Damavand Trek, A 4 Days Tour

The Best Damavand Trek Tour with the Most Successful Acclimatization

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 690 € 440 €


Damavand Trek 4-Day Tour Overview

Start on a life-changing adventure with our expertly guided 4-day Damavand Trek! This meticulously crafted itinerary prioritizes safety and success through optimal acclimatization. Our Damavand climb for beginners ensures ample time for gradual altitude adjustment, maximizing your chances of reaching the summit (5,610 meters) of Mount Damavand, the highest peak in the Middle East & highest Volcano in Asia.


Why Choose Our 4-Day Damavand Trek?

By reading the tour itinerary and full details of the tour on this page, you will understand why chose Iran Exploration as your Damavand Trek 4-Day tour. Below we will introduce you to some of the simplest reasons in short…

  • Damavand Trek- On the Summit- 5610 m

    Damavand Trek- On the Summit- 5610 m

    Unmatched Expertise: Our highly trained and certified guides boast years of experience navigating Damavand’s challenging terrain. Their deep knowledge of the mountain and prioritization of safety will ensure an unforgettable and successful climb.

  • Optimal Acclimatization: Unlike some rushed itineraries, ours incorporates a gradual ascent for proper acclimatization, maximizing your chances of reaching the summit (5,610 meters), the highest point in the Middle East and the highest volcano in Asia.
  • Convenience and Comfort: Your journey begins and ends in Tehran, eliminating unnecessary travel hassles. Throughout the mountain portion, enjoy the comfort of our private hostel in Rineh village. This hidden gem boasts friendly staff, delicious freshly cooked meals, hot showers, free Wi-Fi, and all the essentials for a relaxing post-hike retreat.
  • Full Board Services: Focus on the trek itself and leave the logistics to us. Savor delicious and nutritious meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients throughout your mountain adventure according to your diet.
  • Eco-Conscious Travel: As a Best Iran Tour Operator since 2007, we operate with a deep respect for Damavand’s breathtaking environment. Our practices minimize environmental impact, ensuring the mountain’s pristine beauty is preserved for future generations.

A 4-Day Damavand Trek Tour at A Glance


Group Size: Min 2, Max 8 Duration: 4 Days  Meals: Full Board
Suitable for age: +10 Activity: Trek & Climb Join in: Tehran, End in: Tehran
Best Time: May 1st till November 30th Physical Rating: Level 3/5 (Moderate to Challenging) Max. altitude: 5610 m
  • Photography of the unique nature of the Damavand Volcano
  • Trek up to the highest summit in Iran & Highest volcano in Asia
  • Enjoying the beautiful scenery of Lar Lake & National Park from the high altitude
  • Chance of seeing the Caspian Sea from the top of Damavand Peak
  • Visiting local people, Damavand nomads, and shepherd
  • Damavand Trek Tour is suitable for average fitness & physical capabilities
Day 1
  • Tehran to Rineh
  • Acclimatization to ~ 3000 m
Day 2
  • Trek to Bargah Sevom Camp 4250 m
  • Acclimatization to ~ 4600 m
Day 3
  • Climb to Damavand Summit
  • Descend to the hut/camp 4250
Day 4
  • Back to the Damavand Hostel 2200 m
  • Drive back to Tehran

A 4-Day Damavand Trek Tour Itinerary

This section will familiarize you with the Damavand trek itinerary details. What is the daily itinerary like? What time do we start the trek? Where do we sleep and rest other details of the Damavand trek…

Surely, before or after reading the itinerary, you should read “Mythical Beliefs and Folklore of Mount Damavand” to learn about the culture and customs of the rural people on the foothills of Damavand.

Please note that the itinerary may have changed due to weather conditions or your mountain guide’s decision in special circumstances.

START: Regularly 8-10 AM, From Tehran TOUR ENDING: Expected 18-20 At Tehran


1st Day

Starting Damavand Trek & Unveiling the Majesty

Damavand Guided Tour or Solo Climb

Damavand Snowy Cap

Imagine waking to the bustling energy of Tehran, a vibrant city eager to greet you. But your heart yearns for something more – the towering peak of Damavand beckons.

