Iran Special Adventure & Cultural Tour

Adventure To The Heart Of Iran

Trekking & Cultural sightseeing (20 Days)
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Trekking / Cultural Sightseeing

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Tour Highlights

  • Tehran, Tajrish Bazar, Sa’dabad complex, Darband valley
  • Two days trekking in Mt.Tochal on top of Tehran
  • Hiking on the hillside of Mount Damavand
  • Enjoying trek in beautiful Alborz mountains
  • Caspian Sea, the biggest lake of the world
  • Hiking in Hyrcanian Rainforest, Masouleh stepped village and Roudkhan castle
  • Sightseeing Qazvin city, the capital of the Empire Persia under Safavid
  • Excursion Zanjan, and it’s longest roofed Bazar in the world
  • Visit Hamedan, the oldest Iranian city
  • Hiking to Mount Alvand
  • Alisadr water Cave, Anahita Temple, Bisotoun UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Hiking around Mount Bisotoun
  • Sightseeing Kermanshah,  the 4th AD city
  • Sightseeing Kashan & Isfahan Iran Heritage sites
  • Abyaneh village & desert ECO camp

The Best Trekking & cultural Tour in Iran★★★★★

Day 1: Arrive Tehran (I.K Airport), rest at hotel, Tehran sightseeing

Day 2: Trekking to Tochal hut (~2700 m) in the North of Tehran

Day 3: Climbing to Tochal summit (Optional)

Day 4: Full day sightseeing Tehran

Day 5: Tehran to Raineh town, Hiking on the hillside of Mount Damavand

Day 6: Driving to the North, Caspian Sea coast

Day 7: Driving coastline to Ramsar city, hiking in Rainforest

Day 8: Toward Gilan province, Rasht city & Masouleh village sightseeing

Day 9: Rudkhan Castle sightseeing, Drive to Qazvin province

Day 10: Qazvin sightseeing, Afternoon drive to Zanjan City

Day 11: Zanjan sightseeing, Afternoon drive to Hamedan City

Day 12: Hamedan sightseeing, Hiking to Mount Alvand Hut

Day 13: Trekking to Alvand Summit (Optional), Afternoon Ganjnameh Granite Carved

Day 14: Alisadr Cave, Anahita Temple, Bisotoun Historical Site (UNESCO World Heritage)

Day 15: Hiking around Mount Bisotoun

Day 16: Sightseeing Kermanshah city, fly back Tehran at evening

Day 17: Kashan & Isfahan

Day 18: UNESCO World Heritage City, Isfahan sightseeing

Day 19: Abyaneh historical village & Matinabad Disert ECO camp

Day 20: Fly back Home

Part A: North to the West

Part B: Tehran to Isfahan


Day 1: Arrive Tehran (I.K Airport), rest at hotel, Tehran sightseeing

Arriving Tehran I.K. Airport early morning, welcoming and regarding the group, transport to the hotel in center of Tehran. After a few rest, we’ll go to Tehran sightseeing tour. Tehran Grand Bazar, Golestan Palace(UNESCO World Heritage), Iran National Museum/Jewelry Museum. O /N at hotel.

Day 2: Trekking to Shirpala hut (~2700 m) at the foot of Tochal in the North of Tehran

After breakfast we’ll start to trekking Shirpala hut (~2700 m) at the foot of Tochal summit in north of Tehran via Darband valley route , it takes about 3 hours trekking in very beautiful valley. After reaching to Shirpala hut, you can walk around, acclimatization, and enjoy the scenes of Tehran metropolis. O /N in Shelter or 2 person tent.

Day 3: Climbing to Tochal summit (~3950 m)

After breakfast at early morning we’ll start climbing to Tochal summit (Optional). It takes about 4 hours trekking to summit. Afternoon we’ll descend to Tehran and have a rest or walking around the Hotel. O /N at Hotel.

Day 4: Full day sightseeing Tehran

Today we’ll fell Tehran lifestyle, museum, Shopping centers and etc. Tajrish Bazaar, pay a visit to the Niawaran or Sa’dabad palace in northern Tehran worth that served as the last shah residence, Milad tower a symbol of Tehran and etc. O /N at Hotel.

