Damavand and Alam kuh Tour, Climbing two highest peaks of Iran

Damavand and Alam Kuh Tour

Experiencing Iran’s Alpine peak of Alam Kuh 4850 m and Trek Damavand 5610

Tour Price

FROM  1099 € 799 €

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There is no doubt that the Damavand and Alam Kuh Climbing tour is one of the most beautiful, attractive, and best options for tourists who like to Travel to Iran for Trekking Tours.

The duration of the Damavand Trek & Alamkuh climbing tour is 9 days, but it is designed in such a way that you can use the minimum amount of work leave thanks to the overlap of two weekends.
It is not too long to be a boring journey, nor is it so short that you do not enjoy Trekking in Iran and the Alborz mountains.
Damavand and Alam Kooh’s climb starts on Saturday and ends on the ninth day, on Sunday.

Continue reading about the details of this beautiful trekking tour in Alam Kooh and Damavand Iran.

The Excellence of Damavand & Alamkuh Tour

If you are a trekking and mountaineering lover and, travel to many countries for this purpose, Iran can definitely be one of your favorite destinations.

Although Trekking tours in Iran are very diverse and attractive, the Damavand & Alamkooh Climbing tour with its unique excellence will be the best option for those who like Iran Trekking tours.

Among the excellence of this tour, the following can be mentioned.

– Climbing the two highest peaks in Iran

– Use two weekends and need the least amount of leave/vacation

– A specialized trekking and mountaineering trip

– Excellent acclimatization before climbing Damavand Peak

– Unbeatable price from 685 Euros for 9 days of full board

– Climb to the height of 4850 meters of Alamkuh, equivalent to the Mont Blanc

– Damavand trekking, the highest volcanic peak in Asia with 5610 meters height

All these cases and dozens of other advantages make attract mountaineers from all over the world to come to Iran every year and participate in Damavand and Alamkuh Climbing tours.

Scroll down to read the required information about Damavand and Alam Kooh.

Damavand Trek & Caspian Sea

With more than thousands of tourists who travel to Iran for Damavand Trek tours every year, this mountain is one of the most important tourist attractions in Iran.

A single and cone-shaped peak, located in the middle of the Alborz Mountains, between the Caspian Sea and the central desert of Iran.
The semi-extinct volcano lasts between 3 to 5 days to climb in the summertime which is the best season.

Although its hiking tours are very diverse, Damavand Trek & Alamkuh Climbing touring tour is one of the best and most attractive ones.
For a comfortable, safe, and successful Damavand trek, the most important issue is always adapting to the high altitude and suitable acclimatization. So what better plan than training and climbing the Alamkooh.

After 4 days of trekking on the 4000 meters peaks of Alamkooh, you will get the necessary preparation for a pleasant and safe ascent to Damavand.

Another attraction of this trip is that after climbing the Alamkuh and before trek Damavand, you will go to a height of -26 meters to the shores of the Caspian Sea, and then head up to the Damavand.
Before planning a trip to climb to the top of Mount Damavand and Alamkuh, don’t miss reading “Unraveling the Mysteries of Mount Damavand’s Mythology“.

Sulfur Gas in Trek Damavand
Climbing Alamkuh or Alamkooh Scenery of Alamchal- North Glacier

Mount Alamkuh or Alam Kooh

Alamkuh Mountain or Alam Kooh (in Persian: علم کوه), which is located in the Takht-e Soleiman mountainous region, in Mazandaran province, Kelardasht city, with an altitude of 4850 above sea level, is the second-highest peak in Iran.

There are two main mountaineering routes to climb the summit. The northern route to the Sarchal/Alamchal, then climb to AlamKuh, and its southern route, which is actually the normal route of Alam Kooh tracking

In Damavand Trek and Alamkooh Climbing tour, we will go to Kelardasht city on the first day and then Vanderben village at the foot of this mountain. We will spend the night in the mountaineering guest house and prepare for tomorrow’s climb.

