Climbing & Trekking Mt.Damavand from Classic & Easy Northeast Route

Climbing Damavand from North East Route

Visiting Nandel village and the northern plains of Damavand mountain

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Climbing Mount Damavand from Northeast Route

Mount Damavand with 16 main ridges, has provided different climbing routes for mountaineers. But undoubtedly, climbing & Trekking Mount Damavand from the northeast route is one of the most beautiful, safest, and best options. In this tour, you will climb and trek the Damavand North Esat route easily with help of our professional expert mountain guides and full board services from/to Tehran.

Although due to the relatively well-equipped hut and more accessible services on the Damavand southern route, most climbers choose this route to climb, it must be admitted that the northeastern route has advantages over the southern route of Damavand.

The most important and obvious advantage of this route is its solitude compared to the southern route.

Also, due to the eastern sunshine, you can start earlier in the morning to climb & trek Damavand Peak and use the heat of the sun during the climb. This will greatly help your ascent pace and safety.

In this tour, our base camp to climb Damavand peak from the northeast route can be in Gaznak village (old route) or the beautiful village of Nandel in the northern plain of Damavand with an altitude of approximately 2400 meters.

The Nandal village is the Damavand base camp of the north, northeast & northwest routes.

Damavand North East view from Nandal Village
Damavand scenery from Nandal village in northeast side
Mount Damavand Volcanic Crater
Mount Damavand Volcanic Crater

By arriving at the Nandal village, we can go hiking around the village and see the unbelievable scenery of Damavand’s northeast side. It helps you to be familiar with the next day’s route, atmosphere, and weather conditions, to have a better Damavand trekking tour.

Our second camp is at an altitude of approximately 4000 meters. To reach this camp, on the second day of the tour, we leave Nandel by 4WD cars or pickup and head to the end of a dirt road called Gardeneh Sar at an altitude of 2900 meters.

From here, we hand over the extra stuff, luggage, and food to the porters or mules and climb about 1100 meters on the northeastern ridge of Damavand to reach the Chaman Ben camp at an altitude of approximately 4000 meters.

To have a safe and successful ascent, we will acclimatize and rest the next day.

On the fourth day, we will reach Damavand Peak by continuing the northeastern route and you will climb the top of Iran, the highest point in the Middle East, and the highest volcano in Asia.


Group Size: Min 2*, Max 8 Duration: 5 Days  Meals: Full Board
Suitable for age: 15+ Activity: Hiking & Trekking Join in: Tehran, End in: Tehran
Best Time: June 1st till November 30th Physical Rating: Level 3/5 (Moderate to Challenging) Max. altitude: 5610 m

* Quote price if you are a solo traveler or prefer to have a private departure with a private guide.

  • Photography of unique nature
  • Climbing & Trekking mount Damavand, the highest summit of Iran & Highest volcano in Asia
  • Enjoying the beautiful scenery of Damavand northern plain
  • Chance of seeing the Caspian Sea from the top of Damavand Peak
  • Hiking & Trekking in one of the less crowded routes of Damavand Mountain
  • Visiting local people, Damavand nomads, and shepherd
  • Great view of North, North-East & North West routes of Damavand

Climbing Damavand Northeast Tour Itinerary

You can read the Mt. Damavand Northeast Tour itinerary and day-by-day details of this trip below. But wait a minute!!! It’s a pity if you want to climb Damavand from the northeast route, but haven’t read the “Legends and Lore: Mount Damavand’s Mythology” article.

Please note that the itinerary may have changed due to weather conditions and your mountain guide decision.

START: Regularly 10:00 AM, From Tehran TOUR ENDING: Expected 20:00, At Tehran

1st Day

Toward Damavand Northeast Basecamp, Nandal village (~2400 m)

Regularly between 9-10 am, the company’s agent and your mountain guide, will pick you up from your residence in Tehran (or the airport for a group of 3 or more persons) and drive you through the Haraz Road to the Nandel village Damavand northeastern base camp.

