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April 3, 2020
Mount Damavand Mythology
Mount Damavand Mythology
June 15, 2023

Mount Damavand Climbing Guide

Mount Damavand-Highest Volcano in Asia- Climbing Guide

Mount Damavand The highest Mountain in Iran & Asia's Highest Volcano

You can find everything you need to know about Mount Damavand Iran in the 2021 update of this article. We have tried to provide you, all the necessary information and the GREATEST Guide to Climbing Damavand Peak.

Besides, new FACTs about Mount Damavand, Volcanic Activity, Map, and Access Routes, Geology, Weather Forecast, GPS tracks of the summit, Damavand Hot Deal Tours, etc. will be available to you for free.

It doesn’t matter whether you buy a tour or service from Iran Exploration Tour Operator or not! By reading this article, you can have the necessary information & tips needed for safe and healthy climbing on Damavand Peak.

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Damavand Iran

Mount Damavand or (Kooh-e-Damavand in Persian) is an extinct volcanic peak of the Alborz Mountain ranges in the northern part of Iran that placed about 70 km northeast of Tehran and 70 km south of the Caspian Sea.

Damavand volcano is a majestic stratovolcano that was built up of alternate layers of lava and ash more than 1.8 million years ago. Damavand summit height estimates from 18,400 feet (5,610 m) to 18,600 feet (5,670 m) and it is the highest peak in Iran and the Middle-East.

This mountain annually hosts thousands of hiking enthusiasts from Iran and other countries who want to reach the highest volcano in Asia. That’s how Mount Damavand is one of the most attractive summits for hiking, mountain trekking, ski touring, and also Air-Sports like paragliders, etc.

Damavand, due to its geographical location and its high elevation has created unique natural and environmental ecosystems around it like Lar National Park.

Damavand Peak is surrounded by many 3000 and 4000 meters summits in the central Alborz Mountain Range. These summits (like the Doberar Sub-Mountain Range) are very accessible and suitable for acclimatization before climbing it. Moreover, these are some of the best slopes in Iran for Ski touring (ski mountaineering), Backcountry skiing (Off-Piste skiing), and Free Ride Skiing.

DON’T FORGET! To read a full story of Damavand Iran here…

Mount Damavand Facts & Figures

Complete Name Mount Damavand, Damavand Peak, Damavand Summit
Location in Iran Amol, Mazandaran, Iran
Elevation (Official record) 5,609.2 m (18,403 ft)
Prominence 4,667 m (15,312 ft) 12th highest mountain in the world
Total Area Of 2,950 Hectares
Parent peak Mount Elbrus
Parent range Alborz – Mazandaran
Coordinates 35°57′20″N  52°06′36″ E
Mountain type Stratovolcano
Last eruption ~ 7300 Years ago (5350 BCE ± 200)
First ascent 905 by Abu Dolaf Kazraji
Easiest route Hiking from the Southern flank in summer

Meaning of Damavand

There are different meanings for Damavand, which are taken from local legends or stories. But its main meaning, which is mentioned in history and encyclopedias is:
Damavand got from two separate words, “Dam” which means Smoke or Cloud, and “Avand” which means Magical place.

So the meaning of Damavand is a MAGICAL PLACE that always COVERED BY CLOUD or Smoke (maybe sulfuric gas).

  • Mount Damavand Hood & Sulfur Gas
    Often you can see a hood of cloud on Damavand summit

Five Reasons to climb Damavand

  • Damavand mount is the highest volcano in Asia and part of the Seven Summit Project
  • Damavand peak is the highest point of Iran and you can see the Caspian Sea & Iran Central Desert from the summit
  • Damavand is a symbol of sustainability, a national symbol in the culture of Iran, and has been registered as a national monument
  • Mount Damavand is one of the most important and unique ecosystems in Iran and the world, wherein the south is border by a dry desert and reaches the rain forests in the north
  • Damavand summit is a really easy reachable high mountain, and you can top its summit in few days

Over 3200 Persons

Successful Hiking Damavand Since 2007

Damavand Height

Damavand Height (2004 Official Record) 5609.2 m
Damavand Elevation (NASA Map) 5610 m
Mount Damavand Altitude (Old Books & Mountaineers) 5671 m
Mount Damavand Height in Feet 18402.8 ft


During the last years, there was a difference between experts and mountaineers, about the exact height of Damavand Peak. Damavand height estimation is from ~18,400 feet (5,610 m) to ~ 18,600 feet (5,671 m).

NASA’s SRTM and ASTER data are both consistent with the official 5610 meters (We did not find a source for this yet!), but you can see that in most of the websites Mount Damavand’s elevation is recorded as 5671 meters.

On the other hand, it seems that the 5671 m was measured by a mountaineer’s manual altimeter and has no strong sources.

Mount Damavand Altitude Sign; 5610 m
The official Damavand height 5610 m

Official Recorded Altitude

However, we have no choice but to refer to the official sources.

In 2004 September, researchers of the Mapping Organization of Iran, during a multi-month study, completed the Damavand elevation points and measured the height of Damavand Peak.

The studies of this project were carried out in profiles with five stations from 2000 meters to 5600 meters.

They conducted at least 12 hours of continuous GPS measurement at all stations in Damavand, which can be achieved using the permanent GPS station of the same area with a precision of one centimeter.

They recognized that the previous measurements mentioned in old books and geographic resources of 5671 meters are not true, but 5609 meters and 20 centimeters is the exact elevation of Damavand summit.

Finally, with a difference of 61 meters and 80 cm, the height of the Damavand peaks was determined 5609.20 m.

Although modern and up-to-date GPS shows us a higher altitude. But we still have to wait for more accurate comments from the official authorities to measure the height of the summit. So today, we must consider the official height of Damavand Peak at 5610 meters.

Mount Damavand Height Ranking

It is interesting to know Damavand height ranking in the world:

  • The second most prominent in Asia after Mount Everest
  • The 12th most prominent peak in the world
  • It is the highest volcanic mountain in Asia
  • Part of the Volcanic Seven Summits mountaineering challenge

The Highest Mountain in Iran

Damavand Summit with an altitude of 5610 m, by too much difference with the second highest mountain of Iran Alamkouh (4850 m), is the highest point and mountain in Iran.
As a symbol of greatness and stability, it has credibility and an important place in the life of Iranians.
If you travel to Iran, you will be surprised to see photos of Damavand on most banknotes.
Also, you can see the name or photos of Damavand in the logos of many companies such as Iran Insurance, street names, and even a city in Tehran province.
Mount Damavand has a special place in the mythology of Iran as well.
Its reputation more than anything else is that Fereydoun, from the mythological characters of Iran, dragged Zahak into a cave there, and Zahak was imprisoned there until the end of the world.

Some local people near this mountain believe that some voices heard from the mountains are Zahak moaning.
At the time of the invasion of the Assyrians on the Iranian plateau, this mountain was part of the Median and is also mentioned in the Assyrian texts.

At the time of Asrahodon, the Assyrians were also stationed at the foot of Mount Damavand. But they did not continue to advance because they thought that the Lut desert in the south, is the end of the world.



  • Mount Damavand Banknote
    Mount Damavand picture in Iran Banknotes

Nomad Life on Damavand

Damavand from west

Damavand Grasslands for Nomad

Damavand Mountain with a total area of 2,950 hectares, is one the biggest and unique grassland for shepherds and nomad life.
There are more than 500 nomadic families around Damavand. They are breeding their sheep’s in the summer and migrate to the south hot areas in the cold Damavand winter.
These kind and hospitable people in addition to breeding sheep, are beekeepers and produce high-quality honey.
Some of them are working by their mules in mountaineering routes to carrying mountaineer’s backpacks and luggage.

Carrying Backpacks to Damavand camps

As mentioned above, some of the nomads and local people are working as porters or mule/hours riders in Damavand mountaineering routes.
Normally they carrying stuff and backpacks for mountaineers from the end of gravel roads (dirt roads) at around 3000 m altitude to the huts or camping areas at a maximum of 4500 m.
They just work in the summertime and good weather, not winter. Also, the price of transportation is not too cheap (between 25 to 40 Euro).

Mount Damavand Mythology

Mount Damavand Mythology

Mount Damavand Mythology, Story of Dive

Embark on a captivating journey into the mystical realm of Mount Damavand Mythology. Nestled majestically in Iran, Mount Damavand stands as an iconic symbol of both natural beauty and ancient legends.

Steeped in rich folklore and mythical tales, this legendary mountain holds a special place in the hearts and minds of locals and adventurers alike.

According to ancient Persian mythology, Mount Damavand is believed to be the abode of mythical creatures and divine beings. It is often associated with mythical heroes and epic battles against supernatural forces.

One of the most popular legends is that of Zahhak, a tyrannical king whose reign was eventually overthrown by the hero, Fereydun, near the slopes of Mount Damavand.

Beyond the legends, Mount Damavand carries deep spiritual significance. It is revered as a sacred place, representing the connection between heaven and earth. Many believe that climbing this mighty peak brings spiritual enlightenment and purification of the soul.

In our comprehensive article on Mount Damavand Mythology, we delve into the enchanting tales and symbolism surrounding this mythical mountain. Discover the ancient stories, legendary characters, and cultural heritage woven into the fabric of Mount Damavand.