The next day, using a 4WD car, we go to an altitude of 3100 meters in the Tang-e Galoo and from there we start our trek to Hesarchal plain and the location of Alam Kuh camp.
A vast and lush plain surrounded by many peaks of 3,000 and 4,000 meters.

The next day, we will first climb one of the peaks of the 4,000-meter in the AlamKuh area and spend the night in our camp.
Finally, after adapting to the altitude and getting acquainted with the mountains, we will move towards the peak of Alamkuh. In the middle of the ascent to Alam Kooh, we will climb the Marjikesh peak and after about 6 hours, you will see yourself at the top of the 4850-meter peak of Alam Kuh.
In the evening, returning to the village by gathering the camp and happy to climb Alamkuh, we prepare to travel to the Caspian Sea and move to Damavand the next day.


Group Size: Min 2, Max 8 Duration: 9 Days  Meals: Full Board (in Mountain)
Suitable for age: 11+ Activity: Hiking & Trekking Join in: Tehran, End in: Tehran
Best Time: June 15th till October 15th Physical Rating: Level 3/5 (Moderate to Challenging) Max. altitude: 5610 m
  • Photography of unique nature of Alborz Mountains
  • Damavand Trekking & Alamkuh climbing, top two highest peaks of Iran
  • Visiting the Hyrcanian forests and the Caspian Sea
  • Chance of seeing the Caspian Sea from the top of Damavand & Alam Kuh
  • Excellent acclimatization in the Alamkooh before Damavand Trek
  • Visit local people, Iranian hospitality and experience delicious local meals
  • Economy price for Damavand Trek & Alamkuh, 9 days tour from 685 €

Damavand & Alamkuh Tour Itinerary

The Damavand & Alamkuh Climbing tour itinerary is one of the best and most successful designs among our adventure tours in Iran Tour Packages.

A 9-day tour, designed in such a way that you can use two weekends and you will need the least amount of leave or vacation.
Damavand & Alamkooh tour starts on Saturday and ends on Sunday next week. So in a 9-day itinerary, you will make the most of your 4 days of the weekend.

This issue, along with many other positive points, has made the Damavand and Alamkuh Climbing Tour, one of the most popular and best-selling tours in Iran Tour Operator packages.

Please note that the itinerary may be changed due to weather conditions or your mountain guide’s decision.

START: Regularly 08:30 AM, From Tehran TOUR ENDING: Expected 18:00, At Tehran

1st Day

Start Alamkuh Climbing Tour, Stay in Vanderben Village

Climbing Alamkuh- River cross at Tang-e Galoo to Hesarchal

Climbing Alamkuh- River cross to the camp

This morning, we will start our Alamkuh climbing tour by welcoming the group by the Iran Exploration guide. We leave Tehran to the north of Iran and the Alborz mountain range.

We move towards the city of Kelardasht through the mountainous and winding road of Chalous, one of the most beautiful and famous roads in Iran, which reaches the Caspian Sea. We will have a few breaks and shortstops in the middle of the route, and after 4 to 5 hours we will reach the mountainous city of Kelardasht.
There we will visit the local bazaar of Kelardasht to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and enjoy the beauties of this bazaar at the foot of Alamkooh.

After lunch at a local restaurant (on your charge), we move to the village of Vandarbon at an altitude of approximately 2400 meters. The route is not very smooth and from here we drive to the mountaineering federation guesthouse in the village of Vandarbon by 4×4 car.

After a short rest in our rooms (6 beds sharing rooms), we can have light trekking around the base camp and prepare tomorrow’s luggage to transfer by mules to a higher camp. Tonight, at dinner time, we will talk about the program for the coming days, and while answering your questions, we will coordinate our plan to climb Alamkuh.

O /N at the local house or guesthouse in Vandarbon village full board (Dinner includes).


