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Top Trekking Iran Tours, Guide and Routes

Trekking Iran Tours - Hiking on Alamkouh tour

If you’re thinking of planning a hiking or trekking tours in Iran, in this post, we introduce the best trekking & hiking tours, access routes, local guides, maps of the mountains, and the equipment you need for each tour.

Approximately 60 percent of Iran the area is mountainous and. This has made Iran one of the best destinations for trekking, hiking, ski touring, mountain biking and other adventure tours.


Best Iran Adventure Tours, Less Than a Week

Travel to Iran for Adventure tour! Is it possible? Kidding me! How can I travel to Iran for hiking or trekking?

At first glance, it is difficult for any tourist to think of an adventure trip to Iran, as most of them consider Iran a low-lying country.

However, approximately 60 percent of the 1,648,195 square km area of Iran is mountainous and. This has made Iran one of the best destinations for trekking, hiking, ski touring, mountain biking and other adventure tours.

So if you’re thinking of planning a fun and affordable hiking or trekking tour, keep reading this post. We introduce the best hiking tours, access routes, local guides, maps of the mountains, and the equipment you need for each tour.


How to find Top Trekking Iran Tours?

Usually, people’s tastes are different. Some people like to travel alone but others with friends or family. Other people like Mount Damavand Climb, the highest peak when traveling to Iran, but others prefer less difficult hiking tours.

Some tourists have more time to enjoy the Best Iran Tours, for example, two or three weeks! But the others may have 5-7 days only, to travel and enjoy Iran touren.

None of this is of concern. Fortunately, Iran, with its vast mountain range from north to south, from west to east, can meet the needs and tastes. As a best Iran tour operator, just answer the following questions to organize your small group tours Iran:

– How many days will you stay in Iran for travel and mountaineering?

– What season and date do you travel to Iran?

– What is your experience in mountaineering and what mountains have you climbed before?

That’s enough! No need to worry about your itinerary. Iran Exploration Tour Operator, with 13 years’ experience in planning and executing the best Iran tours will help you. We design the best tour for you based on your wishes, travel time to Iran and your mountaineering experience.

Worried about mountaineering equipment? shoe? Sleeping bag and tent? Right clothes?

Don’t worry, the Iran Exploration tour operator offers you a Rental Service with the best and most suitable equipment to provide you enjoyment trip to Iran. However, most of the small group tours to Iran include a warm and comfortable sleeping bag, tent and mattress. We give you this stuff for free to help you travel lighter.


How to organize Iran Trekking Tours?

Trekking Iran Tours- German Group on Mount Sabalan Summit

Well, now that seems Iran could be the perfect destination for adventure travel and mountaineering for me, the next question is: How can I become familiar with the Iran top tours? What routes can I climb? How many days does it take for me to have a successful climb?

If you have a little patience and about 10 minutes, we will present you with the best trekking Iran tours.

In this post, we will explain just a few of the best 5 to 7-days tours. So if you’re planning a longer period, such as 10, 15 or 20 days of travel, you can find necessary information by reading the post “Best Iran Adventurous  Tour (over a week)” and plan your trip in the best way.

Important: Although, the descriptions that coming in the bellow is an Iran travel guide book, but, may not answer all of your questions.

For this reason, you can ask us your questions about traveling to Iran at the end of this post, and the Iran Exploration tour operator will answer your questions in the comment as an IRAN TREKKING FORUM.

In this series (#1 to #3) of posts, here the best Iran tours (less than 7 days) listed below. We try to provide you all the necessary information about Iran Trekking and hiking tours, like the description of the area, itinerary details, tour price, tour guide, and the best season for climbing or organizing the private tour.


1.    Damavand climbing tour, North East Route

2.    Trekking Mt. Alamkouh from the north

3.    Trekking on Lar National Park and climbing Damavand western route

4.    Alamout Valey Trekking tour

5.    Mount Damavand & Tochal Winter Climbing

6.    Trekking Alamout to Alamkouh

7.    Climb Mount Damavand in Normal Route

8.    Trekking Tour in Zagros, Alvand Mountains

9.    Trek Alamout Valey to the Caspian Sea

10.   Sabalan Trekking from Northeast Route



1.  Damavand Tour, North East Route


Top of Mount Damavand - Trekking Damavand Tour Northeast


  • Mount Damavand Guide

Mount Damavand with the altitude of 5610 meters (18405 ft) above sea level, is a semi-active volcanic cone. Located approximately 70 kilometers northeast of Tehran, and accessible via the Haraz Road (Tehran to the Caspian Sea).

With an area of over 3,000 hectares, was registered in 2002 as Iran’s natural heritage, and today Damavand National Park is one of the environment protected areas in Iran.