This road is one of the three famous mountainous and beautiful roads of Iran, which crosses the Alborz mountain range with a beautiful view from Damavand Mountain to the Caspian Sea and the northern cities of Iran.

Due to the importance of using fresh and healthy food in the mountain tours, we will stop in small towns along the way to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, and what you may need.

In the middle of the way, near the Polour village, Damavand’s southern face appears and we can have a short stop for photography.

Depending on the road traffic, after driving of 150 km in 3 to 5 hours, we will reach the summer village of Nandal, Damavand Base Camp on the northeastern side, at an altitude of approximately 2400 meters.

There we will stay at a local house or eco-camp. After lunch and short rest, we can hike around the village at higher altitudes for better acclimatization and photography.

The northern and northeastern route of Damavand is much more secluded than the normal route of Damavand Mountain (southern path), so If we are lucky, we can enjoy the wildlife of this area.

After eating a local dinner, we get ready for a pleasant sleep in this beautiful village.

O /N at the local house or eco-camp in Nandal village (L.D).


3-5 hrs       +600 m       2-3 hrs       Local House/ Eco-Camp       Half Board


2nd Day

Drive to 2900 m by 4WD, Start Trekking Damavand Northeast Route

Today, after breakfast, we leave the extra equipment like city clothes, shoes, etc. in Nandal village accommodation and pack extra bags & luggage that must be transported to the upper camp by mule or porter (each luggage including two person’s stuff should be about 15 kg).

Then, by using the 4WD or Pickup, we will transfer to the Goosfandsara (or Gardaneh Sar) at the end of the gravel road at an altitude of approximately 2900 meters (an hour driving).

After delivering luggage to the porters or mules, we start our trekking slowly and steadily in the Damavand northeast route. The next camp will be at an altitude of approximately 4100 meters in the Chaman Bon area (which means grassland).

Along with the trekking, we will have short breaks for better acclimatization (every hour, ten minutes of rest) and we will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Damavand’s northeast side. Lunch and snack packages have already been prepared for the group that we will enjoy along the way.

Our ascent with medium pace and pressure will take about 6 hours. After arriving at the camp and having hot soup, we will relax and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Due to the importance of a good acclimatization process and healthy nutrition in climbing Damavand Peak, Iran Exploration mountain guides, constantly check the physical condition and blood oxygen of the participants, along the way and while resting in the camp.

After having a delicious dinner and drinking enough hot liquids, get ready for a pleasant sleep at an altitude of 4100 meters and go to our tents.

O /N at the Tent Camp (full board, Breakfast. Lunch box. Dinner).

1 hrs       +1200 m       6 hrs       Tent Camp       Full Board


3rd Day

Damavand Acclimatization or Bad Weather Reserve Day

Today, for a better acclimatization process on Mt.Damavand, after having a good sleep and a delicious breakfast, we pack a lightweight backpack including hot drinks, and leave the camp to touch the higher altitude.

According to our goal, which is good acclimatization for the summit day, we are not in a hurry today and continue to climb very slowly through the northeastern edge of Damavand. Along the way, we have enough time to photograph and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Damavand.

As we ascend, on the right we have a beautiful view of the northern route of Damavand and its refuges at 4000 & 5000 m. On the left side, we can see the Yakhar Valley, the highest and largest glacier in the Iran mountains.

Depending on the team’s ability, readiness, and weather condition, we climb about 500 to 700 meters and gain altitude. We will rest several times along the way and after drinking liquids, juices, and snacks (about an hour of rest at the highest possible altitude), we will head back to the camp and rest for a successful climb to Damavand summit the next day.

We eat dinner a little earlier and go to the tent sooner. Before going to bed, we will check the climbing equipment again and prepare for tomorrow’s climb.

IMPORTANT NOTE: According to your mountain guide’s decision, if the weather conditions change and depending on the level of readiness of the group, it is possible to change the acclimatization day with the summit day and climb Damavand this day.