Early morning (between 8-10 AM), your expert guide will pick you up from your residence in Tehran (any hotel, hostel, or else). As you depart the city, the landscape transforms, trading urban for rolling hills painted with vibrant colorings.

Soon, you reach Rineh Town (2-3 hours), a charming village at the foot of Damavand, where Damavand Hostel whispers stories of past adventurers.

After a warm lunch, introductions with your fellow explorers, and leaving your extra equipment (city clothes, suitcase, etc) in the hostel it’s time to meet the mountain itself! An acclimatization hike awaits, leading you to wildflowers. Breathe in the crisp mountain air, your senses awakened by the symphony of nature. As you reach a slightly higher point, Damavand unfolds its grandeur before you, a giant guarding the horizon.

Evening you will set up camp or be accommodated in local sharing rooms at an altitude of 3000 m campsite.


  • In some cases, depending on weather conditions, the number of Iranian climbers crowds, the group combination, and our Damavand Hostel capacity in Rineh, you may get back to the hostel for better sleep in the most comfortable rooms.
  • In this case, you will transferred to the 3000 m camp in next morning by 4WD cars and start Damavand Trek from there.

O/N at Camp tent/local room or Hostel in Rineh (Lunch Box & Dinner).


2-3 hrs       + 600-800 m       2-4 hrs       Camp/Damavand Hostel       L.D



2nd Day

Ready for Trek to Damavand Hut/Camp 4250 m

Damavand Trek Tour Bargah Sevom Camp 4250 m

Damavand Trek-Bargah Sevom Camp-4250 m

With a hearty breakfast fueling your spirit, Day 2 of Damavand Trek starting. In the Goosfandsara camp at 3000 m level, we will load our luggage into Mules/Porters by just keeping lightweight backpacks for today’s ascend.

The trek ascends further, muscles warming up as you traverse rugged terrain. The air pressure thins slightly, but the breathtaking views compensate, offering panoramas that stretch as far as the eye can see.

As you approach Bargah-e Sevom, the southern camp of Damavand, a sense of victory washes over you. Here, at an altitude of around 4250 meters, you’ll spend the night, either in a dorm bed at the hut or a tent, enjoying watching the sky.

NOTE: Depending on weather conditions, time of arrival to the camp, and group conditions, it is strongly recommended to trek up to around 4600-4700 meters altitude of Damavand for better acclimatization.

O /N at the hut dorm or two-person tent (Full board, Breakfast. Lunch box. Dinner).


45 min       +1200 m       4-6 hrs       Hut Dorm/Tent Camp       Full Board



3rd Day

Damavand Summit Trek, A Test of Will and Reward

Trek Damavand Tour- On the top of Damavand Summit Crater

On the top of Damavand Summit Crater

This is the day etched in legend – the summit push!

Headlamps pierce the darkness as you start on the challenging trek. The world awakens slowly, displaying a shadow of snow-capped peaks painted in the golden hues of sunrise.

The path ahead might feel challenging, but your guide’s knowledge and encouragement will push you forward. Every step brings you closer to your goal, and with each beaten slope, the panorama unfolds even further.

Reaching the summit of Damavand, the “Roof of Persia,” is a moment of pure joy. Standing on the highest point in the Middle East and the highest volcano in Asia, the world stretches out before you, a breathtaking reward for your endurance.

Savor the view, capture the moment in photographs, and let the feeling of victory wash over you. As you descend back to Bargah-e Sevom, a sense of satisfaction fills your heart.

Upon arrival at the camp, you will be congratulated and served hot soup and delicious meals for better rest and recovery.

NOTE: Depending on weather conditions, the group fitness, availability of mules/porters, and the Damavand Hostel capacity in Rineh, you may get back to the hostel for better sleep in the most comfortable rooms.

O /N at the hut dorm or two-person tent (Full board, Breakfast. Lunch box. Dinner).


N A       +1350 m       5-8 hrs       Hut Dorm/Tent Camp       Full Board



4th Day

End of Damavand Trek, Descend Hostel, Get back to Tehran

Damavand Trek Last Day

Happy after the successful Damavand Trek

After a final breakfast, it’s time to bid farewell to Damavand. Same as the first day we will load luggage onto the mules and start trekking down to Goosfandsara (2-3 hours) to be driven on a gravel road to the hostel.