4-6 hrs       +600 m       NA       Local House/Guesthouse       Dinner


2nd Day

Climbing to the Alam Kuh Base Camp

Luggage Transfer to Alamkuh Camp for Climbing Tour

Luggage Transfer to Alamkuh Camp for Climbing Tour

After having breakfast, loading the luggage in 4×4 cars, we move from a beautiful and mountainous gravel road to the beginning of the Alam Kuh Trekking route.

In the middle of the road, we cross the roaring rivers and enjoy passing the nomads of the region by watching flocks of sheep grazing. At the end of the road we reach a narrow and rocky valley known as the Tang-e Galoo means a tight gorge.

Here we leave our luggage to mules and porters and start from a beautiful valley next to a river full of water with a gentle slope of our Alamkooh trekking. The combination of water, snow, mountains, and beautiful flowers creates a unique landscape for us.

Considering that we need good acclimatization in the coming days to Damavand Trek, we will hike slowly. After about 3 hours we arrive at the Alamkuh campsite. A wide and beautiful plain called Hesar Chal, which is surrounded by famous 4000 meters peaks.

We set up tents and with a hot soup, drinking coffee, the pleasure of being in this beautiful plain is doubled. A unique peace by hearing the sound of melting snow and glaciers. We end the night with dinner in the kitchen tent and a conversation about the peaks in the Takht-e Soleiman area and Alamkooh.

O /N at the Tent Camp full board (Breakfast. Lunch box. Dinner).

1/5 hrs       +650 m       2-3 hrs       Tent Camp       Full Board


3rd Day

Acclimatization day for Damavand and Alam Kuh Climbing

Alamkuh Climbing Acclimatization

Damavand & Alamkuh Climbing Acclimatization

Today, we will trek to one of the beautiful peaks of the region called Lashgarak, which in good weather, it is possible to see Damavand, Alam Kuh, Azadkooh, and other peaks of the Alborz mountain range from here.

After having breakfast, leaving our camp by cross the plain of Hesar Chal and reach the beginning of the climbing route on a gentle and slow slope. After an hour of climbing, we reach a beautiful lake, which is a very beautiful place for relaxation and photography. From this point, you can take the best pictures of Alamkuh peak and the Takht-e Soleiman mountainous area.

Also, given that the Alborz mountains were under the sea millions of years ago, those interested in geology can find many beautiful and unique fossils of the sea animals around the lake.

After a little rest, we continue our way to the summit of Lashgarak. Sometimes on the snow and sometimes from the path until we reach the peak. If the weather is good and clear, from here we can see the view of the conical volcanic peak of Damavand, which is covered with snow and we want to trek it next days.

Depending on the weather conditions, after spending about an hour on the summit for acclimatization and photography, we descend to the camp.

At the camp, we are always served hot soup, tea, coffee, biscuits, and fresh fruit, so we will have time to rest while well drinking. We eat dinner earlier than the night before because tomorrow we have to leave early in the morning for Mount Alamkuh climbing.

O /N at the Tent Camp full board (Breakfast. Lunch box. Dinner).

NA       +600 m/ -600 m       4-6 hrs       Tent Camp       Full Board


4th Day

Climb to Mount Alam Kuh Summit 4850 meters

Mount Alamkuh Climbing -Trekking to the Summit

Mount Alamkuh Climbing – Leave Hesarchal to the Summit

Early in the morning, before sunrise, we eat breakfast and start our climb to the top of Mount Alam Kuh Summit, the second highest peak in Iran.

By crossing the Hesarchal plain and going up, by rising the sun, a beautiful view of the mountains, glaciers, and lakes of the region appears, which is very exciting.

The route we take is on the south side of the summit, which passes through the wild heart of the Alborz Mountains, brings us closer to the second highest peak in Iran.

Alamkooh Granite Climbing Wall, the tallest Climbing Wall in Iran, is located in the northern part of the summit and annually attracts many climbers to this region for rock climbing expeditions. The summit is located at the highest point of this wall and there is a 750-meter precipice on the north side. In case of good weather, it is possible to see some part of this wall from the top of the peak.
Also, from the top of Alamkuh peak, there is a better view of Damavand summit and the shores of the Caspian Sea in the north.