O /N at the Tent Camp (full board, Breakfast. Lunch box. Dinner).

N A       +500-700 m       3-5 hrs       Tent Camp       Full Board


4th Day

Climbing Damavand Summit 5610 m

Early in the morning, after breakfast and before sunrise, we leave the camp to the summit. Our guide, the first person, slowly hikes up from the best path on the northeastern ridge of Damavand, his assistant in the back of the group and the last person controls the group.

As we ascend, the sunrise heats the temperature and adds to the beauty of our path. Along the way, we will have short breaks and continue to climb slowly.

At an altitude of 5300 meters, we reach the snowy area called Snowy Roof (Bam-e Barfi in Persian). Here two northern and northeastern routes of Mount Damavand meet and merge. A little above the Snowy Roof we can smell sulfur gas, which is a sign that we are approaching the Damavand peak in less than an hour.

With a little effort and stamina, after 6-8 hours, Damavand Peak, the highest volcano in Asia, with its indescribable beauty and sound of happiness is under our feet.

After taking memorial photos, we will take the return route to the camp with more caution and maintain safety (around 3 hrs). At the camp we are welcomed with hot soup/drinks and happy to climb, we spend the last night with a delicious dinner.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is possible to ascend from the northeast and descend from the southern route of Damavand. This is offered in the form of an additional tour and the price is different.
Request for this EXTRA OPTION

O /N at the Tent Camp (full board, Breakfast. Lunch box. Dinner).

N A       +1500 m       6-8 hrs       Tent Camp       Full Board


5th Day

Damavand Summit Celebration & Back to Tehran

Today, after delivering the stuff to the porters, we head back to Nandal village. After packing mountaineering stuff, we will return to Haraz Road by car and head towards Tehran.

We will celebrate our successful climbing to Damavand from the northeast route and take memorial pictures at lunchtime.

We will arrive in Tehran on the afternoon of the fifth day and the tour will end by delivering you to your residence in Tehran or the airport.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Damavand Climbing Certificate will be available on request.

O /N at —- (half board B.L).

3-5 hrs       -1700 m | -400 m       3-4 hrs       N A       Half Board


Video of Climbing Damavand North East Tour


There is nothing better than to see where you are traveling in a fascinating video. What you will do, what you will eat, etc …
Most importantly, in the video of climbing Damavand Peak from the northeastern route, you will see from which route you are climbing and you will get acquainted with the area and how the guides work.

Also in this video, you will be surprised to see Damavand’s summit crater from the sky. An invisible and unique video that shows the secrets of Damavand mountain peak. This amazing video is the result of the unremitting efforts of the Iran Exploration content production team.

Accommodation in Climbing Damavand North East Tour

in the following, you can find out information about the accommodations that you will stay in during the Damavand Northeast Tour…

Damavand Northeast Accommodation is a Local House at Nandal Village

Local House at Nandal Village

In climbing Damavand peak from the northeast tour, our first-night accommodation will be at Nandel village in one of the beautiful and clean local houses. This house has shared rooms, a kitchen, hot shower, and toilet. You can walk away around the village and buy some basic things from the village small shop. You can see these hut facilities below:

Chaman Bon Camp at Damavand Northeast Tour 4100 m

Chaman Bon Camp Damavand

In Damavand northeast trekking tour, you will sleep for 3 nights in Chaman Bon camp at the tent. This camp is located at an altitude of approximately 4100 meters northeast of Damavand peak. You do not need to bring a tent, sleeping bag, and mattress to sleep in this camp. All of these are included in your tour services. You can see these hut facilities below:

Tour Difficulty:

(3 / 5)

This trip grading involves a combination of our MODERATE and CHALLENGING levels. The emphasis is on moderate activity with several challenging stages. These adventures involve Ski-touring, trekking, cycling, or rafting in remote areas in variable weather conditions for up to 7 to 8 hours a day (possibly more subject to weather conditions and altitude).