There you can take a shower, pack your mountain stuff, and get ready to drive back to Tehran.
As you depart Rineh, take one last look at the mountain, forever carved in your memory.

The scenic drive back to Tehran is a chance to reflect on your adventure, the challenges overcome, and the breathtaking landscapes you’ve conquered.

Your journey ends in Tehran (any location), but the memories of your 4-day Damavand trek will stay with you forever (Breakfast & Lunch).


  • Depending on your arrival time at the Damavand Hostel, and your guide’s decision, you may have a chance to go to LARIJAN LOCAL HOT SPRING and enjoy swimming in natural mineral and sulfuric hot water in private or public pools for an extra charge of 10-15 EUR per person.
  • Damavand Climbing Certificate will be available on request.


3-4 hrs       -1200 m       2-3 hrs       N A       B. L


See the Beauty of Damavand with Our South Route Trek Video!

Want a sneak glance at the incredible Damavand trek? Words can only do so much, so we’ve created a video showcasing the entire Southern Route adventure!

This video, carefully crafted by the Iran Exploration team, highlights every aspect of the Damavand trek. It’s the perfect resource for anyone considering conquering this magnificent mountain.

Watch and Imagine Yourself There!

Hit play and embark on a virtual trek up Damavand’s peak! See the breathtaking scenery, witness the well-organized itinerary, and imagine yourself reaching the summit.

Short on Time? Here’s a Quick Preview:

For those who can’t watch the full video now, here’s a glimpse of what awaits:

Follow one of our groups on the Damavand southern route trek, starting at Goosfand Sara Camp (3000 meters).
Witness the careful planning and efficient use of mules to transport luggage. See the group arrives at Bargah-e Sevom Camp (4250 meters), where they’ll enjoy delicious Iranian food and well-deserved rest.
Discover More!
Ready to unlock the secrets of the Damavand trek and experience the stunning views from the summit? Watch the full video to discover more!

Damavand Trek Accommodation

Actually, we try all our best to provide you with the best rest and recovery in the most comfortable accommodation during the 4-day Damavand Trek tour.

In this way, trust our experiences in operating Damavand Tours we considered a variety of available accommodations for this tour, and depending on availability and conditions we will make the best decision. You can read the details below…

Day/Night 1 Hostel Shared Room or Tent Camp
Day/Night 2 Hut Dorm or Tent Camp
Day/Night 3 Dorm/Tent or Hostel Shared Room


Day/Night 1 Accommodation

Damavand trek - Hostel - Guesthouse in Rineh - PolourAs described in the 4-Day Damavand Trek tour full itinerary, and the title of the tour shows, it is categorized in our Iran Trekking Tours. So when a tour carries the subject of Trek in its title, it means that you have to be ready for a real adventure holiday in Iran.

This tour starts and ends in Tehran which means your accommodation during your stay in Tehran is not included. Don’t worry, as one of the most skilled tour operators in Iran, we are working with the best hotels and hostels in the whole country, so just contact us and tell us which kind of accommodation you need during your Iran tour.

By leaving Tehran to Mount Damavand you will have a rest at our private accommodation in Rineh Town called Damavand Hostel. You will have a few rest there and afternoon will start your first day of the Damavand trek tour by ascending to around 3000 m height to be adapted to altitude and mountain.

As described in the tour itinerary, the group will set up the camp at Goosfandsara and spend overnight there at a tent camp.

There are some local rooms at Goosfandsara that are not clean and comfortable enough, so not recommended.

To provide the most comfortable sleep for our clients, sometimes we offer them to trek up to 3000 m and back to the hostel in the town to have a better rest and recovery. Of course, it will be depending on the weather conditions, hostel capacity, your guide’s decision, etc. By the way, it could be a good option…


Day/Night 2 Accommodation

Mount Damavand Camp 2 & Alborz Mountains viewThere is a good refuge and an old metal Bivouac at 4250 m altitude next to many good and flattened campsites. Normally we offer sleeping at a tent camp because they will be too busy and noisy from July to the middle of September.