Day 5: Tehran to Raineh town, Hiking on the hillside of Mount Damavand

Today morning we leave Tehran to the Raineh town(~ 2300 m) at the foot of mount Damavand via Haraz road. Raineh is a small town at the foot of mount Damavand that is famous for it’s Hot-Springs and placed at 85 km far away from Tehran in the North (about 2 hours driving). Now we have enough time to Hiking on the hillside of Mount Damavand between beauty Anemone flowers and enjoying landscape of Lar lake and Doberar mountain ridge. Depend on weathers condition and your interest, we can ascend to the Damavand Camp 1 or Goosfandsara 3000 m (about two and half hours) and after few rest, descend to Raineh town slowly. Afternoon we’ll go to Larihan Hot-spring and enjoy mineral hot water. The water from this spring is useful in the treatment of chronic wounds and skin diseases. Near these springs there are public and private baths with small pools for use. The main spring temperature is about 65 degree, but pools and bathrooms water is cooler. O /N at local house.

Day 6: Driving to the North, Caspian sea coastline

Today we drive from Haraz road to Caspian Sea(-25 Meters under sea level) and we loss about 2350 m altitude. Our destination is Mahmoudabad city (120 km away from Rineh), one of the best seaside city in North of Iran. We can visit local fishing Bazar, swimming and etc. afternoon we go to visit Lavij mountain village (35 km away from Mahmoudabad), there we can see rice fields and rainforest scenery. O /N in villa.

Day 7: Driving coastline to Ramsar city, hiking in Rainforest

Today we’ll drive in Caspian sea coast line, to Ramsar city (180 km). Ramsar lies on the coast of the Caspian Sea. It was also known as Sakhtsar in the past. The native people in Ramsar are Gilaks and they speak Gilaki language. They are also able to speak Persian, Ramsar is a popular sea resort for Iranian tourists. The town also offers hot springs, the green forests of the Alborz Mountains and the vacation palace of the last Shah. In Ramsar we can use one of amazing Tele-Cabins in the world, that start from seaside and going up to 700 meters in mountain Rainforest. Also if you like, we can hike on this route. O /N in Villa.

Day 8: Toward Gilan province, Rasht city & Masouleh village sightseeing

Today we’ll start our journey to Rasht, the capital of Gilan province (about 120 km). In Rasht we’ll visit Traditional Bazar, Rasht Treasure Museum and etc. After lunch we drive through the mountains to Masouleh, a more than a thousand years old mountain village near the Caspian Sea. Even the great Iranian poet Sohrab Sepehri wrote rightly ” We came here to write, but cannot be written Masouleh, Masouleh Should be seen ” The unique architecture is also known as “The yard of the building is above the roof of the building below. It is the only place in Iran where there is no motorized transport of any kind, because it is simply not possible. O /N at local house.

Day 9: Rudkhan Castle sightseeing, Drive to Qazvin province

Today we drive about 60 km to Rudkhan Castel that was a military complex which had been constructed during the Sasanian era (224-651), and later rebuilt during the Seljoq era by followers of the Esmaeili sect. The castle is built on two tips of a mount, with an area of 2.6 hectares (6.4 acres). Its architects have benefited from natural mountainous features in the construction of the fort. After crossing a mountainous winding route with dense forests, the first thing that one notices about the castle is its big entrance gate. Rudkhan Castle sits at the two peaks of a mountain at elevations of 715 and 670 metres and contains strong fortifications and battlements at a length of 1,550 metres. The castle’s 42 towers still stand intact (Sightseeing this castle takes about 3 hours). After Rudkhan Castle we’ll drive to Qazvin city the capital of Qazvin province (about 200 km). In this way we’ll see Sefidrood River & Dam, Roudbar City (Capital of Iran Olives), Olive Gardens and small olive workshops. O /N at Hotel.

Day 10: Qazvin sightseeing, Afternoon drive to Zanjan City

After breakfast we’ll see Qazvin city historical sites. Qazvin was an ancient capital in the Persian Empire and nowadays is known as the calligraphy capital of Iran. It is famous for its Baqlava, carpet patterns, poets and etc. The city was a former capital of the Empire Persia under Safavids. It is a provincial capital today that has been an important cultural center throughout history. Jame Mosque, Atiq Museum, Old Bazar and etc. Afternoon we’ll leave Qazvin to Zanjan City(180 km on highway). O /N at Hotel.