By taking memorize photos and enjoying the beautiful view of the area, we take the return route to the camp. After eating soup and a short rest, the camp gathers and we move to the Tangeh Galoo. There, cars are waiting for us and take us to our accommodation in the Vanderben village in 1 hour. There we can take a hot shower, use the internet, eat a delicious dinner and other facilities needed for our relaxation.

O /N at the local house or guesthouse in Vandarbon village full board (Breakfast. Lunch box. Dinner).

In special circumstances, if the weather conditions on the summit day (according to the itinerary) will not be good, it will be possible to change the summit day by acclimatization day (move the itinerary forward one day).

1 hrs       +1150-1750 m       7-9 hrs       Local House/Guesthouse       Full Board


5th Day

Visiting the Caspian Sea, towards Mount Damavand

Damavand Base Camp-Polour village

Damavand Base Camp-Polour village

After a complete and delicious breakfast, we leave the heart of the mountains through a forest road and reach the largest lake in the world, the beautiful Caspian Sea.

The Caspian Sea is -26 m below the sea level and Iran’s share of rainy and forested beaches is about 750 km, which extends from northwest to northeast.

We continue the road to the east while in the coastal on the right we have the view of the mountains and the forest and on the left, the beauty of the blue Caspian Sea.

Between the way, we stop in one of the northern cities to visit the Caspian coast and sea (maybe swimming), the life of the locals, and visit the fish market if available.

Lunch will be served at the local restaurant with northern food (on your charge), then we will continue our way to reach the Polour village, the Mount Damavand base camp. In Polour we will stay at the Mountaineering guesthouse or a beautiful clean local house.

O /N at the local house or guesthouse in Polour village full board (Breakfast. Dinner).

4-6 hrs       N A       N A       Local House/Guesthouse       Half Board


6th Day

Start Trekking Damavand

Trek Damavand-Camp 4250 m

Damavand Bargah Sevom Camp 4250 m

This morning, using 4WD cars, we drive through the dirt road to Damavand Camp 1, the Goosfandsara camp (or the mosque) to start Mount Damavand Trek. After an hour, we reach the beginning of the route on the southern side.

Here, the famous Damavand Mosque appears and creates a beautiful view for photography. A beautiful golden dome and Damavand peak background create a beautiful frame for photography.

We hand over the luggage to the mules and start the trekking from the specific track with a gentle slope, and gradually get higher. During the ascent, Damavand shelter and the colorful tents around it are visible from a distance.

After 5 to 6 hours of gentle trek, we arrive at our campsite at 4250 m altitude. In the normal season, there are Iranian and international teams here who are excited to climb the Damavand peak in Iran.

After settling in the camp and enjoying the fresh food, we will review the next day’s plan and rest well.

O /N at the Tent Camp/hut full board (Breakfast. Lunch box. Dinner).

1 hrs       +1200 m       5-6 hrs       Tent Camp/Hut       Full Board


7th Day

Mount Damavand acclimatization or Trek the Summit

Due to the good acclimatization of the previous days and last night’s complete rest, today, after having a tasty and high-energy breakfast, we go to higher altitudes for Mount Damavand acclimatization.

From an altitude of 4,250 meters with a light backpack and a tea or coffee flask, we trek toward the summit in 300 to 700 meters (depending on the level of readiness of the group).

In good weather conditions, we will sit for an hour to rest, take photos and enjoy the beauty around us at this altitude, then return to the camp.
As always, we are served at the camp fresh food, drink, and fruit so that we have enough energy for tomorrow.

In special circumstances, if the weather conditions on the summit day (according to the itinerary) will not be good, it will be possible to change the summit day with this day (move the itinerary forward one day).

O /N at the Tent Camp/hut full board (Breakfast. Lunch box. Dinner).