Gain a deeper understanding of the mythology that has shaped the region’s identity and be captivated by the enduring allure of this majestic peak.

To explore the captivating world of Mount Damavand Mythology in detail, make sure to read our in-depth article here.

Damavand Iran Weather Forecast

Damavand Peak Temperature
Minimum Temperature -60
Maximum Temperature 15
Average Temperature -1.6

There are several factors that affect the Damavand Mountain Weather. Among the most important of them;

Damavand Iran Weather Forecast- Temperature Chart

Damavand Peak Temperature can be between -60 to 15 ° C

  • The conical shape of this mountain
  • The difference in height of Damavand peak with other Alborz Mountains (more than 1500 meters)
    and also,
  • The difference of air pressure between the central plains of Iran with low areas of the Caspian Sea coast (-60 meters sea level)

has caused special weather conditions in Damavand summit.

The minimum temperature in the Damavand peak is – 60 degrees centigrade (in the winter) and -1 or -2 degrees centigrade (in the summer).

The wind speed in Damavand peak sometimes is over 150 km/h and in the foothills reaches 70 k/h in bad weather conditions.

The average rainfall/snowfall in the Damavand Highlands is over 1000 mm annually.

Due to high altitude, the air pressure and oxygen percentage at Damavand Peak is half of the normal at sea level.

Damavand Peak Weather

Certainly one of the effective factors in a successful climb to Mount Damavand Summit is weather forecasting.

Mount Damavand Weather Forecast-winter ascent

Mount Damavand Forecast- Winter Ascent- South Route

Meanwhile, the climate of Damavand is very important for climbers and hikers in different seasons of the year.

  • How to predict the weather in Damavand?
  • What will the weather be like on the summit day?
  • Damavand peak temperature?
  • How much snow or rain will fall on Damavand Mountain?
    etc, …

These questions are very important for tourists who intend to travel to Damavand Mountain. So, what should they do?

  • Which forecast website can foresee Damavand weather conditions better?
  • Can I have access to whether of the summit for free or I should pay for that?

Fortunately, there are many paid and free forecast websites that provide good and reliable information about Damavand Mountain Weather Forecasts.
In the following, we will introduce some of the best and most reliable of these websites.

Mount Damavand Snow Forecast for 4909 m

This is one of the oldest, most complete, and professional weather forecasting websites that forecasts for more than 3200 mountains and ski slopes around the world.
On this site, you can see the 6-day Damavand weather forecast without the need for membership and for free.
The lowest and highest temperatures, rain or snow amount, freezing altitude, wind speed/direction, as well as sunrise and sunset time are among the free services of this site.
Also in Snow Forecast, you can see the weather forecast of Damavand Mountain from an altitude of 4170 meters to the summit.
For your convenience, we have included below the simple example of this forecast which is updated 4 times a day.


Mount Damavand Iran Forecast, Meteoblue

What Gear do I need to hike Mount Damavand?

Mount Damavand Equipment List

Necessary Equipment for Hiking Damavand

Hiking Damavand equipment looks like other mountains in the summer. The only difference is the height of Damavand. It means for climbing Damavand peak in a different season, you may need different equipment like stronger trekking shoes or warmer clothes. In the following list, you can check out the basic necessary equipment for hiking and trekking Damavand in the normal season.

Duffel bag (Carrying by 4WD cars or leave in Hotel/Guesthouse), Daypack (to carry a camera, water bottles, extra clothing, Lunch box), Luggage tags and locks

Camping Gear:
Sleeping bag and stuff sack (Fleece/Down sleeping bag liner), Mattress

Goretex jacket with hood (waterproof and breathable), Goretex/wind stopper pants (side zippers are convenient), Insulated parka, down or synthetic filled, fleece or wool sweater, Fleece pants or tights, Mid-weight thermal underwear tops, and bottom (synthetic or wool), Hiking pants, Long-sleeve shirts, T-shirts, synthetic is best, Underwear

Clothing Accessories:
Sun hat, Wool or fleece hat (over ears), Wool or fleece gloves, Thin liner gloves, Gaiters

Mountaineering boots (sturdy and ankle support, water-resistant), types of Socks, Camp shoes (trail shoes or running shoes)

City Clothing:
Bring a few lightweight, easily washable items for travel and daily wear, Comfortable shoes, (Woman should wear long sleeve shirt, Scarf, long Shirt in the cities)

Travel Accessories:
headlamp (lithium batteries are best for cold weather), Pocket knife or pocket tool, Earplugs, Small quantity of favorite energy snacks, hiking staff or trekking poles, Small waterproof pack cover for a daypack, Sunglasses with strap (side-shields or glacier glasses recommended), Sunblock cream and lip balm, Personal hygiene supplies including biodegradable soap, Small quick-dry towel, Personal first aid kit, medicines, Hand sanitizer gel or hand wipes

Optional Field Gear:
Camera, memory cards, spare batteries, a battery charging station for cameras or personal electronics, Solar charger for batteries, Travel Adapter (UK to EU), Antibacterial wet wipes

Damavand Volcano Activity

Mount Damavand that today is considered a semi-extinguishing volcano, has a long geological history.
The earliest eruptions of the Damavand volcano (with more than 400 km3 of Trachyandesite lavas and pyroclastic material) began approximately 1.8 million years ago.
This may not have been an extensive eruptive period, or there may have been a long period of dormancy that allowed the erosion of erupted material to occur.
At approximately 1.1– 0.8 million years ago, a large Trachyandesite volcano, broadly similar to the modern cone, existed.
A relatively large-scale pyroclastic eruption occurred around 178,000 years ago, and the corresponding fallout deposits overlie many of the older lava flows.
Younger flows (younger than 100,000 years ago) are clearly associated with the morphology of the present cone.
The radially disposed of young flows are concentrated on the steep western flanks, perhaps obstructed to the east by the vestiges of the old cone that still presented a topographic barrier.
The most recent eruptive episode dated occurred at 7300 years B.P., forming small, morphologically young (unglaciated and unvegetated) flows on the western flanks of the current cone.

  • Mount Damavand Volcano Creation
    Mount Damavand Volcano Creation

Seven Volcanic Summits, Damavand

What is the connection between Mt. Damavand and Seven Volcanic Summits Project?
Every year, thousands of mountaineers are trying to climb to different summits in the world.
As many mountaineers try to top 14 of the 8,000-meter peaks, many of them are struggling to climb the seven highest volcanic summits of seven continents.
Nowadays, summiting all seven is regarded as a mountaineering challenge that was postulated as such in 1999.
Proudly, Damavand is the highest volcanic summit of Asia and part of the Volcanic Seven Summits mountaineering challenge.

Mount Damavand Seven Volcanic Summit - Photo by Majid Behzad
Mount Damavand Seven Volcanic Summit - @Majid Behzad

Mt. Damavand Highest Volcano in Asia

Mount Damavand is the highest Single and Cone volcano in Asia! WHY? What about the Kunlun volcano?

There are many discussions about the highest volcanic peak in Asia. For many years, Mount Damavand was known as the highest volcano in Asia, as long as the Chinese introduced the Kunlun Volcanic Group in Tibet.

They claimed that these mountains are the highest volcano in Asia!!!

Truly, there are several volcanic centers located in Tibet and western China which lie at elevations of 17700-19000 ft (5400-5800 m).
The Chinees, potentially placing some of them in contention to be the highest volcano in Asia higher than Damavand Iran.

Considering the high altitude of Tibetan lands that are over 5400 m, these volcanos have less than 300 m different altitudes from the neighboring flat and highlands.

It’s why Kunlun Volcanos has been excluded from this list of Seven Summits.
This list seeks to include real volcanic mountains, not minor outpourings of lava that happened to leak to the Earth’s surface in high-elevation regions.
Anyway, they are higher than Damavand, but certainly, they are not a mountain.

Sulfuric Deposits on Damavand Summit

As it was said, Damavand is a semi-silent volcanic mountain. On the other hand, Damavand can be said Potentially Active volcano, because it has a much powerful fumarolic sulfur vent near the summit of about 5400 m and hot Springs around this mountain.

Most of these vents which emitted SO2-rich gases at a temperature of about 50°C are in the southern flank, but because of the wind, they turn around the summit and make difficult conditions for climbers.

This pressure becomes more perceptible when you imagine that you are at an altitude of 5500 meters with a lack of oxygen and you should breathe Sulfuric air to continue climbing Damavand summit.

Always remember to avoid hand or glove contact with your face (especially your eyes) in the sulfur area of Damavand.

Fortunately, this is not a permanent situation, and most of the time, with the prevailing wind blowing from the west, sulfur gases go to the northeast side of Damavand.

Otherwise, and when sulfur dioxide is surrounded by peaks, our experienced guides know how to bypass the gas source and bring you easily to the summit.

From an altitude of 5400 meters to Damavand Peak, you can see rocks and sulfur deposits in white and yellow colors.

Most of the time during the year, even in winter, there is not too much snow because of the heat of the sulfuric band around Damavand summit.

Mount Damavand Sulfuric Vents Video

In this short video that toke by our Damavand trekking tour from the southern route, you will see the sulfur gas evaporation from the giant vents near the summit. Pay attention to the yellow and white color of the rocks and cliffs around Damavand peak!