It is possible to reach Damavand through 16 routes, but these are 4 main routes that most interest for climbers.

    • Southern Route: The most popular and busiest route to reach Damavand Peak
    • Western Route: Due to the long distance from the surrounding villages and towns, little attention has been paid to it.
    • Northeast Route: This is one of the oldest and most popular routes to reach Damavand.
    • Northern Route: That is more steeply and covered by mountain glaciers. This track has two metal refuge at altitudes of 4000 meters and 5000 meters.

Read the “Damavand Climbing Guide” post for more information on Mount Damavand routes and the local guide, and the “Tips for Climbing Mount Damavand” post to learn about the important notes of Damavand tour.


  • Damavand Tour Itinerary

    • Day 1: Pick-up from the airport or your residence in Tehran, drive to Nandel village northeast of Damavand (3 hours). Overnight at a local house or guesthouse.
    • Day 2: Transfer by 4-wheel drive to the beginning of the Hiking Trail, starting at a height of 2900 m to the campsite at 4000 m. Our campsite is a little lower than the old Takht-e-Feriedon’s refuge. We chose this place to avoid the hustle and bustle of the shelter.
    • Day 3: Ascend and climb to approximately 4,600m, return to camp.
    • Day 4: Climb to Damavand Peak in 5-7 hours. Return to the 4000m camp for 3-4 hours.
    • Day 5: Return to Nandel Village, Summit celebration and overnight in the village.
    • Day 6: Transfer to Tehran or the airport, depending on your travel schedule.


  • Damavand Tour Price

Due to the magnitude of the mountain and the incidents that occur every year in Damavand for climbers, we do not recommend climbing without a guide. So you will have to pay the following price if you like to organize the Damavand tour by yourself:

    • Transfer to Tehran and 4-wheel drive to the beginning of the route: 200 to 250 €
    • Accommodation fee at local house/camp 100 € per person
    • Food and carry luggage by Mule to Camp 4,000 m and return 150 € per person
    • Mountain guide fee 100 € per day for 3 persons (500 to 600 Euros)
    • Damavand Climbing Permit 50 € (or50 $) per person


  • Damavand Best Season

The best season for Damavand climbing is in August.

Climbing Mount Damavand is possible during the whole year, but the normal trekking season starts from May to the end of November. Damavand ski tour season starts from March to the middle of May and winter climbing that needs more fitness and expedition equipment is possible from the end of November to the end of March.

To find this tour timetable and incredible discounts on the prices, see the “Damavand Northeast Tour”



2.   Trekking Mt. Alamkouh from the North Route


  • Alamkouh GuideTrekking Iran Tours, Alamkouh Climbing Route

Alam Kuh or Alamkouh or Alamkooh (Alam means high and Kouh means Mountain) is the name of the second highest peak of Iran and the highest one in Takht-e-Soleiman area with a height of 4850 meters. Takht-e-Soliman granite massif, with more than 40 peaks above 4,000 meters, lies in the west of the Alborz Mountains and is one of the most beautiful mountainous regions of Iran.

Alamkuh can be reached from the two northern routes, the Sarchal Refuge and the Southern Route via the Hesarchal Plain. To reach Alamkuh, head to the Chalus Road (one of the roads between Tehran and the Caspian Sea) and by crossing the Alborz Mountain Range, continue towards Kelardasht city and the Vandarbon village.

The northern and southern routes cross from the village of Vandarben, each passing through the deep, steep valleys to the heights of Alamkuh.

To read more about Alamkouh, see ” Alamkouh Access Routes


  • Alamkouh Trekking Tour Itinerary

    • 1st Day: Pick-up from the airport or your residence in Tehran, heading to Kelardasht city, Roodbarak city then Vandarbon village at a height of 2400 meters (5 hours). Accommodation in a local home or guesthouse.
    • 2nd Day: Start climbing to Sarchal hut at 3850 meters, night in the hut.
    • 3rd Day: Trekking to the Siah Kaman summit (Black Bow) 4480 m, return to the hut in 6 hours.
    • 4th Day: Trekk and climb to the summit of Dandan Ezhdeha (Dragon Tooth) 4400 m, return to the hut in 7 hours.
    • 5th Day: Climb to Takht-e-Solimani peak 4643 m, return to the hut in 9 hours.
    • 6th Day: Return to Vandarbon Village and celebrate Climbing the summits.
    • 7th Day: Transfer to Tehran or the airport, depending on your plan.