N A       +400-600 m       2-4 hrs       Tent Camp/Hut       Full Board


8th Day

Mount Damavand Summit Trekking

Trek Damavand Tour - On the top of Damavand Summit Crater

On the top of Damavand Summit Crater

We leave the camp before sunrise and start our trekking journey towards Damavand peak.
We climb slowly and will have a short break every hour for a drink, rest, and eat snacks (lunch box) that have been prepared in advance for the summit day.

In the background, the beautiful Dobrar ridge with an approximate length of 70 km and peaks above 4000 meters adds to the beauty of the route. With its high summits and over 1200 meters of untouched slopes, this ridge is the paradise of Ski Turing in Iran in March & April.

On the way, at an altitude of 4800 to 5000 meters of Damavand Mountain trek, we see an icy waterfall. This waterfall, which is frozen all year round, is composed of dripping water from a rock about 20 meters in length.
We still continue our path and after 6 to 7 hours we reach the roof of Iran. The highest point of Iran, the highest volcanic mountain in Asia, and the highest peak in the Middle East.
If the weather is favorable, we can enjoy the views of Alam Kooh summits in the west, the Caspian Sea in the north, Lar National Park in the south, etc.
By taking memorial photos of reach the Damavand trek and happily, we return from the way back to the camp. As usual, we are welcome in the camp and will have a short celebration.

O /N at the Tent Camp/hut full board (Breakfast. Lunch box. Dinner).

N A       +1400 m       6-7 hrs       Tent Camp/Hut       Full Board


9th Day

End of Damavand and Alamkuh Climbing Tour

Damavand Trek Last Day

Happy after Climb Damavand and Alamkuh

After 9 days of memorable and pleasant mountaineering, we will finish the Damavand Trek and Alamkuh Climbing tour.
Happy to climb the two highest peaks of Iran with unique experiences gained from the heart of the Trekking Alborz mountains Iran, we return to Goosfandsara then the village of Polour.

After taking a shower and a little rest, we pack our stuff of trekking in Iran and get ready to return to Tehran.

We enjoy having lunch in one of the local restaurants by remembering our lovely travel to Iran. Then we will return to the capital where we say goodbye, and take you to your airport or your accommodation/hotel in Tehran (if you have more stay in Iran).

If there is enough time, and all the members of the group agree, it will be possible to go to Damavand Natural Spa (Larijan Hot Spring) and enjoy the natural and medical spas of Damavand for an additional fee, before back to Tehran.

O /N, NOT INCLUDE – Half board (Breakfast. Lunch).

3-4 hrs       – 1200 m       3-4 hrs       N A       Half Board


Video of Mount Damavand & Alamkuh Climbing Tour

If you do not have enough time to read the details of the Damavand & Alamkuh Climbing tour itinerary, we invite you to enjoy the unique attractions of this tour and the Alborz Mountains of Iran by watching these videos.

Based on our mission, which is to simplify the trip to Iran and show the real face of Iran to tourists, we are always trying to prepare attractive videos from all over Iran and the different regions where we tour and make them available to our audience.

So you can get more familiar with this tour by taking a few minutes and watching these two interesting videos of Alam Kuh climbing and Damavand Trek.

Climbing Alamkuh & Damavand Video

In the first video (which is actually part of the video of the best Iran trekking tour, Sabalan, Alamkuh, and Damavand), you will get acquainted with the attractions of Alamkuh and the Takht-e Soleiman mountainous region.
You can see how the participants climb this beautiful Alamkooh tour, the second highest peak in Iran with 4850 meters. Where is Alamkuh camp, and how do we climb the peaks of the Alamkuh region for Damavand trek acclimatization?

In the second part of this video, you can see that the group, after successfully climbing Alamkuh summit, goes to Polour village through the Caspian Sea, and then climbs Damavand Peak in the coming days.

Where our well-prepared, and acclimatize, easily, slowly, and steadily surpasses all the groups climbing Damavand and reaches the top of this mountain.