Mt.Damavand Mineral Hot Springs (SPA) – Thermal Spring

Due to certain geological conditions in the Alborz mountains, especially around the Damavand, there are mineral waters and hot springs (SPA) with various therapeutic properties.
The waters categorize differently, from the Damavand Mineral drinking water to the most notably thermal spring in the Larijan village which has created an attractive collection.
The village is located on the southeast slopes of Damavand Peak.

The thermal spring of the village is about 62 degrees centigrade, saturated with a sulfur content that is useful for the treatment of various skin diseases, bone pain, joints, and rheumatism.

There are plenty of traditional and local hot water baths in the village called Damavand SPAs and attract a lot of people in different seasons.
More than 1000 liters of hot water with an average temperature of 60 to 65 degrees Celsius comes out every minute from the main thermal spring of Larijan village and feeds the huge collection of SPAs & Thermal Bathes of Damavand.

The taste of this water is unpleasant, smells sulfur hydrogen and the color is clear. It also has magnesium bicarbonate salts which are useful for skin diseases, old ulcers, and neurological disorders.

There are many small and big pools full of hot spring water in the village that you can rent privately (hourly) or use public one after climbing Damavand in different seasons of the year.

  • Mount Damavand SPA Hot Spring
    Mount Damavand Hot Spring - Public Traditional Bath

Bathing in these hot water pools, especially after a successful climb to Damavand Peak, is highly recommended, because can help you relax the muscles and restore your energy for the next steps of your Travel to Iran.

Interesting Numbers in Mt.Damavand

Throughout history, the sport has always been associated with records and numbers, and this has led to the emergence of international sports competitions in the world.
Although mountaineering is not a competitive sport, climbers have always sought to prove their worth and superiority over others. In the meantime, Damavand Mountain is no exception and we always see new and sometimes strange results in it. From climbing the summit from 4 main routes in less than 24 hours!!!  to run from the road to Damavand peak in a few hours without enough mountaineering equipment and skills !!!

Oldest & Youngest Climbers in Damavand

Youngest Summiteer (7 Years Old)
Average Age of Damavand Climbers (24-59 Years Old)
Oldest Summiteer (83 Years Old)

The oldest summiteer was an Iranian man with 83 years old and the youngest was a 7 years old girl. We do not endorse these reports, besides, that we believe that ascent to the summit of Mount Damavand in childhood or old ages is not reasonable.

Today Skyrunning is one of the branches of mountain sports and has its fans.
Although, Damavand with 5610 m, is not a goal for Skyrunning champions, since 2002 several skyrunning competitions have been held there with the name of Damavand Marathon.
The best record ever reached is 3 hours and 3 minutes from asphalt road (~ 2600 m) to the summit.
Also, the longest climb to Damavand peak was in 2009 when a 45-year-old woman took more than two weeks to reach the summit.

The Fastest & Slowest Climb on Damavand

  • Fastest Record
  • Slowest Record

Mount Damavand Difficulty & Best Season

Finding Mount Damavand’s difficulty like other mountains is a complex task because climbing routes are often long and have many complications and hardships.
Therefore, the difficulty of Damavand mountain varies depending on its routes. On the other hand, there are several different ways of grading the difficulties of mountain paths.
So Mountaineering (Alpine climbing) routes are usually graded according to all their different aspects because they can be very diverse.

  • International French adjectival system (IFAS):
    PD: peu difficile (slightly difficult)

–Scramble or walking on snow slopes or glacier travel at a steeper incline (up to 45 degrees).
– A significant portion of the climb is done at high altitude.
– You might need to use ropes for safety or climbing.
– Higher level of exposure.
– Higher chance of injury.

  • Alaskan Grading System
    Alaska Grade: Moderate

– A non-technical climb lasting a few days.
– A technical climb lasting one day.

  • Russian (post-USSR countries)
    Grade 1B

– A non-technical climb.
– A climb with an elevation of 2,000 to 5,000 meters (6,500 to 16,500 feet).
– Sections of snow and ice or mixed conditions.

  • British Grading System
    Moderate (M, or “Mod”)
  • HIKING (Italian system)
    EE – skilled hikers

– Trails are often marked but orienteering skills are actually required: routes usually encounter slippery grassy slopes, short sections of scree (small loose rocks on average angle slopes).
– Rock outcrops can usually be negotiated without the use of hands, but sometimes hikers could have to climb short rock bands requiring the use of hands. Scrambling does not usually require specialized climbing equipment or skills, but hikers can meet with short and easy equipped stretches of trail.
– Alpine experience, firm and steady steps are required. Hikers may also be exposed to heights and have to be trained for a whole day’s walk.

Mount Damavand Southern Route Difficulty Level

International French adjectival system (IFAS) PD – slightly difficult

Alaskan Grade 2 moderate

Russian Grade 1B

British Moderate

HIKING (Italian system) EE – skilled hikers

Best Season for Climbing Damavand Iran

Activity Best Season
Hiking & Trekking July to August
Ski touring April to May
Winter Climbing January to February
Mountain Biking Jun & July | September & October
The best season for climbing Mount Damavand is from the beginning of July to the end of August. At this time of the year, the temperature is warmer, the length of daylight is longer, the snow is melted on the routes, and the porters can carry your stuff up to an altitude of 4250 m in Damavand.


Determining the best season for climbing Mount Damavand is directly related to the type and purpose of your trip. So, if your goal is mountain trekking and climbing the summit, the best season for you will be in the summer (July & August).
If you want to enjoy the nature and flowers of the anemones, you must go to the slopes of Damavand in the spring (April & May).
Certainly, for professional and technical mountaineering, you should come to Damavand in the winter (January & February).
Also, the best season for Ski Touring, Freeriding, Back Country skiing (Off-Piste) in the Damavand area and the mountains around, in March, April, and May.
In the beautiful autumn season, you can come hiking Damavand for bird-watching and wildlife photography in the silence and peace.

Mount Damavand Climbing Season

Don’t miss Lar National Park hiking in the middle of July and October…

So depending on your trip and point of view, you can come to Damavand in all seasons and enjoying its beauty.

Damavand Winter Climbing

Due to geographical location, loneliness, and relatively high altitude, Damavand Winter Climb is a fairly difficult ascent.

Regardless of the few meters difference in real height of Damavand, this is an alone and huge mountain with special weather conditions and more than 5600 meters altitude.
in addition to, a remarkable rainfall during the winter and high-speed wind, affecting the success chance of climbers who want to push Damavand peak in winter.

So Damavand trekking in the summer and winter is completely different and incomparable.

In the summer, mountain trekkers go up to Goosfandsara camp at 3000 m by 4WD cars and start from there… But in the winter, sometimes they should walk by feet from Polour village or Raineh town (~2400 m) on an asphalt road (10 to 15 km) that is covered by more than 50 cm fresh snow, to reach the beginning of the Damavand routes.
On the other hand, they have to carry all their luggage and stuff personally, because in the winter mules or porters can’t carrying your loads.

So due to heavy mountaineering, climbing this mountain in the winter can be called a Mount Damavand Expedition. It’s why most of the Iranian climbers who want to go on the Himalayan expedition, training on Damavand in winter.

Mount Damavand Climbing Winter Expedition
Heavy Snow on the way to reach beginning of Damavand southern route

Fortunately, Iran Exploration, due to its professional and expert guides, organizing a safe and successful Damavand winter climb annually.

Climbing Damavand in winter, Best Itinerary

As explained in Damavand Winter Climbing, many mountaineers like to climb Damavand in winter. Some for passing a good acclimatization process for higher summits in Hymalia, others to the most difficult Iran climbing tour.
For any purpose, you want to organize climbing Damavand in winter, it’s important to have a good, operative, and successful itinerary. what would be better than trusting expert experiences to do such a great climb.
The following itinerary is our best doable and safe plan for climbing Damavand in winter:

  • 1st Day: Arrive Polour, packing stuff & rest
  • 2nd Day: Start trekking to Goosfandsara 3000 m
  • 3rd Day: Continue climbing Damavand to Bargah-e-Sevom hut 4250m
  • 4th Day: Acclimatization or bad weather reservation day
  • 5th Day: Push summit of Mount Damavand
  • 6th Day: Bad weather reservation Day (last chance to push summit)
  • 7th Day: Descend to Polour then Tehran
Mount Damavand Winter Climb - South Route
Mount Damavand Winter Climb - South Route- 4250 m

Risks & Dangers in Climbing Damavand

Damavand Mountain, like many high peaks in the world, has potential dangers and risks. By perusing the bad events and accidents in the mountains, and with the help of the figures of these accidents over the years, we can understand the main dangers and risks of each mountain. In the meantime, Damavand has had and will have bad events every year.

According to the information from the Iranian Mountaineering Federation, an investigation of accidents, inquiries from local communities, mountain guides, and Iranian Red Crescent Mountain Rescue Team, Damavand had annually an average of 2.8 deaths and 55 accidents resulting in injuries (broken leg, arm, falling from a height). , Frostbite, etc.).