Damavand South route Ski-tour is not technical, but it needs skill skiing at high altitude and knowledge of snows kind and condition.

Climbing Damavand Northeast Tour Services

By Booking this tour, you have the following

Including services
Excluding services
Travel options +

Our Services Include

Visa processes (Iran Visa Reference number or Invitation letter)
Pick up from Tehran
1 x nights in a Guesthouse or Local house at Nandal Village
3 x nights in Mountain Camp | two-person tent
 All Meals including 4 Breakfast – 5 Lunch Box – 4 Dinner
Duffel bag to carrying stuff
Digital Climbing Certificate
All transfer, Sedan/ Van/ Bus & 4WD rides
Organization of the whole trek
Luggage transport between camps (By mules, porters, or Jeep)
Local expert Mountain Guide and cook during the program
Fresh meals & Fruits
Sharing Tent (2-4 person)
Transfer back to Tehran

Our Services do not Include


International flight
Entrances & Tickets
Visa fee
Luggage overweight to Damavand camp
Extra plans (bad weather or any changes)
Climbing permit for Damavand summit 50 €/ $
Any services that are not specified above

Optional Services +


Single Room 35 to 50 € / per night
Private Tent on mountain 10 € / per night
Urgent Visa (24 to 48 hrs) 35 €
Private Mountain Guide 80 to 120 € / per day
City Guide 60 to 100 € / per day
Airport Transfer 45 € (one way)
Private Transfer (price on request)

Climbing Damavand Northeast Tour Price & Booking

You can see the Mount Damavand Northeastern Route Tour Price and Available Dates below:

Book your tour without worries about cancellation because all the departures are Guaranteed to perform, with TWO or more participants!!!

NOTE:  No worries if you are alone, or a solo traveler!!! You can join other groups or contact us for a private departure.

Sat 25-29 May 2024

SU 44/T 1
749 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 1-5 June 2024

SU 44/T 2
 749 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 8-12 June 2024

SU 44/T 3
749 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 15-19 June 2024

SU 44/T 4
749 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 22-29 June 2024

SU 44/T 5
749 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 29 Jun-3 July 2024

749 € 649 €
Available & Guaranteed
Up To 15% Discount

Sat 6-10 July 2024

749 € 649 €
Available & Guaranteed
Up To 15% Discount

Sat 13-17 July 2024

SU 44/T 8
749 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 20-24 July 2024

749 € 649 €
Available & Guaranteed
Up To 15% Discount

Sat 27-31 July 2024

749 € 649 €
Available & Guaranteed
Up To 15% Discount

Sat 3-7 Aug 2024

749 € 649 €
Available & Guaranteed
Up To 15% Discount

Sat 10-14 Aug 2024

749 € 649 €
Available & Guaranteed
Up To 15% Discount

Sat 17-21 Aug 2024

749 € 649 €
Available & Guaranteed
Up To 15% Discount

Sat 24-28 Aug 2024

SU 44/T 14
749 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 31 Aug-4 Sep 2024

SU 44/T 15
749 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 7-11 Sep 2024

749 € 649 €
Available & Guaranteed
Up To 15% Discount

Sat 14-18 Sep 2024

749 € 649 €
Available & Guaranteed
Up To 15% Discount

Sat 21-25 Sep 2024

SU 44/T 18
749 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 28 Sep-2 Oct 2024

SU 44/T 19
749 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 5-9 Oct 2024

SU 44/T 20
749 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 12 -16 Oct 2024

SU 44/T 21
749 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 19-23 Oct 2024

SU 44/T 22
749 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 26-30 Oct 2024

SU 44/T 23
749 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 2-6 Nov 2024

SU 44/T 24
749 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 9 -13 Nov 2024

SU 44/T 25
749 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 16-20 Nov 2024

SU 44/T 26
749 €
Available & Guaranteed

Your desire date is not included???

You can ask us for an Individual Departure in the SAME PRICE

Group of <3 persons, contact for More Discounts!

