bag to carrying stuff
Digital Climbing Certificate
All transfer, Sedan/ Van/ Bus & 4WD rides
Organization of the whole trek
Hot shower and facilities at hostel/guesthouse
Luggage transport between camps (By mules, porters, or Jeep)
Local expert Mountain Guide and cook during the program
Fresh meals & Fruits
Free Two-person Tent
Transfer back to Tehran

Our Services do not Include


International flight, Entrances & Tickets
 Visa fee
 Climbing permits for Damavand summit 50$
Luggage overweight to Damavand camp
Extra plans (bad weather or any changes)
Tips and extra nights at hotels/accommodation
Any services that are not specified above

Optional Services +


Single Room 25 to 40 € / per night
Private Tent on mountain 10 € / per night
Urgent Visa (24 to 48 hrs) 35 €
Private Mountain Guide 80 to 120 € / per day
City Guide 60 to 100 € / per day
Airport Transfer 45 €
Private Transfer (price on request)

Damavand Hiking Tour Price & Booking

You can see Hiking Mount Damavand Alborz Mountains Tour Price and Available Dates below Timetable:

Fri 24-29 May 2024

790 € 690 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 31 May-5 June 2024

SU 45/T 2
 790 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 7-12 June 2024

790 € 690 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 14-19 June 2024

SU 45/T 4
 790 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 21-26 June 2024

SU 45/T 5
 790 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 28 June-3 July 2024

790 € 630 €
Available & Guaranteed
Up To 20% Discount

Fri 5-10 July 2024

790 € 690 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 12-17 July 2024

SU 45/T 8
 790 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 19-24 July 2024

790 € 690 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 26-31 July 2024

790 € 690 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 2-7 August 2024

790 € 690 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 9-14 August 2024

790 € 690 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 16-21 August 2024

790 € 630 €
Available & Guaranteed
Up 20% Discount

Fri 23-28 August 2024

790 € 690 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 30 August-4 September 2024

SU 45/T 15
 790 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 6-11 September 2024

790 € 690 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 13-18 September 2024

790 € 690 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 20-25 September 2024

SU 45/T 18
 790 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 27 Sep-2 Oct 2024

SU 45/T 19
 790 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 4-9 October 2024

790 € 740 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 11-16 Oct 2024

SU 45/T 21
 790 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 18-23 Oct 2024

SU 45/T 22
 790 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 25-30 Oct 2024

SU 45/T 23
 790 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 1-6 November 2024

SU 45/T 24
 790 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 8-13 November 2024

SU 45/T 25
 790 €
Available & Guaranteed

Fri 15-20 November 2024

SU 45/T 26
 790 €
Available & Guaranteed

Your desired date is not included???

You can ask us for an Individual Departure in the SAME PRICE

Group of <3 persons, contact for More Discounts!

Certified Mountain/City Guides are Free!

 VIP TOUR SERVICE Available on Request…

Map of Damavand Hiking Routes & Important Information

Damavand mountain has 16 hiking trails with different difficulties. There are four main routes and 12 sub-routes in this map, with different degrees of slope, length, and difficulty, which can provide good information for the hikers and climbers.

Well, in order to have safe and successful hiking in Damavand, it is not bad to get more familiar with the routes and specifications of Damavand hiking trails.

The creators of the map of Damavand have prepared it with great effort and published it in Persian for free for those who are interested. Meanwhile, the technical team of Iran Exploration has translated this map into English with great effort and accuracy and has provided it to Damavand hikers and climbers for free.

To download a high-quality and printable file of the Damavand map, click on the image or download it for free using the front button.


Tehran to Damavand Southern Base Camp at Polour/Rineh Village: 75-95 km (3-5 hrs)

Goosfandsara (end of the gravel road) to Bargah-e-Sevom Camp 4250 m: 3.5 km (6 hrs)

Bargah-e-Sevom camp to Damavand Summit 5610 m: 3.8 km (6-8 hrs)


Below the Gol-e-Zard summit at Alborz mountains: Rocky and narrow paths with the danger of fall

At Pashoreh summit, Eastern neighbor of Damavand: Descent from the southern route that needs to know the paths and route or use of GPS

At the altitude of 5400 m Damavand Southern route to the summit: Danger of lost the main route in ascend or descend at foggy weather


Iranian Cuisine including delicious meals. You can inform us about your diet, so the cooks on the mountain or outdoors will provide your meals as your wishes. Also in the cities, the guide trying to find a restaurant that prepares meals according to your diet (if available and group acceptance).

Mount Damavand Map-Satellite- www.IranExploration.com

Mount Damavand Map – Satellite – Click to see more details


Tehran (1600-1800 m) to Damavand Base Camp at Polour/Rineh (2300 m): +500-700 m

Damavand Base Camp (2300 m) to Goosfandsara camp (3000 m) by 4WD car or Pickup: +700 m

Goosfandsara (3000 m) to Bargah-e-Sevom Camp (4250 m) Trekking: +1250 m

Bargah-e-Sevom Camp (4250 m) to Damavand Summit (5610) Trekking: +1360 m


As you may see in the INCLUDING SERVICES, travel insurance is not included in your package. So we strongly recommend you to buy full coverage insurance for Hiking Damavand and all the outdoor activity (including foreign travel insurance).

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Hike Damavand South Route Tour FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers about Damavand Hiking Tour from Southern Route & Trek Alborz Mountains

Both Damavand Northeast and southern route are normal and non-technical routes for hiking. Totally, the Southern route is more accessible, crowded with better facilities in Damavand south hut, but the northeastern route is less crowded, quiet and, less steeply. You can read more differences between Damavand routes here.

As mentioned in Include Services, and considering the limitation of carrying weight by porters, each person is allowed to take 7-8 km of personal stuff. We will give you a duffle bag that has enough capacity for two-person stuff (15-16 kg) and it will carry up by porters. As our experience and considering don’t need to take any food/water in the luggage, 7-8 kg is enough allowed weight including clothes, sleeping bag, personal stuff.

Of course, in all the Damavand base camps, the guest houses, or local houses that we choose for the team to stay, there are safe places for storing extra stuff like city clothes, shoes, etc.
However, it is recommended that to keep your passport, wallet, and valuables things with yourself during the trip.

Of course, as many clients request a certificate to prove their successful ascent to Damavand, we will give you a climbing certificate from Iran Exploration Tour Operator for free, by confirming your successful ascent by your mountain guide. Also, the I.R Mountaineering Federation Certificate will be accessible for 30 $ (per order is necessary).

Didn’t find your answer?

We are online 24/7 days a week to answer your probable questions…


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Ali Qapu Palace in Night, Isfahan

During years of experience as tour operators in Iran, we found out that most of the travelers like to have an extra Isfahan tour after the Damavand trekking as the cultural part of their trip in Iran. The combination of Damavand trekking with a cultural trip to Kashan & Isfahan could be the best and most interesting adventure & cultural trip to Iran.

In this way, we designed a 3 days Isfahan & Kashan trip, with every Wednesday guaranteed departures year round… So that you can continue your exploration in Iran on Wednesday noon after finish climbing Damavand.



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