Top 5 Dangers on Mount Damavand
Based on the same statistics the 5 dangerous mistakes on Damavand that causes most of the accidents and injured are:

  • Altitude sickness (because of lack of good acclimatization process) 55%
  • Losing the way (often, on descending from the summit) 15%
  • Changes in weather 7%
  • Lack of suitable equipment 10%
  • Persist on climbing Damavand peak 13%
  • Altitude Sickness
  • Losing The Way
  • Changes of Weather
  • Lake of Equipment
  • Persist on climbing Damavand Summit

Damavand Trek Best Training


Damavand trek training and exercises to reach the best fitness are relevant to your age, health, and experience in mountaineering.
Suggested preparation; 1 hour of aerobic exercise, three to four times a week and extended periods of exercise during the weekend will accustom you to regular exercise.

Trekking with a pack in variable weather conditions will be beneficial if you are taking part in Mount Damavand Trek. running or road cycling is also recommended depending upon the activity you plan to undertake.

Totally, in our Trekking Iran Damavand tour, you will pass a great and well-tested itinerary acclimatization process and will be ready to top the Damavand summit.

Safe Hiking on Mount Damavand

The most important point in hiking Mount Damavand is the acclimatization process. If you acclimatize well, you will not have any problems, so you will top the Damavand summit easily and safely.

The second key to have a safe and successful ascent is using an expert and professional Damavand Climbing Guide. They know everything about Mount Damavand and have too much experience in it. If you have a guide, you don’t need anything except trusting your guide.

The last important point to be safe on climbing Damavand Iran is paying attention to the weather forecast. Damavand is a cone shape and single mountain, so the weather changes too fast and unexpectedly.

As our experiences on Damavand tours since 2007, we strongly recommend you to book your trip by Best Iran Tour Operator. Then you can have a safe hike on Mount Damavand easily, with no worries about booking accommodation, food supplies, weather conditions, mountain guide, or anything more. Just book, then climb.

Mount Damavand Map & Routes

Checking out the Damavand map before planning to climb it is necessary and important.
In fact, if you have the map of Damavand with you, by knowing the routes to climb the peak, shelters, altitude points, precipices, rivers, and glaciers along the way, you can have a safe and secure ascent to Damavand peak.
This is an important task that every hiker should do before going on an adventure trip anywhere in the world.

In the meantime, there is an important and basic point !!!
Where and how can I get a complete, accurate, and reliable map of Damavand Mountain?
This is a pervasive and main problem of all those who intend to hike Damavand. Because, both a comprehensive and complete map of Damavand Mountain is not available, and if found, these maps are in Persian and tourists can not use them.

Do not worry, the content production team of Iran Exploration, in line with the purpose of preparing and compiling a map of the mountains of Iran in different languages, is preparing and translating the map of Damavand so that any hikers can easily planing to trek Damavand.

  • Mount Damavand Map-Sketch
    Mt.Damavand Map -Sketch

Mount Damavand Routes & Paths

As the highest Middle East peak, Mount Damavand has 16 main routes on its ridges. Four of these sixteen routes has shelters (Hut or Refuges) and Metal bivouacs on the middle of the way to Damavand peak.

The remaining 12 routes of Mount Damavand have no shelter, and to climb to the summit, you need to set up a tent camp. Also, the routes with shelters/bivouacs, are the main ones with recognizable tracks. It’s why most of the climbers of Damavand choose these paths.

In the following, we will explain the routes to climb Damavand, access roads, shelters, and the dangers of these routes.

The main routes to Damavand are:

  1. North Route (Dubass in local) that has two metal bivouacs in 3900 m and 4600 m
  2. Southern Route, the most common and easiest route of Damavand with an equipped Hut in 4250 m
  3. Northeast (Takht-e-Fereidon in local) that has metal bivouacs in 4300 m
  4. Western Route (Simorgh in local), with a nice two-floor Hut/Shelter in 4200m
  5. Eastern Edge, The most technical route among the routes to climb Damavand
  6. Northwest (Yal-e-Dagh in local), this route is actually the connection point of Damavand with other peaks of the Alborz Mountains
  7. Southeast (Mal-ow-Khoran in local), that has the same start point with Goosfandsara camp 3000 m of Damavand Southern route
  8. Southwest (Yal-e-Madan in local), that called because of an abandoned mine
  9. South of Southeast (Vezminchal in local)
  10. North of Southeast (Malar village)
  11. South of Northeast (Yakhar Glacier), the biggest and most dangerous route due to rockfall
  12. North of Northeast, that today is a common route to climb Damavand Northeastern and Takht-e-Fereidon hut
  13. North of Northwest, not common due to the distance of gravel roads and inaccessible start point
  14. South of Northwest (Vararoo in local), that has the same way to start point of Damavand Western route
  15. North of Southwest (Chal Chal in local), next by the Damavand West route
  16. South of Southwest (Esperinsar in local), that placed between Mt.Damavand south & West routes

Mount Damavand Routes at a Glance

Easiest/Most Common Southern Route
Most Technical Eastern Edge
Most Dangerous South of Northeast (Yakhar Glacier)
Longest North East Route (Takht-e-Fereidon)
Mount Damavand Route- Yakhar Glacier
Mount Damavand Route- Yakhar Glacier

Mt.Damavand Accommodation

One of the biggest concerns of travelers is the issue of booking accommodation and services they need to climb in Damavand.

  • How and where should I sleep?
  • How can I rent a shelter or tent to climb Damavand?
  • Is there a service in Damavand Camp?
  • Can I buy food from the villages or do I have to take it all with me? Etc.

In answer to these questions, you should know that Iran Exploration, as one of the oldest, most experienced, and best tour operators in Iran, can book all the services and accommodation you need in hiking Damavand.
All you have to do is contact our expert staff and tell them your wishes and needs. Then they will give you their advice in the best possible way and if necessary, they will book Damavand hut & accommodation, transfer or any other things you may need for travel to Iran specially Damavand trek.

Damavand Base Camps, Shelters & Huts

Mount Damavand has a total of 7 shelters, bivouac, and cottages with different facilities (basic facilities) on its main routes (north, south, northeast, and west). The rest of the 12 other Damavand paths do not have any accommodations or bivouac. In addition, there are three Base camps/guesthouses in Polour village, Raineh town in the south, and Nandal village on the north side of Damavand.

Mount Damavand Shelters & Huts

1- Southern route

  • Goosfandsara or Sahib Al-Zaman Mosque, built-in 1992 at an altitude of 3000 meters southern route
  • Old Bargah-e-Sevom, Metal Cabin (bivouac), built-in 1967 and at an altitude of 4150 southern route. The metal Cabin was destroyed by an avalanche in the winter of 1972, and after a year, the stone building was replaced. There are many flat areas around it to set up tent camps.
  • The new Bargah-e-Sevom shelter (cottage or hut) was built in 2009 and about 50-100 meters above the old one, on the southern route. The shelter includes a public storage room, a dining room, a kitchen, electrical energy, a management room, a common bedroom, couples of a private bedroom, and a public bathroom outside the building. This is the best and well-equipped hut in Damavand

2- Western Route

  • Simorgh shelter (cottage) was built in 1995 at a height of 4200 m on the western route. It made on two floors with stone and cement. There are not too many facilities, so you need to carry everything you may need to hiking Damavand from the west route.

3- North East Route

  • Takht-e-Fereydon metal Cabin (bivouac) was built in 1976 at an approximate elevation of 4,200 meters in the Damavand Northeastern route. Although it protects climbers from the storm and cold there are no facilities and you should sleep on the wooden floor.

4- Northern Route

  • The 4,000 metal Cabin (bivouac), built-in 1981 at an altitude of 3900 meters on Damavand northern route.
  • The 5,000 metal Cabin (bivouac), built at a height of 4630 meters, on the northern route, but is known as the 5,000-meter metal Cabin (bivouac).
  • Mount Damavand West Route Simorgh Hut
    Mount Damavand West Route Simorgh Hut

Damavand Base Camps

According to definitions of the Base Camp, and with a little tolerance, it can be said that guesthouses in Polour village, Raineh town, and Nandal village are base camps of Mount Damavand.

You can book accommodation in these guesthouses before your trip and buy your requirements, food, fruits, etc. in this village’s shops, so don’t need to carry everything from your own country. Also if you didn’t book accommodation, you can rent a local house in this village.

Undoubtedly, choosing a Guided Damavand tour will free you from the worries of accommodation booking and its problems.

Best Damavand Tour Operator

How do I plan to climb Damavand? How can I have the right service on this trip? You can find the answers to these questions by choosing the Best Damavand Tour Operator, Iran Exploration.

When it comes to traveling to another country, the first thing on your mind is to plan a good and enjoyable trip. Now imagine, this trip is to climb the highest volcanic peak in Asia, Damavand Mountain.
Well, it is quite clear that you need the expertise and experience of others to make a successful and safe hike on Damavand.
The good news is here! If you are reading this text, then you have correctly found the best and most experienced tour operator in climbing Damavand.
Iran Exploration team, with experience in planning and successful Damavand Tours since 2007, can provide you with any services you need for this trip.

It does not matter if you intend to climb Damavand alone & independently or if you are a group of friends & family… It does not matter if you are going to buy a full-board tour or a Damavand cheap tour… It does not matter at all that you do not even intend to receive services or buy them!!!

As one of the best, most successful, and most experienced tour operators in Damavand (with more than 99% customer satisfaction), our team is ready to answer any questions about Mount Damavand, climbing guide, reservation, transfer, accommodation, etc. patiently and warmly.