    • Transfer to Tehran and 4-wheel drive to Vandarbon village: 300 euros
    • Accommodation fee at Vandarbon local house/guesthouse € 100 per person for two nights
    • Meals, water and carry the stuff to Sarchal Shelter and return 150 euros
    • Mountain guide fee of 100 Euros per day for 3 persons (600 to 700 Euros)
    • Permit mountain climbing 30 Euro per person ($ 30)


  • Alamkouh Climbing Season

The best season for the Alamkouh tour is in August.

Although, Alamkouh trekking season starts from the middle of May to the middle of November, its accessible in the wintertime for ski tours or winter climbing.

For the list of incredible discounts on this tour, see the ” Trekking Mt. Alamkouh” tour.



3.   Trekking on Lar National Park and Damavand climb West route


Trekking Iran, Lar National Park Camp, View of Lar Lake


  • Lar National Park Guide

Undoubtedly, Lar National Park is one of the extra virgin and beautiful mountainous areas of Iran that every tourist wishes to hike on it.

This park is located in the southern and eastern part of Mount Damavand, in a valley of the same name, at an altitude of about 2400 meters above sea level.

Many big rivers originating in the heart of the Central Alborz Mountains flow into the park and eventually flow into Lake Lar Dam.

The reflection of Mount Damavand’s landscape in the lake water and the combination of wild colorful flowers create spectacular scenery in Lar National Park.

On this tour, we tried to climb Damavand Slopes by starting light hiking in Lar National Park to provide participants with good acclimatization for a successful climb to Damavand Peak.

Note that Lar National Park is a protected area, and you must obtain the necessary permits to enter it. Therefore, tourists can’t perform this tour personally.

Iran Exploration tour operator is ready to make your trip to Larry National Park unbelievable with high-quality services at any time of the year, by obtaining the necessary permissions and use of experienced mountain guides.

And the western route to the summit of Damavand. This route, like other Damavand routes, starts at an approximate altitude of 3,000 meters (called Damavand West Parking lot, that accessible by dirt road).

At a height of 4200 meters, we reach the Simorgh Refuge. It is a two-floor stone and iron building with an approximate surface of 50 square meters.

The shelter lacks the amenities and the floor has a capacity of 40 climbers. The route to the summit continued along the western ridge and after 6 hours of climbing, you will reach Damavand Peak and its volcanic crater.


  • Lar National Park & Damavand Tour Itinerary

    • First Day: Pick-up from the airport or your residence in Tehran, transfer to Shemshakcity then and Garmaroud Village. Start hiking on the Khatun Bargeh trail (2 hours) and then descend to Lar National Park. After 6 to 8 hours, we will reach Imamzadeh Camp.
    • Second Day: Start hiking in the plain of Lar at 2,400 meters and continue to the Sefidab River (White River) Camp in 5 hours.
    • Third-Day: Hiking towards Divasiyab Springs and continuing to the next camp in the Vararoo Plain at 2900 m elevation on the western front of Damavand.
    • Fourth Day: Climbing to Simorgh Refuge 4200 meters (7 hours).
    • Five Day: Approach to around 4600-4700 meters for acclimatization and return to the Refuge.
    • Sixth Day: Ascend to Damavand Peak and return to Simorgh Refuge.
    • Seventh Day: Return to the dirt road, transfer by 4-wheel drive to Polour Village Guesthouse, take a shower and move to Tehran or the airport, depending on your next plan.


  • Lar National Park Tour Price

Since the implementation of this tour is not possible without the necessary authorization. It is advisable to visit one of the authorized tour operators in Iran for planning and executing a hiking tour in the Lar National Park.

Considering the Permit to climb Damavand 50 euros per person ($ 50), the cost of this tour is XXXX Euros.


  • Lar National Park Best Season

The Lar National Park’s best season is May 15th to June 15th in the spring and October 1st to November 15th. Of course, it is possible to organize Lar National Park & Damavand climbing tour from May to the end of October.




Iran, as a vast land with diverse climates, has a great potential to run every kind of adventure tours throughout the year.

We are ready to arrange any tours, like camping and family tours, hiking, trekking, mountain biking and every outdoor activity for you in Iran, according to your wishes by using Iran’s best mountain guides. So don’t hesitate to contact us for designing your next adventure trip to Iran.

You can read about the following trekking tours in #2 & #3 posts of “Top Iran Trekking Tours, Guide, and Routes”


4. Alamout Valey Trekking tour

5. Mount Damavand & Tochal Winter Climbing

6. Trekking Alamout to Alamkouh

7. Climb Mount Damavand in Normal Route

8. Trekking Tour in Zagros, Alvand Mountains

9. Trek Alamout Valey to the Caspian Sea

10. Mt. Sabalan Trekking from Northeast Route



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