Day 11: Zanjan sightseeing, Afternoon drive to Hamedan City

Zanjan city is the capital of Zanjan Province in Iranian Azerbaijan. Zanjan is known for its beautiful handcrafts such as knives, traditional sandals, called charoogh, and malileh, a handcraft made with silver wires. Zanjani artists make many things like various decorative dishes and their special covers as well as silver jewelry. Zanjan was built by Ardashir I, the first king of the Sassanid Empire and named as “Shahin”. In Zanjan we can seeing many historical attractions like Zanjan Museum of Anthropology ( Rakhtshuy Khane Edifice), Zanjan Bazar that is longest roofed Bazar in the world, Dome of Soltaniyeh, erected from 1302 to 1312 AD, has the oldest double-shell dome in Iran. After sightseeing we’ll drive to Hamedan City (210 km). O /N at hotel.

Day 12: Hamedan sightseeing, Hiking to Mount Alvand Hut

After early breakfast, we leave our Hotel to sightseeing Hamedan ancient city. Hamadan is believed to be among the oldest Iranian cities and one of the oldest in the world. It is possible that it was occupied by the Assyrians in 1100 BCE; the Ancient Greek historian, Herodotus, states that it was the capital of the Medes, around 700 BCE. We can visit Avicenna (Abu Ali Sina) Tower, Baba Tahir-E-Oryan, Gonbad-E-Alavian, Hamadan Stone Lion, Excavated Ancient Ekbatana City and etc. Afternoon we go to Ganjnameh Valley to start one hour hiking to Alvand Hut (~ 2600 m). There we can drink a cup of tea on hut Balcony, enjoying mountain silence and Hamedan landscape at evening. O /N at Hut.

Day 13: Trekking to Alvand Summit (Optional), Afternoon Ganjnameh Granite Carved

After serving breakfast in hut’s small restaurant we start our trekking to Alvand summit with about 3570 m altitude (Optional). In good weather condition it takes about 3 and half hours to top summit. After enjoying scenery of North and South side of Alvand ridge, and taking memorial pictures we descend to hut and then Ganjnameh valley. There we can visit Ganjnameh Granite Carved that was ordered by Darius the Great (521-485 BC) and the one on the right by Xerxes the Great (485-65 BC). At evening came back hotel. O /N at Hotel.

Day 14: Alisadr Cave, Anahita Temple, Bisotoun Historical Site (UNESCO World Heritage)

Today we leave Hamedan to the west, first we’ll go to Alisadr Cave, The Ali Sadr Cave, originally called Ali Saadr or Ali Saard (meaning cold) is one of world’s largest water cave which attracts thousands of visitors every year. After visit Alisadr Cave we drive about 90 km to the west in highway to arrive Kangavar city which Anahita Temple placed. Befor Kangavar city, we cross Lalejin town that is known as pottery capital of Iran. We have a short stop for watching Pottery workshops and buying souvenir.  Anahita Temple is the biggest archaeological sites in Iran popularly thought to have been attributed to the ancient deity Anahita. Afternoon we’ll drive about 65 km in west highway to arrive Bisotoun Heritage site. Bisotun is located along the ancient trade route linking the Iranian high plateau with Mesopotamia and features remains from the prehistoric times to the Median, Achaemenid, Sassanian, and Ilkhanid periods. The principal monument of this archaeological site is the bas-relief and cuneiform inscription ordered by Darius I, The Great, when he rose to the throne of the Persian Empire, 521 BC. O /N at Bisotoun traditional Caravansary Hotel.

Day 15: Hiking around Mount Bisotoun

Today we want to have a short hiking around mount Bisotoun. Mount Bisoton is a huge Marbel rocks mountain that is well known for its 1200 m climbing wall. Although mount Bisotoun in the north side is covered by huge rocks and has many rock climbing route, but there is an easy and very beautiful hiking route on the south side. So we go there and hike some hours, enjoy Zagros Mountain Range beauty nature and if you’ll lucky, we can drink a cup of tea with Kordish nomad people. Afternoon we drive toward Kermanshah city (25 km). O /N at Hotel.

Day 16: Sightseeing Kermanshah city, fly back Tehran at evening

Today we have a complete day sightseeing in Kermanshah. Kermanshah is the central city in the west of Iran, has a large population. The languages spoken by the people is Kurdish, Southern Kurdish, Laki and Also Persian. Kermanshah developed in the 4th century AD under the patronage of Sassanian kings. Its climate is mild and it has many natural and historical sightseeings in the city. We can visit Zagros Paleolithic Museum, Taq-E-Bostan, Mo’avenalmolk Museum, Old Bazar and etc. At the evening we fly to Tehran by plane, to following up your cultural tour to Kashan and Isfahan. O /N at Hotel.