On the other hand, the Damavand trek before normal season is really cold. So it is recommended to sleep at the hut dorm (shared rooms) instead of camping outside. So April & May till the middle of June and later than September, we will try to book hut rooms for our groups.

Of course, everything will be depending on your booking date/time and the capacity of the hut. Earlier booking, more chance of availability of sleeping in the hut.


Day/Night 3 Accommodation

The summit day in the 4-day Damavand trek tour is the longest and most difficult day of the tour. based on this, we considered that the group sleep in a tent camp or hut dorm (stay at 4250 m altitude).

In some cases, depending on the group’s fitnesses and readiness after climbing the summit and back to the camp, weather conditions, availability of transport down luggage by mules, and most importantly, the capacity of the hostel, we may have a chance to decent to the town and sleep more comfortably in our lovely Damavand hostel.

So if possible, the group will descend on the 3rd day after climbing the summit and sleep in the hostel.

Services in 4-Day Damavand Trek Tour

By choosing the 4-day Damavand trek tour, you will have all the services you need from Tehran to the top of Mount Damavand and back to Tehran. All services have been carefully selected based on your needs for a safe and successful trip so that you can climb Damavand Peak without worry and with peace of mind.

In the following tables, you can see the included, excluded, and additional services that you can get on this tour. You can also contact us if you need special services, and you be sure that they will be provided for you.

Including services
Excluding services
Travel options (Extras) +

Tour Services Include


Visa processes (Iran Visa Reference Number & Paperwork)
Pick up from Tehran
Digital Climbing Certificate 
Fresh meals & Fruits
1 x night in a Hostel/Guesthouse at Polour/Rineh Village
3 x nights in Mountain Camp
All Meals including 4 Breakfast – 5 Lunch Box – 4 Dinner
Duffel bag to carrying stuff
All transfer, Sedan/ Van/ Bus & 4WD rides
Hot shower and facilities at hostel/guesthouse
Luggage transport between camps
Local expert Mountain Guide and cook during the program
Free Two-person Tent
Transfer back to Tehran

Tour Services Do Not Include


International flight, Entrances & Tickets
 Visa fee
 Climbing permits for Damavand summit 50$
Carrying over 15 kg luggage to Damavand camp
Extra plans in case of bad weather/changes program
Tips and extra nights at hotels/accommodation
Any other services that do not specify above

Tour Extra Services +


Single Room 45 € / per night
Private Tent on mountain 15 € / per night
Urgent Visa (24 to 48 hrs) 60 €
Private Mountain Guide 100 to 180 € / per day
City Guide 100 to 150 € / per day
Airport Transfer 45-75 €
Private Transfer (price on request)

Damavand Trekking Tour Price & Booking TimeTable

You Can See Mount Damavand Trekking Tour Prices and Available Dates on the Below Booking Timetable.

Please note that the mentioned prices below are calculated based on a group tour (two or more people). In case you are alone, you have to join a group or choose a PRIVATE DEPARTURE which will cost an extra charge of 30% on the mentioned prices.

Damavand Trek Tour Price

From 440 €

Click on each month to see available dates and prices…

Climb Damavand in January & February – March & April

As you may know and can read about Damavand climbing season, the normal months for summer treks in Damavand are between June and September.

But as the most skillful and one of the best tour operator in Iran, we are proud to tell you that we can organize and operate your Damavand trekking tour year-round.

In this way, Damavand tours in December, January, and February will be considered winter climbing and expedition base tours, which need much more skills and altitude types of equipment.

Although March & April in Damavand are still winter condition, snowy and cold, these periods of the year is the best time for the Damavdn ski tour.

So if you are interested in climbing Damavand off-season, contact our expert counselors staff to get the most useful information.

January & February 2024

Available on Requests 

March & April 2024

Available on Requests 

Every Sunday in May 2024

 540 €
Available & Guaranteed

Every Sunday in June 2024

540 490 €
Available & Discounted

Every Sunday in July 2024

540 440 €
Available & Discounted

Every Sunday in August 2024

540 440 €
Available & Discounted

Every Sunday in September 2024

540 440 €
Available & Discounted

Every Sunday in October 2024

540 490 €
Available & Discounted

November & December 2024

Available on Requests 

Your desired date is not included???