As one of the best, successful, and most experienced tour operators in Damavand (with more than 99% customer satisfaction), our team is ready to answer any questions about Mount Damavand, climbing guide, reservation, transfer, accommodation, etc. patiently and warmly.

Read more on  Tips for Climbing Mount Damavand.

Ramia Bordakov
Ramia Bordakov
28. December, 2019.
Nejlepší lyžařské zážitky s profesionálním lyžařským průvodcem Během mé krátké cesty do Íránu jsem se po prohlídce bílých hor v Teheránu rozhodl zkusit pár dní lyžovat po mé obchodní konferenci. Hledal jsem příliš mnoho, ale bylo mnoho účtů, kteří se rozhodli, že jsou certifikovaným průvodcem! Nakonec jsem pomocí svého íránského přítele zjistil, že bych si měl vybrat hosta jako touroperátora, protože používám profesionální průvodce a dokážeme zjistit, který z nich je certifikovaný a lepší. Pak jsem se obrátil na průzkum Iránu, který je jedním z nejlepších jako můj nápad Komunikace byla opravdu rychlá a personál odpověděl na všechny otázky a poskytl mi pronájem lyžařských zájezdů. 3 dny lyžování v letovisku Tochal a cestování v severní části do vesnice Shahroztanak a summitu králů byly pro mě velkým zážitkem. Všechno bylo jasné a náklady byly opravdu spravedlivé a žádné skryté náklady. Díky mým průvodcům, Ashi, Masa, Amir a tým.
7. December, 2019.
trekking Damavand, Alamkouh & Sabalan, with Iran Exploration One of my best trip is trekking Damavand, Alamkouh & Sabalan, three highest summits with tour operator Iranexploration. I was at the trip around 20 days. At first we was climing mount Sabalan with professional mountain guide Reza Heidari. And then we went to Masouleh village to rest that ready to climb to Mount Alamkouh; befor that we stayed in Hesar Chal base camp which have beautiful view. One of best experience that I have. we have perfect lunch in to the mountain by IranExploration team. In this trip I saw the bear for the first time and was very excited. And specially view of the Caspian see that was always with us during my trip. Finally I climbed to mount Damavand for the first time and thanks to Reza for help me got to Damavand very easily and safely.
25. November, 2019.
Tochal and Damavand I had a great trip with Iran Exploration. As I'm used to mountaineering with my friends, I honestly wasn't prepared for the level of luxury and attention I would receive on a guided tour with these guys.  They thought of everything. Took care of everything (except for walking - that part you still have to do for your self :D). Transportation, equipment, porters, meals (in nice restaurants whenever possible) - you name it. I must admit, I could get used to this kind of pampering 🙂 Since I was pressed for time, they made a special 6-day package just for me. They were friendly, honest and easy to communicate with.   My guide, Farhad was very capable and experienced. He was also very pleasant company. He got me to the top of Damavand. And back. In one peace. In November. Need I say more!? I'm very pleased and highly recommend this company.
Declan M
Declan M
19. September, 2019.
Damavand and Tehran I had a wonderful time in Iran had a successful summit and good weather in a team from 5 countries Thailand Belgium Austria Bulgaria Ireland Iran exploration were fantastic had guys picking us up when they said and arranged everything. Spent a couple of days in Tehran afterwards saw great art and historical artifacts in the museums. Everyone was worried about my trip to Iran and it turned out to be one of the safest and most interesting I have ever visited. Big thanks to guide Khashi for his efforts to tailor make the tour I wanted in Tehran. I even met his mum and girlfriend! Iran and its people are great if are on the fence just go but do some training if you go to Damarvand
16. September, 2019.
Höchst gelungene Damavandbesteigung! Bereits ein halbes Jahr vor Antritt meiner Iran-Reise habe ich Kontakt mit iranexploration aufgenommen. Nach einer ersten E-Mail-Anfrage bekam ich sofort eine Handynummer mit Whatsapp-Möglichkeit. Von da an wurde alles völlig unkompliziert und prompt über whatsapp geregelt. Amir von iranexploration wurde mein Ansprechpartner und beantwortete alle meine Fragen ausführlich und zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit! Auch nach der Finalisierung meiner Buchung blieb dieser Kontakt aufrecht und Amir unterstützte und beriet mich gewohnt freundlich, kompetent und ehrlich bis zu meiner Abreise in den Iran. In Teheran wurden meine Freundin und ich von unserem Guide Ashi direkt beim Hotel abgeholt und zum Ausgangspunkt der Damavand-Trekkingtour gebracht. Schon auf der Fahrt dorthin durften wir feststellen, dass unser Guide ebenso freundlich, offen, sympathisch, humorvoll und professionell zu sein schien wie bereits die gesamte Organisation durch Amir. Bestens betreut starteten wir unsere Trekkingtour. Leider machte uns die Wettervorhersage aber einen Strich durch die Rechnung und wir mussten die Besteigung einen Tag vorverlegen - d.h. ohne Ruhe- und Akklimatisierungstag gleich hinauf auf den Gipfel. Durch Ashi`s Professionalität und Menschlichkeit aber überhaupt kein Problem! Bei strahlenden Sonnenschein (und eiskalten Temperaturen) stand ich am 2.9.2019 am Gipfel des Damavand! Und rund 2,5 Stunden später war ich wieder gut zurück im Basislager! Tags darauf stiegen wir weiter ab und wurden nach Teheran zurückgebracht. Da wir nun einen Tag früher als geplant in Teheran ankamen, organisierte Ashi sogar noch eine weitere Nacht in unserem gebuchten Hotel und wir konnten unsere Reise durch den Iran vorzeitig fortsetzen... Iranexploration ist höchst empfehlenswert und bietet hohe Professionalität und Erfahrung gepaart mit Hilfsbereitschaft, Menschlichkeit, Humor und Leidenschaft für Berge und Natur! Die Verpflegung während der Tour war hervorragend, die Betreuung durch die Guides und Organisatoren vor, während und nach der Tour war ausgezeichnet und das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ist wohl kaum zu überbieten! Vielen herzlichen Dank für diese wunderbare Erfahrung!
5. September, 2019.
Perfect team Our aim was to climb Mt Damavand and we suceedded all, thanks to great team of Iran Exploration, guided by Beiti. All of them were warm, gently, kind and encouraging people. We felt as at home. We'll come back to visit also other places of this beautiful country.
Cezary R
Cezary R
6. August, 2019.
Damavand, Iran Celem mojej i mojego kolegi Marka wyprawy do Iranu było wejście na Damavand. Początkowo nie mieliśmy w planie zwiedzania Iranu. Z Internetu wybraliśmy firmę IranExploration. Po różnych wariantach rezerwacji samolotu okazało się, że mamy trzy dni przed i dwa dni po trekkingu na zwiedzanie Iranu. Zwróciliśmy się do IranExploration czy są w stanie nam w tym pomóc . Odległości do zwiedzania były duże i czas krótki. Jednak dostaliśmy bardzo sensowny plan wycieczki samochodem z kierowcą i przewodnikiem. Szczegółowo nie będę opisywał miejsc w których byliśmy, ale muszę powiedzieć , że Iran to fascynujący kraj z niesamowicie miłymi, uczynnymi i pracowitymi ludźmi. Bardzo bezpieczny. Sytuacji politycznej, która się rozgrywała przed i w trakcie naszego wyjazdu w żadnym stopniu nie odczuliśmy. Trzy dni to oczywiście nic. Jednak dzięki naszym irańskim przyjaciołom Parvisovi i Kashiemu udało się zobaczyć Kashan, Isfahan, Sziraz, Pasargad, Persepolis. Muszę powiedzieć, że skorzystanie z opcji zwiedzania z IranExploration – z Parvisem i Kashim było idealną decyzją. Na pewno nie zjedlibyśmy tylu różnych miejscowych potraw typowych dla danego regionu, do wielu miejsc byśmy nie trafili, wielu osób nie poznali. Rozpatrując to także finansowo - będąc pierwszy raz, nie znając języka, nie wiedząc do końca jak i gdzie się poruszać, itd. z pewnością mogłoby to nas więcej kosztować. Tak to był bardzo korzystny wybór. Z Shiraz wróciliśmy do Teheranu samolotem- wszystko zorganizowane wcześniej przez IranExploration. Odebrał nas Ashi , z którym rozpoczęliśmy przygodę górską. Wspaniały przewodnik, bardzo profesjonalny. Wejście przygotowane idealnie z bardzo dobrze zaplanowaną aklimatyzacją. Później dwa dni zwiedzania Teheranu z Kashim, czas spędzony z jego rodziną. Wszystko to było niesamowite. Z pewnością wrócę do Iranu. Zbyt krótko tutaj byłem. Co do firmy IranExploration , która praktycznie zorganizowała nam cały pobyt (byłem w wielu miejscach na świecie, na wiele szczytów wchodziłem) mogę powiedzieć – żadnych problemów. Otrzymaliśmy więcej niż mogliśmy oczekiwać.
28. July, 2019.
Damavand Besteigung mit Iran Rundreise Wir haben mit Iranexploration Mitte Juli den Damavand bestiegen. Der erste Eindruck, wenn man in Teheran landet ist, wie normal hier alles ist. Die Leute sind unglaublich freundlich und es ist sehr einfach und bequem hier zu Reisen. Unser Bergführer Beiti war ein sehr erfahrener Mann auf seinem Gebiet mit hunderten Besteigungen. Die Organisation war perfekt, wir wurden gut bekocht und sehr gut auf die Besteigung vorbereitet und konnten so auch nach 3 Tagen den Gipfel erreichen. Anschließend haben wir noch eine 2 wöchige Iran Rundreise angehängt, während der wir von Iranexploration mit Bustickets und Hotelbuchungen unterstützt wurden. Sie haben uns perfekt bei unserer individuellen Reise unterstützt. Kann auf jeden Fall empfohlen werden.
22. July, 2019.
Mount Damavand I’ve just spent the last two weeks in Iran, primarily to climb Mt Damavand. After researching my options I booked through Iran Explorations. They were able to advise on everything, from: visa application; airport transfer; what gear to bring etc. Before arriving I’d read all the media reports about Iran, but upon arrival I was struck by just how normal Tehran was. I could have been in any big city across the world. In fact I thought Tehran felt safer than most cities. I chose the 5 day Damavand expedition. This was perfect for acclimatising in preparation for summit day. Beiti my guide had years of experience and I never felt in doubt I wasn’t going to summit successfully. After Damavand I did a few days in Isfahan. Khashi my cultural guide was extremely knowledgeable about the history of the region. And if you love food this is the place for you with many unique restaurants. If you want a look at life behind the scenes: this is the company to use. I thoroughly recommend Iran Explorations and Iran in general.
23. June, 2019.
Great ascent of Mount Damavand (5671m) Well organised 5 day trip to ascend Mount Damavand with Iran Exploration. Perfect timing (mid June) before summer crowds and great weather. Ashkan (guide) was really professional, chilled and found the right pace to ascend Mount Damavand. Make sure to have 1 day acclimation at the refuge (4200m) to make sure to be in good shape for the final ascent to summit. On last day, had a great car ride in the mountains with local music (Sara Naeini Del Yar, etc) to nearby hot springs (55 degreeeees!). If you want to come Iran for skiing during winter months (some resorts are opened until June!) - Askhan would definitely be your man (he is a skiing instructor and knows all the places - including off piste). Finally Iranians are really friendly and the country is perfectly safe! Met many tourists from Germany, France and Russia and they were all having a good time; Exchange rate is in favour of the West