Day 17: Kashan & Isfahan

Today morning we leave Tehran toward Kashan historical city in center of Iran, it’s about 200 km far away from Tehran in the south (2 and half hours driving). Kashan city is the capital of Kashan County, in the province of Isfahan, Iran. The etymology of the city name comes from the Kasian, the original inhabitants of the city, whose remains are found at Tapeh Sialk dating back 9,000 years; later this was changed to “Kashian”, hence the town name. Between the 12th and the 14th centuries Kashan was an important centre for the production of high quality pottery and tiles. In modern Persian, the word for a tile (kashi) comes from the name of the town Kashan. In Kashan you can visit some historical sites like Brodjerdian house, Abbasian house, Fin garden (paradise garden), Soltan Amirahmad Bathroom, and etc. Afternoon we’ll drive 230 km to Isfahan via south highway (about two and half hours). 30 km Before Isfahan in “Mourcheh Khort” we’ll have a short stop to visit a “Madar Shah caravansary” from Safavieh dynasty. Today it’s repaired and changed to rest area and restaurant. Then we drive to Isfahan. We have enough time to walking around our Hotel, and enjoy landscape of old bridges at the evening. O /N in Hotel.

Day 18: UNESCO World Heritage City, Isfahan sightseeing

Isfahan is named “city of garden and palaces” and you should just see it. Isfahan is an ancient city in the center of Iran. Isfahan is the capital of Isfahan Province and the Persians call it “Nesf-e-Jahan”, meaning “Half the World”. After breakfast we’ll go to Imam square or Naghshe Jahan complex. The length of this great square is 500 meters from north to south, and its width about 150 meters from east to west. Round the square we can visit “Sheikh Lotfollah” Mosque that masterpiece of architecture and tile work of the 16th century which was constructed by a decree issued by Shah Abbas I and took a period of 18 years to be completed.” Ali Qapo” , “Chehelsoton palace”, “Hasht behesht palace” , Si-o-Se pol , Old Bazar and many other historical places, is some of the historical sites that you can visit them today. O /N at hotel.

Day 19: Abyaneh historical village & Matinabad Disert ECO camp

Today we drive back to the North, after about 200 km we turn in Abyane village road. The ancient village of Abyaneh is the perfect answer to Iran’s bustling, traffic-clogged cities.
Serenely situated at the foot of mount Karkas, Abyaneh’s steep, twisting lanes of mud and stone wind through a maze of red mud-brick houses with lattice windows and fragile wooden balconies. It is testament to both the age and isolation of Abyaneh that the elderly residents speak Middle Persian, an earlier version of Farsi that largely disappeared centuries ago. The village is at least 1500 years old and faces east across a picturesque valley. Afternoon we go to Matinabad Desert Eco Camp in about 55 km distance from Abyaneh. Matin Abad Eco- Resort & Organic Farm was established in 2008 and equipped with traditional rooms and tents between beautiful desert. Here you can ride camels through waves of sand and mountain valleys, and can even enjoy desert walks in the beautiful star-lit nights. O /N at Traditional Desert local house or camp.

Day 20: Fly back Home

Depends on your flight time we manage this day and transport the group to the airport (about 265 km distance to I.K Airport).


Our services includes:

    • Visa processes & Paperwork
    • Pick up from the airport or Tehran
    • Prepaid SIM Card with active Internet that you can charge with credit to use (per order is necessary)
    • 12 x nights in minimum *** hotel Breakfast
    • 5 x nights in a local house or villa with Breakfast
    • 2 x nights in mountain hut/2person tent with full board
    • Camping services
    • Two person tent
    • Duffel bag
    • All transfer, Sedan, Van, or 4WD rides
    • Organization of the whole trek
    • Climbing permits for Damavand 50$
    • Professional mountain guide, cook, and driver during the program
    • City sightseeing
    • Transport to the airport or Tehran

Our services do not include:

  • International flight
  • Museum and Hot spring tickets
  • Visa fee
  • Single room supply at hotels (it costs 35 E p/p night extra)
  • Extra plans in case of bad weather or changes in the program
  • Tips and extra nights at hotels
  • Any other services not specified above

Food Menu

  • Iranian Cuisine
  • Vegetrian Meals
  • Your Desired


  • All included (as mentioned in itinerary)
  • Three star hotels, Guesthouse or Local house
  • Two Person Tents & Camping Services
  • Tent, Sleeping Bag & Mattress

Health & Vaccinations

No need to have any special vaccination. There is no contagious disease in Iran. But for abroad holiday its better to do your regular health care and vaccination or teeth treatment before you travel.