You can ask us for an Individual Departure at the SAME PRICE…

Group of +3 persons, contact for More Discounts!

Certified Mountain Guide are Free!

Damavand Trek 4-Day Tour Map (Southern Route)

You can see the Damavand trek tour map above, which is designed for a 4-day tour from the southern route. In this map, routes are separated by different colors. For better understanding, you can click on the map to see it in a bigger size.

When it comes to the Damavand trek tour, the most famous and most common route is the southern route.
A beautiful path, and of course accessible, with suitable places for a campsite, a good shelter, public baths and a water spring next to the camp.

The start point of the Damavand trek tour is from the southern route by Rineh town or Polour village. To reach this point, you have to go north from Tehran through the mountain road of Haraz, and after 2-3 hours you will reach this town/village. To climb Damavand, tourists must pay $50 to the Iran Mountaineering Federation and receive a climbing permit.

As you can see in the Damavand trek map from the south route, we will transfer our group to Rineh first, and after resting, changing clothes, and leaving extra stuff in the Damavand Hostel, our trekking to this beautiful peak will begin.

The first day starts with a light trek to the foothills of Damavand and up to an approximate height of 3000 meters, on the second day we will climb to the shelter of Bargah Som at an altitude of 4250 meters, and on the third day, we will climb to the Damavand peak.
If you need to download a higher-quality map, contact us.

Damavand Trek Map Southern Route 4 Days
Damavand Trek Map Southern Route 4 Days

Powered by Wikiloc

FAQ in 4 Day Damavand Trek Tour

You can find all frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers about the Damavand trek tour from the southern route & all about this tour are answered below…

If you can not find your questions answered in the tour details or below list of FAQs below, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask anything that comes to your mind regarding Damavand trekking tours.

Mount Damavand is 5610 m high (tall). There are 5671 m or else written somewhere, but that’s not trustworthy! In 2008 a group of scientists from the Iran Geology Association did a measurement project on Damavand and the exact altitude was 5609.10 m. Read more about Damavand’s height here.

The answer is simple and complicated! You can climb Mount Damavand for 2 to 5 days. Some professional sky runners do it even in 24 hours, but it’s not recommended. The best and safest could be climbing in 5 days from Tehran to Tehran.

This is a fully guided tour from Tehran to Tehran, including all meals, accommodation in mountain shelters, and professional guidance throughout the trek.

The climbing season for Damavand is from mid-June to mid-September. Booking in advance is recommended, especially during peak season.

Depending on your booking time and availability, you’ll be staying in a mountain hut with dormitory-style bunk beds or a two-person tent camp. Also as described in the tour itinerary, you may sleep one night at Damavand hostel in Rineh town.

No, all meals are included in the tour. You’ll only need to carry water for the day’s hike (typically 1.5 to 2 liters) as refills will be provided at camps.

Due to the high altitude and cold temperatures, showering is not recommended. Basic freshening up with wipes is possible. But you can take a shower at the Damavand hostel, before or after the Damavand trek.

We will provide a detailed packing list upon booking to ensure you have everything you need for a safe and comfortable trek. You can also see the Damavand equipment list in the Damavand Climbing Guide article.

Didn’t find your answer?

We are online 24/7 days a week to answer your probable questions…

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Damavand Trekking & Tehran Tour

When we think of the Damavand Trekking Tour, the first thing that comes to our mind is climbing the southern face of this mountain.

So the 7-day Damavand trekking tour and Tehran sightseeing, can provide the best combination for those who want to visit Iran in a week and have a successful Damavand trek…

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Damavand Trek Scenery from Northeast

Damavand Trek North East Route

If you are looking for fewer crowds and a beautiful route for the Damavand trek tour, the northeast route is the best choice for you. A 5-day trek program, with a suitable acclimatization process and safe climb to the highest volcanic peak in Asia. Full board services include all the needed for a successful climb, from Tehran to Tehran.

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