Booking Services in Mount Damavand

As explained above, Iran Exploration Tour Operator proudly can provide you all the necessary services in Mount Damavand. Although all of our Damavand Tours are full board full services from/to Tehran or the airport, we can organize and book every kind of service that you may need for hiking & Climbing Damavand.

In the following, you can see the most requested services in Damavand ever received by our clients. If you need anything more, just let us know your wishes and needed services, then enjoy your well organized Damavand Trek.

Damavand Mountain Guide

Damavand Mountain Guide is necessary for our rules as well as the rest of the mountains that need an expert & authorized mountain guide.
So every foreign mountaineering group should climb with a professional mountain guide. Although this rule, does not have a strong guarantee of execution, and you will not be fined for it, but in case of an accident or emergency needs, you should pay too much for the services. Also, there is no insurance coverage for you without a mountain guide in Mount Damavand.
It’s why we strongly recommend you, for more safety and guaranteeing successful hiking Damavand, book a professional mountain guide.
Just contact our expert staff to introduce you skillful and professional mountain guide.


Booking Damavand Hut & Shelters

The best and well-equipped Hut/Shelter of Damavand is a new hut on the southern route with the name of Bargah-e-Sevom in 4250 m.
It has two 6 person rooms, two 4 person rooms, a public bedroom with mattress and pillow with over the 50 person capacity, a dining hall, a bathroom outside of the shelter, and a small shop. If you want to climb Damavand, and need accommodation, you can book a room or bed by sending us your message via Email, Gmail, or Whatsapp.

Also, There are three guesthouses of I.R Mountain Federation in Polour village, Raineh Town, and Nandal village (north side) around Mount Damavand. These guesthouses have sleeping rooms, dining hall, public kitchens for cooking, bathroom, etc.

Note that you should book your space before arrive, especially in high seasons.

You can rent a private room in local houses in the area and enjoy their people’s hospitality. Also, you can find every kind of food, fruits and every staff you may need for climbing Damavand on Polour & Raineh shops. Also, canned food, hot/cold water, sometimes is available in Damavand South Hut. So you don’t need to bring your heavy stuff and food from your country.

Transfers on Mount Damavand

How to reach Damavand from Tehran? How to organize my transfers for climbing Damavand?
Mount Damavand paced between the Alborz Mountain Range, so to reach this mountain there is no way except Haraz road.
The easiest and cheapest way from Tehran to Polour village, or Rineh town (start points of Damavand peak), is to go to the “East Terminal” of Tehran by Taxi or Metro, then rent a private car to Polour or Rineh. Buying a ticket for “Tehran-Amol” or “Tehran-Sari” buses and ask the bus driver to take you off in Polour or Rineh in the middle of the way can be cheaper too.
Also, you need to rent a 4WD car from Polour or Rineh to bring you to the start point of Mount Damavand. On the Damavand south and northeast routes, you can rent a mule to carry your backpacks or luggage to the hut or high altitudes around 4200 m.
But we suggest you book an expert driver by Iran Exploration Tour operator, to take you from Tehran or Airport to Mount Damavand for a fair price.


  • Mount Damavand South Hut Bargah Sevom
    Mount Damavand South Hut Bargah Sevom at 4250 m

Mount Damavand Glaciers

Although Damavand with 5610 meters altitude is a high mountain, its glaciers are not too big, vertical and most of them (except the Yakhar glacier) are not suitable for ice climbing.

Despite the relatively large area around Damavand, as well as high altitude, low temperature, and heavy annual snowfall in this area, due to the heat caused by volcanic activity, the high slope of Damavand cone and lack of suitable conditions for glacier circus, considerable mountain glaciers are not seen in this area, like what exists in other mountainous regions of Iran (such as Alam-Kuh and Sabalan).

Damavand main glaciers are:

  1. Sioleh glacier (Northern side)
  2. Dobicel glacier (Northern side)
  3. Arosakiha glacier (Northern side)
  4. Yakhar glacier (Northeast side)
  5. Northwest glacier
  6. Espele glacier
  7. Khoretab glacier

Mount Damavand subsidiary glaciers are:

  1. Vezminchal glacier
  2. Sar Dagh glacier
  3. Western glacier
  4. Kafer Dareh glacier (South)
  5. Esperin Sar glacier
Mount Damavand Icefall- Frozen Waterfall- South route

Mount Damavand Icefall- Frozen Waterfall- South route

Damavand Icefall

Certainly, Damavand Icefall (or frozen waterfall of Damavand) is one of the interesting and attractive points for mountaineers who intend to climb this peak.

This amazing icefall is formed from melted snow on the southern ridge, at an altitude of 5000 meters, and frozen all the year even in the summer and can be seen from the Polour village or Haraz road in clear weather.
The length of Icefall is between 8 to 16 meters and depends on weather conditions changes every year.
To visit Damavand icefall, you need to off the track in height of about 5000 meters along Damavand’s southern route and traverse to the right around 200 meters.
Though some had ice climbing on Damavand Icefall, it’s not recommended because of the high-altitude and unstable ice.

Mount Damavand Climbing Price & Cost

Briefly can be said that the Damavand climbing tour price is between 200 to 1000 EUR, depending on the Damavand Tour Operator, services quality, days of the tour, etc.
It’s directly related to your trip type. You can buy a high-quality full board tour and reach Damavand summit easily and healthily with the help of experienced guides. Or you want to come to this mountain yourself and get different services separately.

Iran Exploration, as an experienced authorized Damavand Tour Operator, can give you GUARANTEED PRICE in WEEKLY GUARANTEED DEPARTURE

Iran Exploration, as an experienced authorized Damavand Tour Operator, can give you GUARANTEED PRICE in WEEKLY GUARANTEED DEPARTURE”

There are many questions regarding Damavand tour Price between the travelers who want to come to Iran. Of course, it’s the customer’s right to know how much does it cost to climb Damavand and the details of the services.
To answer this question, you have to differentiate between Damavand Tour Price and the costs of Climbing Mount Damavand by yourself.

We strongly advise you to choose one of our Damavand Tour Packages. Because all of the tours including full board services, full accommodation, all transfer, professional experienced Damavand Mountain guide, Damavand climbing permit (50$), from/to Tehran, without any hidden costs or extra charge for the services.

Otherwise, if you try to organize a Mount Damavand climbing tour by yourself, it costs at least 400 EUR for a 5 days tour. Of course, if you are interested in organizing it by yourself, we can provide and book your necessities for climbing Damavand at a fair price.

Damavand Climbing Permit

Climbing Damavand Permit, is 50$ per person for foreign tourists, regardless of the top summit or just hiking Mount Damavand foothills.
Like most of the mountains around the world, Damavand has its rules that should be observed.

Damavand Climbing Permit is 50 $ per person

To start your ascent on Mount Damavand you should introduce yourself to the IR. Mountain Federation guesthouse in Damavand Base Camps (Poulor village, Rineh town, or Nandal village), pay the permit fee (50 $ per person), and get your license to climb Damavand. Otherwise, your climb will be prevented by police.