Damavand Trekking Video

In this professional video that was recorded on our Damavand trek tour, you can see the itinerary of this tour day by day. In addition, you will see aerial and attractive views of the top of Damavand Mountain that amaze you on the screen. Damavand volcanic crater, chimneys that emit sulfur gas with loud noise and high pressure, huge rocks, etc.

On day 1 of the Damavand trek tour, you will ascend from 3000 m camp to 4250 m camp of this beautiful mountain called Bargah-e Sevom camp.
Day 2 will start and end by recovering and doing the acclimatization process for the Damavand Trek summit day.
On day 3, the group will head to the summit of Mount Damavand, Iran. Where we climb slowly and continuously to top the summit altogether, happy and proud of Alamkuh’s climb and successful Damavand trek.

Accommodation in Damavand & Alamkuh Climbing Tour

When it comes to adventure and outdoor tours, the issue of accommodation for rest and overnight is very important.
For example, in Damavand and Alamkuh Climbing tour, we will stay in 4 types of accommodation during the performance of this 9-day tour in Iran.

The guesthouse of the Iran Mountaineering Federation, or a local house in the village of Polour, for Damavand Trek, at an altitude of 2400 meters, as well as an eco-camp and accommodation in mountaineering tents at the time of Damavand trek at an altitude of 4250 meters.

Also, during the climb to Alamkuh, we will sleep in the guesthouse of the Iran Mountaineering Federation in the village of Vandarbon, and on the way to the peak of Alamkuh, we will spend a few nights in Hesarchal Ecocamp and in mountaineering tents at an altitude of 3700 meters.

Damavand Base Camp Southern Route I.R Mountaineering Federation Guesthouse

Damavand Base Camp

Iran Mountaineering Federation’s Guesthouse that known as Damavand base camp. In most Damavand Trek tours, we stay a couple of nights in this guesthouse.
A huge well-equipped sports complex designed for winter sports and mountaineering sports. The complex including a climbing hall (Dry Tolling), 8 sharing rooms (6, 8 and 16 people). The hot shower and bath, free Wi-Fi, and beautiful open yard that you can run or hike around it for better acclimatization on Damavand Trek tours. You can see these hut facilities below:

Mount Damavand Camp 2 & Alborz Mountains view

Damavand Eco-Camp

Damavand Trek Eco-Camp or summer camp (Bargah-e-Sevom) is located at an altitude of 4250 meters. This camp, which is actually the second camp of Damavand Mountain in the southern direction, will be set up next to the Barhah-e-Sevom hut for the Damavand Trek Tours. There are many stone benches for setting up tents and camps in this area. There is a toilet near the hut and it is possible to buy food, tea, or snacks at the shelter.
We set up our tents next to a round room (igloo) and use this special room for dining, rest, and cooking. You can see these hut facilities below:

Alamkuh Base-camp Vandarbon village

Alamkuh Climbing Base Camp

An equipped large building, full of peace, lying on the foothills of Alamkuh. The guest house of the Mountaineering Federation of Iran in the village of Vanderban, which is ready to service mountaineers before and after climbing Alamkuh.
It is a very large building and accommodation, which has a climbing hall, some sharing rooms (6, 8 and 16 people). The hot shower and bath, free Wi-Fi sometimes!!! and a beautiful environment has made this guesthouse one of the best options for Alamkuh climbing tours. You can see these hut facilities below:

Alamkuh Climbing Eco-Camp-Southern Route

Alamkuh Climbing Eco-Camp

Mount Alamkuh or Alam Kooh Eco-Camp at the Hesarchal area at an altitude of around 3700 meters. This camp, which is the main camp of Alamkuh climbing tours, is placed in the southern direction of this interesting mountain.
A lush and high plain, with many places to set up camp, drinking water from springs, beautiful seasonal lakes & rivers, which are surrounded by high peaks above 4000 meters.
We set up our tents away from the ascend route to be calm, and use our dining tent for the kitchen and serving the meals. You can see these hut facilities below:

Tour Difficulty:

(3 / 5)

This trip grading involves a combination of our MODERATE and CHALLENGING levels. The emphasis is on moderate activity with several challenging stages. These adventures involve Ski-touring, trekking, cycling, or rafting in remote areas in variable weather conditions for up to 7 to 8 hours a day (possibly more subject to weather conditions and altitude).