Certified Mountain/City Guide Free!

Map of Damavand Northeast Tour & Important Information

As one of Iran’s tourist attractions, Damavand Peak fascinates a large number of climbers every year. The goal of all these people is not just to climb the peak, take a few memorial photos or satisfy the spirit of adventure.
Rather, some of them seek peace and enjoyment of the unique nature of Damavand, meditation, or spiritual communication.

Whatever the purpose of the climb Damavand, it is important that you do it safely and return with pleasant memories.

So to have a safe and enjoyable ascent to Damavand peak from the northeast route, in addition to paying attention to the following tips, trust the experienced Iran Exploration Tour Operator team and book your trip with us.



Tehran to Damavand North East Base Camp at Nandal Village: ~ 150 km (3-5 hrs)

Gardaneh Sar (end of the gravel road) to Chaman Bon Camp 4100 m: 3.3 km (6 hrs)

Chaman Bon Camp to Damavand Summit 5610 m: 3.8 km (6-8 hrs)


At the altitude of 4800 m Damavand northeast route: Rocky and narrow paths with the danger of fall

Around 5000 to 5150 m Damavand northeast route: Rocky and narrow paths with the danger of fall

At the altitude of 5300 m Damavand northeast route to the summit: Snowy (maybe icy) path with the danger of lost the main route in ascend or descend


Iranian Cuisine including delicious meals. You can inform us about your diet, so the cooks on the mountain or outdoors will provide your meals as your wishes. Also in the cities, the guide trying to find a restaurant that prepares meals according to your diet (if availability and group conditions).

Mount Damavand Map-Satellite-

Mount Damavand Map – Satellite – Click to see more details


Tehran (1600-1800 m) to Nandal Base Camp (2300 m): +500-700 m

Nandal (2300 m) to Gardaneh Sar (2900 m) by 4WD car or Pickup: +600 m

Gardaneh Sar (2900 m) to Chaman Bon Camp (4100 m) Trekking: +1200 m

Chaman Bon Camp (4100 m) to Damavand Summit (5610) Trekking: +1500 m


As you may see in the INCLUDING SERVICES, travel insurance is not included in your package. So we strongly recommend you to buy full coverage insurance for outdoor activity (including foreign travel insurance).

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Climbing Damavand Northeast Tour FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers about Damavand Northeast Tour

Both Damavand Northeast and southern route are normal and non-technical routes. Totally, the Southern route is more accessible, crowded with better facilities in Damavand south hut, but the northeastern route is less crowded, quiet and, less steeply. You can read more difference between Damavand routes here.

As mentioned in Include Services, and considering the limitation of carrying weight by porters, each person is allowed to take 7-8 km of personal stuff. We will give you a duffle bag that has enough capacity for two-person stuff (15-16 kg) and it will carry up by porters. As our experience and considering don’t need to take any food/water in the luggage, 7-8 kg is enough allowed weight including clothes, sleeping bag, personal stuff.

Although there is no logical reason other than seeing Damavands two routes in one tour, yes it is possible. To do this, you will pack up your camp at the summit day before the climb. Then the porters will come up and take your stuff to Nandal village. Also depending on your ability to descend to Bargah Sevom hut in the southern route or descend to Polour village, you may need a booking hut, sleeping bag, etc. in the southern route. Of course, this option costs more for you.

Of course, as many clients request a certificate to prove their successful ascent to Damavand, we will give you a climbing certificate from Iran Exploration Tour Operator for free, by confirming your successful ascent by your mountain guide. Also, the I.R Mountaineering Federation Certificate will be accessible for 30 $ (per order is necessary).

Didn’t find your answer?

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During years of experience as tour operators in Iran, we found out that most of the travelers like to have an extra Isfahan tour after the Damavand trekking as the cultural part of their trip in Iran. The combination of Damavand trekking with a cultural trip to Kashan & Isfahan could be the best and most interesting adventure & cultural trip to Iran.

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