Although, using Mountain Guide in Damavand is compulsory, but if you do not do this, there will not be a problem for you, except in case you need rescue! you should pay for any supports and rescue operations.

We strongly recommend you to use certified mountain guides for climbing Damavand.

Also, all the members should inform Mountaineering Federation agents by their information (name, numbers, itinerary) then getting allowed to climb Damavand peak. If you don’t do this, you force back by police and should pay a penalty.

Damavand Climbing Costs

The cost of climbing Damavand for those who want to arrange their own travel plan is about 400 Euros. Of course, these costs depend on various factors, but at least between 50 and 100 Euros per day.

The table below summarizes the minimum costs required to climb Damavand Peak. Of course, in addition to the fact that the amount of costs varies from person to person, Iran has high annual inflation, and these costs are estimated in 2020 so can not be a definitive measure.

Transfers (from/to Tehran + 4WD cars to high camps) 150 EUR
Accommodation (Guesthouse + Hut or Tent) 90 EUR
Meals + Water + Beverages 100 EUR
Climbing Permit 50 EUR or $
Carry Backpack by Mule Up to 50 EUR
Mountain Guide Up to 100 EUR Daily
Rescue, Emergency, Unforeseen Costs Up to 500 EUR

Mount Damavand Hot Deals & Discounted Tours

Safety, quality, and customer satisfaction have always been our concerns in Damavand tours. For this reason, we have defined Damavand Hot Deals for different tours in the timetable.

Simply put, Iran Exploration is the only Damavand Tour Operator that Schedules weekly tours in this mountain during the year.

Moreover attractive and impressive Damavand discount tours (for the groups, mountain guides, etc.), we defined you unbeatable Hot Deals, which you can see in the below table, and choose your suitable tour/date based on your desires and budget.


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Damavand Trek, A 4-Day Tour


€ 440

Limited Capacity

May to Nov

4 Days

Full Board

From/To Tehran

Every Sunday Departure

Free Digital Climbing Certificate

Damavand & Tochal Trekking Tour


€ 799

Up to 22% Discount

June to October

8 Days

Full Board

From/To Tehran

Weekly Departure

Free Digital Climbing Certificate

Mount Damavand Climbing & Trek


€ 690

Up to 22% Discount

June to October

7 Days

Full Board

From/To Tehran

Tent & Sleeping Bag Include

Free Digital Climbing Certificate

Mount Damavand  Trekking Classic Tour


€ 440


June to October

5 Days

Full Board

All Transfers

Free Digital Climbing Certificate

Guaranteed Departure

Best Damavand Itineraries

Mount Damavand Best Itinerary

Photo By © Majid Behzad

Whether you are traveling to Iran for hiking Damavand or ski touring, trekking, or plan to climb Damavand in winter, you should have an operative and calculated travel plan.

It’s your key to having a successful and safe Damavand tour.

Every mountain has its own rules. If you want to reach the peak safely and successfully, you must follow these rules. For example, to reach Mount Everest, you need to organize a good acclimatization process and setting up the campsites.

A well-designed Damavand itinerary is the key to a successful, safe, and enjoyable trip on this mountain.

This is exactly what needs to be considered in Damavand mountain. This means that in addition to mental and physical preparation before the trip, you should organize your itinerary by knowing the best climbing season, routes to the summit, weather conditions, etc.

So we strongly recommend you to read this article completely & patiently.

After years of experience in Damavand tours, and trying different programs, considering the type of trip and season you want, we provide you with the best Damavand itineraries.

Damavand Trek Best Itineray

When it comes to the Damavand Trek tour, the first thing that comes to mind is choosing the southern route and a 5-day itinerary, which means the most successful and best.
To perform this tour, you must first get from Tehran to Damavand (read Transfers on Mount Damavand).

  • Day 1: Goosfandsara (The Masque) 3000 m
  • Day 2: Bargah-e-Sevom 4250 m
  • Day 3: Acclimatization day
  • Day 4: Damavand Summit day
  • Day 5: Return back

Then go to the Goosfandsara camp at an altitude of 3,000 meters by 4WD car and stay overnight in a camp by renting a room/bed or tent. On the next day, you have to trek up to 1200 m to reach Bargah-e-Sevom hut at 4250 altitudes.
Afterward, you will have a good time for rest, recovering the energy, and be acclimatize well for Damavand peak.
On the fourth day, you will push the summit early morning (takes 6 hrs), and amazed by the top highest volcano in Asia, Mt Damavand. For the last day, you have enough time to pack the stuff, descent to lower camps, and back to Tehran.

Hiking Mount Damavand Best itinerary

Hiking Mount Damavand, Anemone FlowersDuring the years, we had many requests from families, couples, or solo travelers to hike Mount Damavand in spring or autumn. in this way, the best itinerary that we designed and operated is a 5 days tour (Note: it could be less or more).
Hiking Damavand in June (also July), is the best springtime with unbelievable Anemone flowers and green land coverage. Hiking Damavand in October is available as well in the same itinerary with the following details:

  • Day one: Arrive Polour, rest
  • Day two: Hiking to Gol-e-Zard (Yellow Flower) foothills
  • Day three: Walking in Lar National Park
  • Day four: Hiking to Goosfandsara 3000 m
  • Day five: Larijan Hot Spring, back to Tehran

Damavand Environmental concern

Damavand environment and protection of this unique mountain is always our concern. It’s a single conical volcanic mountain, with unique weather conditions and a special sensitive ecosystem.

In addition to its unique attractions, these conditions have made Damavand highly sensitive to changes in human interactions.
Mount Damavand is a volcano, and there are many mineral resources around it that tempt people to harvest them.

Mineral harvesting has led to high mountain road construction in the Damavand slopes and changes in the environment of plants and animals.

Fortunately, in recent years, with the local people’s awareness, they have been stopped by these rapes, and Damavand’s ecosystem is recovering.
But as we face it all over the world, the most hostile and destructive of the environment is humanity.

Rubbish on Mount Damavand

With thousands of climbs on mount Damavand annually, there will be too much rubbish left which endangers the environment of this mountain.

Humans climb mountains, take photos and go back down. But what have they left behind themself? Rubbish!!!

Fortunately, in recent years, with the advent of social networks and training, most climbers are focusing on Damavand’s environment and transferring their waste to cities.

But there are still those who ignore environmental issues and infecting the mountains.

Iran Exploration is trying to provide a clear understanding of how to protect the mountains and prevent them from being destroyed by planning and continuing training and raising the level of knowledge of the beginner climbers as well as locals.

Mount Damavand Anemone Flowers

Mount Damavand Anemone Flowers

Damavand Vegetation and Animals

At various altitudes of Mount Damavand, there are plenty of plants, some of which can be seen only at a certain height.
This Mountain is totally covered with Anemone at altitudes of 2000 to 3500 meters. The unique flower is known in the world and has been registered with the name of Shaghayegh-e-Lar in the world’s leading botanical books.
Also, this area is very rich in pasture and pastures; even at high altitudes of Damavand (below 4,000 meters), there is not much poverty there.
Due to its unique location, which extends from the north to the Hyrcanian Forests of the Caspian Sea, and the south to the mountains bordered by the desert, this region hosts a variety of animals, including:

Foxes, jackals, dogs, and wolves are scattered around Damavand. These animals are also seen up to 4000 meters above Mount Damavand. Bears are also present in this area, but they are mostly seen in the west and north, and they stay away from high altitudes.

Vegetarian beasts:
Whole, ewe, deer, hog, rabbit, etc…
Except for boars and rabbits, who live in the mountainous plains of Mount Damavand, other animals spend warmer seasons at altitudes and descend as the temperature cools down. These animals can go up to 5000 meters high in Damavand.

Hunting birds, golden eagles, owls, and bats can be seen in Damavand. Other birds in this region are Teto, Cuckoo, black chest, and other birds.
The Lar National Park at the foot of Damavand is home to Brown Trout, Mountain Goats, and the Caspian Snowcock bird.

Damavand Climbing Tours

Damavand Climbing Tours are the best-selling and most popular adventure tours in Iran. As the best Iran Adventure Tour Operator, we designed and perform a wide range of Damavand tours.

It does not matter how many days you have time in your Iran travel or in what season you intend to climb Damavand Peak. Just look at the tours page and choose the best Damavand Tours. Below you can see some examples of the most popular and best seller of Damavand climbing tours. For more information, you can click on the Damavand Tour button.

Mount Damavand Trekking- Summit Crater

Mount Damavand Trekking

4405 Days

Best Seller

  • Tour Type:Mountain Trekking
  • Running Time: April, May, June

Mount Damavand-Tochal Trekking Tour

Climbing Mount Damavand & Tochal Peak

7708 Days

  • Tour Type:Trekking & Cultural sightseeing
  • Running Time: April, May, June

Damavand Trekking & Lar National Park

Damavand Trekking & Lar National Park

Inquiry11 Days

  • Tour Type: Trekking & Cultural sightseeing
  • Running Time: April, May, June

Mount Damavand Climbing & Trek

Mount Damavand Climbing & Trek

6507 Days

Asia's Highest Volcano

  • Tour Type: Trekking, Sightseeing
  • Running Time: April, May, June

Mount Damavand Ski Touring

Damavand Ski Touring

Damavand Ski Touring

Damavand ski tour in Persian powder snow can meet your expectations if your mind is also involved in such questions;

  • If you are interested in Climbing Damavand, but descent from the mountain is annoying you?
  • Do you want to climb Damavand peak without walking in the heat of the summer and thirsty?
  • Do you hate crowds of beginner hikers in the Damavand summer season?