Damavand South route Ski-tour is not technical, but it needs skill skiing at high altitude and knowledge of snows kind and condition.

Damavand & Alamkuh Climbing Tour Services

By Booking Damavand & Alamkuh Climbing Tour, you have the following services

Including services
Excluding services
Travel options +

Our Services Includes

Visa processes (Iran Visa Reference number & paperwork)
Pick up from Tehran
Digital Climbing Certificate 
3 x nights in a Guesthouse/Local house at Polour/Vandarbon
5 x nights in Mountain Camp | Two-person tent
All Meals in Mountain: 8 Breakfast – 7 Lunch/Lunch Box – 8 Dinner
Duffel bag to carrying stuff
All transfer, Sedan/ Van/ Bus & 4WD rides
Organization of the whole trek
Luggage transport between camps (By mules, porters, or Jeep)
Local expert Mountain Guide and cook during the program
Fresh meals & Fruits
Free Two-person Tent
Transfer back to Tehran

Our Services do not Include


International flight
Entrances & Tickets
Visa fee
Climbing permits for Damavand & Alamkuh 50+30 $
Extra plans in case of bad weather or changes in program
Tips and extra nights at hotels/accommodation
Any other services that do not specify above

Optional Services +


Single Room 35 to 50 € / per night
Private Tent on mountain 10 € / per night
Urgent Visa (24 to 48 hrs) 35 €
Private Mountain Guide 80 to 120 € / per day
City Guide 60 to 100 € / per day
Airport Transfer 45 € (one way)
Private Transfer (price on request)

Damavand & Alamkuh Tour Price & Booking

You can see Mount Damavand & Alamkuh Climbing Tour Prices and Available Dates below Timetable:

Book your tour without worries about cancellation because all the departures are Guaranteed to perform, with TWO or more participants!!!

NOTE:  No worries if you are alone, or a solo traveler!!! You can join other groups or contact us for a private departure.

Sat 15-23 June 2024

SU 46/T 1
 1099 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 22-30 June 2024

SU 46/T 2
 1099 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 29 June-7 July 2024

1099 € 999 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 6-14 July 2024

SU 46/T 4
 1099 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 13-21 July 2024

SU 46/T 5
 1099 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 20-28 July 2024

1099 € 999 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 27 July-4 Aug  2024

1099 € 799 €
Available & Guaranteed
 Up to 30% Discount

Sat 3-11 Aug  2024

1099 € 999 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 10-18 Aug 2024

1099 € 999 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 17-25 Aug 2024

SU 46/T 10
 1099 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 24 Aug-1 Sep 2024

SU 46/T 11
 1099 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 31 Aug-8 Sep 2024

SU 46/T 12
 1099 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 7-15 Sep 2024

1099 € 999 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 14-22 Sep 2024

1099 € 999 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 21-29 Sep 2024

SU 46/T 15
 1099 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 28 Sep-6 Oct 2024

SU 46/T 16
 1099 €
Available & Guaranteed

Sat 5-13 Oct 2024

SU 46/T 17
 1099 €
Available & Guaranteed

Your desire date is not included???

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Certified Mountain/City Guides are Free!

Map of Damavand & Important Notes

Mount Damavand has 16 Trek routes with different difficulties. There are four main routes and 12 sub-routes in this map, with different degrees of slope, length, and difficulty, which can provide good information for the Damavand Trekkers and climbers.

Well, in order to have safe and successful Trekking in Damavand, it is not bad to get more familiar with the routes and specifications of Damavand hiking trails.