Well, the best choice for you is Ski Touring Damavand. Every year, hundreds of skiers and mountain climbers who know Ski Touring or Ski Mountaineering comes to climb Damavand peak.

Damavand slope with an angle of about 20 to 35 degrees, with the appropriate cover and favorable snow conditions, is one of the best and most desirable peaks for mountain skiers.

The weather conditions in March, April, and May provide you the best, most enjoyable, and the safest season for skiing on this beautiful mountain.
Imagine, after climbing the summit, within a few hours, you will ski down from a height of 5610 meters to 2,400 meters, take a warm shower, share your photos with your friends, and rest relax in the Polour (or Rineh) guesthouse.
On the other hand, quick and easy access to the starting point of ski touring at peaks above 4,000 meters of the Alborz Mountains is one of the best alternatives for the acclimatization process to ski-touring Damavand.
Every day you can take a hot and delicious breakfast in the guesthouse and get out to the starting point of the ski touring to a 4,000-meter peak of Alborz in less than 20 minutes (in Doberar mountain ridge with more than 30 summits). Ski tour on a 4000 m summit, return to your bed in the evening and check your emails.
These attractions and facilities have made Damavand Ski Touring, one of the best options for those who like to climb the highest volcano in Asia by Ski.


Best Itinerary for Damavand Skitour

Spring in Iran is the best season for ski touring, especially in Damavand.
If you are familiar with ski touring and plan to travel to Iran between March and May, Damavand ski touring can be a good option for you.

Damavand Ski Touring

Mount Damavand Scenery from Doberar peak ski tour

Although Damavand hiking is not recommended in this season due to the deep snow, it is the best time for a ski tour in Iran.

  • The first day: Transfer to Polour village (~2400 m), Ski Touring
  • Second day: Ski touring in Doberar mountain Ridge
  • Third day: Ski touring in Doberar summit (~4250 m)
  • The fourth day: Start ski touring to Damavand hut (Bargah-e-Sevom) 4250 m
  • Fifth day: Acclimatization or bad weather reservation day
  • Sixth day: Summit day
  • Seventh-day: Back to Tehran/Airport

Imagine easy and fast skiing on the snow, not only when you descent, but also for climbing the peaks. On this tour, we suggest you spend three days acclimatization on 4000 meters of Dobrar mountain ridge and go to Damavand Ski Touring by finding a good weather window.

Mountain Biking on Damavand

Mountain biking on Damavand is doable!? Are you serious? Climb the highest peak of the middle east by bicycle?
Yes, it’s possible, to biking on the top of Damavand summit and its crater.
Thanks to the non-technical Damavand route on the southern side as well as the dirt road up to 3000 meters high, every year a large number of mountain bikers travel Iran for cycling around and even to the summit of Damavand.
From a height of 3000 meters to the top, due to the Damavand low steep, in some areas, you can ride upcycling. But on most parts of the route, you should carry the bike with your hand or have high stamina for cycling.
From a height of 4250 meters to the top, it is a sandy and gravel route and requires a lot of cycling skills.
However, it’s not wise to climb a 5610-meter summit by bike and carrying it by hand, but many eager enthusiasts do mountain biking in Damavand every year.
Although climbing Damavand peak is difficult and not very attractive with bikes, mountain biking around Mount Damavand (altitude below 3500 m) is very enjoyable and exciting.

  • Mountain Biking Mount Damavand Circle
  • Mountain Biking in Lar National Park
  • Cycling Tour From Damavand to the Caspian Sea

Are some of the beautiful Mountain Biking Tours in Damavand areas that Iran Exploration performs every year.

  • Mount Damavand Biking 5000 m
    Mount Damavand Biking Tour 5000 m

Best Damavand Mountain Biking Itinerary

Mount Damavand Biking Tour Lar National Park

Damavand Biking Tour Lar National Park

Undoubtedly, June & July, October & November, are the months for biking Damavand. in this periods of the year, the temperature are average, enough daylight and stable weather condition make a great atmosphere for Damavand biking tours.

The beauty of this biking is as much as we can’t recommend it for less than 5 days.

  • One: Arrive Polour, biking in the village
  • Two: Mountain biking in Lar National Park/ Camping
  • Three: Mountain biking to Vararou plateau in Damavand west side
  • Four: Mountain biking to Goosfandsara 3000 m
  • Five: Mountain Biking to Larijan village & Hot Spring

Paragliding on Mount Damavand

Although jumping with paragliders from high altitude summits like Damavand is not so common, but many athletes have done it so hard. They have fulfilled their ambition by jumping from the top of Iran and the Middle East.

In 2010 September, a group of athletes from Kordestan province Iran, flid from Damavand peak by paraglider. They had climbed the summit many times with heavy paragliding stuff, but the weather conditions were not good to fly. Finally, they did it and recorded it for history.

Hiking Mount Damavand and Climbing Questions & Answers

Certainly, when you plan to hiking Mount Damavand or climbing Damavand in Iran, countless questions arise in your mind.
Although with a little patience and a thorough reading of this article, you can find the answers to most of these questions, you may still have new or personal questions.
Do not worry at all, just share your questions with our experienced and patient experts to give you their free Mount Damavand Advice and guidance regarding (and other questions related to traveling to Iran).
There are three very simple ways to do this:

  • Leave a comment below this post

In this case, in addition to the fact that our experts will respond to you very quickly in the comments section and the result will be sent to your email, but other people who have experience climbing Damavand may see your questions and answer them.

You may have personal questions about hiking Mount Damavand and do not want to write them in the comments. In this case, filling and sending the contact form to us is the safest and quickest way.

Send a message to our WhatsApp very quickly and easily with your mobile phone and ask our experts about Damavand Mountain. Our staff on WhatsApp are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are ready to respond to you.

+98 901 4343154

In addition to these simple methods, you can contact us by sending an email to the following addresses:

How Much does it cost to hike Mount Damavand?

Simply can say 400 to 600 EUR per person for a five days tour depends on the route, season, services, etc.
The Price of Hiking Damavand is directly related to your trip type. You can buy a high-quality tour to Damavand summit easily and healthily with the help of experienced guides. Or try to organize your own plan, carrying all the stuff by yourself and climb without a guide. Also, pricing for tours in Damavand is different from who wants to organize your tour!!! An experienced and authorized tour operator or a local guide!!!
Totally, you can climb Damavand’s peak at a cost of up to 400 to 600 Euros with full board and high-quality services (depends on your itinerary, seasons, and your group numbers, the price changes).

Hiking Mount Damavand Iran
Descent from Damavand summit 5610 m

How to organize a successful Damavand climb?

Book a full-service Damavand Tour or request for experienced authorized Damavand mountain guide.
Iran Exploration, with experiences of decades in Iran adventure and outdoor tourism especially Mount Damavand Tours, always uses the best guides and encourages them to learn new skills, rescue knowledge, and equip them with new and up-to-date equipment, to provide high-quality services and safe trip for its customers.
So, the wisest way to make a safe and successful climb to Mount Damavand is to use Iran Exploration’s guides.

How long does it take to climb Mount Damavand?

Climbing Damavand is absolutely dependent on your readiness, physical fitness, seasons, acclimatization, and weather conditions. In the summertime, the best and guaranteed itinerary to climb Damavand peak takes 4 to 5 days. In winter climbing Damavand takes more than 7 days. Of course some strong and acclimatized climbers skyrunners can top the summit from the asphalt road at 2400 m height, in less than 24 hours.

What is the best food to Eat on Mount Damavand hiking?

Everybody knows to appreciate the importance of good foods in mountain programs, especially on long hiking tours. We strongly recommend you to use fresh vegetables and food instead of canned or long-lasting foods. Don’t forget the importance of fresh fruits in your food plan. In the summer you can easily buy organic fruits from Polour or Raineh town shops.

Is oxygen needed for climbing Damavand Iran?

No, you won’t need an oxygen supplement for climbing Damavand Iran, however, the amount of oxygen at the Mount Damavand summit is 50% of the oxygen level at the sea.
Like most of the high mountains, air pressure and oxygen content at Damavand Peak are lower than the free seas. The density of oxygen at Damavand summit is about half the sea surface. On the other hand, the presence of sulfur gas in the sulfuric band near the peak (up to 5500 m) makes breathing very difficult. However, climbing to Damavand in good condition and for healthy climbers does not need oxygen supplements.

Can children climb Damavand?

Yes, the youngest climber of Damavand summit was 7 years old girl, but it’s not recommended anyway!
As climbing science has proven, climbing high altitude for children is not recommended. Therefore, Mount Damavand is no exception to this rule, and if you have children less than 10 years old in your family, we do not advise you to climb Damavand peak. This does not mean that we do not recommend families to come to the Damavand area, on the contrary, it should be said that Damavand is not only a high and cold peak, but it has vast pastures, Lar National Park, beautiful valleys, big fish farms around Lar Dam, and hospitable nomads, that providing a pleasant environment for an adventure journey to families. So, we suggest you that never put Damavand aside from your list, if you want to have an adventure trip with your family in Iran.


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