The creators of the map of Damavand have prepared it with great effort and published it in the Persian language for free for those who are interested. Meanwhile, the technical team of Iran Exploration has translated this map into English with great effort and accuracy and has provided it to Damavand Trekkers and hikers for free.

To download a high-quality and printable file of the Damavand map, click on the image or download it for free using the front button.




Tehran to Vandarbon village & Alamkuh Base-Camp 170 km (4-6 hrs)

Tang-e Galoo to Hesarchal Camp of Alamkuh 3700 m: 3 km (3 hrs)

Hesarchal Camp to Alamkuh summit 4850 m: 4.5 km (6-8 hrs)


Vandarbon to Damavand Base Camp at Polour/Rineh Village: 270 km (6 hrs)

Goosfandsara (end of the gravel road) to Bargah-e-Sevom Camp 4250 m: 3.5 km (6 hrs)

Bargah-e-Sevom camp to Damavand Summit 5610 m: 3.8 km (6-8 hrs)


Cross the river and snow paths on Alamkuh: Danger of falling into snow holes and rivers

Between 4550 to 4750 m of Alamkuh southern climbing route: Danger of rockfall and tight path

At the altitude of 5400 m Damavand Southern route to the summit: Danger of lost the main route in ascend or descend at foggy weather


Iranian Cuisine including delicious meals. You can inform us about your diet, so the cooks on the mountain or outdoors will provide your meals as your wishes. Also in the cities, the guide trying to find a restaurant that prepares meals according to your diet (if available and group acceptance).

Mount Damavand Map-Satellite- www.IranExploration.com

Mount Damavand Map – Satellite – Click to see more details



Tehran (1600-1800 m) to Alamkuh Base Camp at Vandarbon (2400 m): +600-800 m

Vandarbon to Hesarchal Camp (3700 m): +1300 m

Hesarchal Camp to Alamkuh summit (4850 m): 1150 m

Damavand Base Camp (2300 m) to Goosfandsara camp (3000 m) by 4WD car or Pickup: +700 m

Goosfandsara (3000 m) to Bargah-e-Sevom Camp (4250 m) Trekking: +1250 m

Bargah-e-Sevom Camp (4250 m) to Damavand Summit (5610) Trekking: +1360 m



As you may see in the INCLUDING SERVICES, travel insurance is not included in your package. So we strongly recommend you to buy full coverage insurance for the Damavand trek & Alamkuh and all the outdoor activity (including foreign travel insurance).

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Damavand & Alamkuh Tour FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers about Damavand Trek & Alamkuh Tour from Southern Route

In response, it should be said that both Damavand trek and Alamkuh climb are among the highest and most difficult mountains in Iran to climb. Certainly, Damavand will have its difficulties with higher altitudes. But considering that you climb Alamkooh first, you will definitely not have a problem with the height of Damavand.

As mentioned in Include Services, and considering the limitation of carrying weight by porters, each person is allowed to take 7-8 km of personal stuff. We will give you a duffle bag that has enough capacity for two-person stuff (15-16 kg) and it will carry up by porters. As our experience and considering don’t need to take any food/water in the luggage, 7-8 kg is enough allowed weight including clothes, sleeping bag, personal stuff.

Of course, in both Alamkuh & Damavand base camps, the guest houses, or local houses that we choose for the team to stay, there are safe places for storing extra stuff like city clothes, shoes, etc.
However, it is recommended that to keep your passport, wallet, and valuables things with yourself during the trip.

You will have to pay for climbing permits. Damavand permit is 50 $ or Euros and the Alamkuh climbing permit is 30 $ or Euros. According to the new regulations, the tourist has to be present at Iran Mountaineering Federation Offices at Alamkuh & Damavand, show their passports and visas, pay the fee in cash, and get a climbing permit by themselves.

This money is spent on clearing the mountain and taking care of its environment. Certainly, if you do not get permits, it is not possible to climb the AlamKuh and Damavand!

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