Currency & Spending Money

The currency of Iran is the Iranian Rial. Most of places does not accept Paypal or International credit cards, So you must pay in cash, or you can use Iranian Debit Card. You can charge your Travel Debit Card  with local currency (You can charge this card ones (50 E, 100 E, 200 Euro or more) during your journey in Iran. We advise you to charge it until 300 euro before you visit museum, hot springs, market, shops and restaurant. With this  card you can easily pay everywhere and withdraw local currency from any ATM. With this digital payment service you can spend money without worrying about changing money wherever you are or to be concerned about your budget. You can only spend the amount of money you charge on your card. You can also recharge easily the credit of your Sim-card)

Know before you go

Iran is an Islamic Country, So If you are a woman, You must wear scarf and mantoo and also man are prohibited to wear shorts in the cities.

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Gear List

        • Luggage:

        Duffel bag (Carrying by 4WD cars or leave in Hotel/Guesthouse), Daypack (to carry camera, water bottles, extra clothing, Lunch box), Luggage tags and locks

        • Camping Gear:

        For this tour you don’t need to bring sleeping bag, Mattress and Tent, Iran Exploration prepare everything for you.

        • Outerwear:

        Goretex jacket with hood (waterproof and breathable), Insulated parka, down or synthetic filled ,fleece or wool sweater, Fleece pants, Mid-weight thermal underwear tops and bottom(synthetic or wool), Hiking pants, Long-sleeve shirts, T-shirts, synthetic are best, Underwear

        • Clothing Accessories:

        Sun hat, Wool or fleece hat, Wool or fleece gloves, Thin liner gloves

        • Footwear:

        Mountain trekking boots( sturdy and ankle support, water-resistant) , types of Socks, Camp shoes( trail shoes or running shoes)

        • City Clothing:

        Bring a few lightweight, easily washable items for travel and daily wear, Comfortable shoes, (Woman should wear long sleeve shirt, Scarf, long Shirt)

        • Travel Accessories:

        headlamp (lithium batteries are best for cold weather), Pocket knife or pocket tool, Ear plugs, Small quantity of favorite energy snacks, Hiking staff or trekking poles, Small waterproof pack cover for daypack, Sunglasses with strap (side-shields or glacier glasses recommended), Sun block cream and lip balm, Personal hygiene supplies including biodegradable soap, Small quick-dry towel, Personal first aid kit, medicines, Hand sanitizer gel or hand wipes and etc.

        • Optional Field Gear:

        Camera, memory cards, spare batteries, Battery charging station for cameras or personal electronics, Solar charger for batteries, Travel Adapter( UK to EU) ,Antibacterial wet wipes

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  • Nicole Steck on Damavand
    It was really good time. Damavand sloop was one of the best in the world for ski tour.
    Nicole Steck
  • Hello to all Iran Exploration's team. It was very nice time with you in Iran, I hope you will have many client every years.
    George Gschwendtner
  • Everything was great in Iran. Thank you for your hospitality. Your leaders and guides was perfect and best.
    Katrin Hermann
  • Ramin and Reza are the best mountain guides I have ever travelled with. Always joyful and helpful. The tour itself is a wonderful experience.
    Mahendra Myshkin


Great services on this holiday, making it hard to beat on price

Guided by a professional city guide, mountain guide

Your desired food/Sim Card

You can add some extra tour packages to your holiday

Tent, Sleeping Bag & Mattress included for Adventures

Enjoy your time in Iran & make the best memory of your life!


Group size: 2-8

Suitable for age: Family Tour

Activity: 8 days light trekking, 12 days city sightseeing

Join in: Tehran, End in: Tehran or Isfahan

Best Time: April/ May/ Oct / Nov

Physical Rating: Level 2/10 (Adventure Touring)

Max. altitude: 3960 m

Extra: Swimming in Hot Spring


12 nights in minimum *** hotel with Breakfast

5 nights in local house or vila with Breakfast

2 nights in mountain hut/2 person tent with full board

19 Breakfast, 2 Lunch, 2 Dinner

Camping services

Extra: Tent, Sleeping Bag, Mattress


These tours sometimes do not involve travel at high altitude (Lower than 4000 m) and may visit remote areas of Iran, where facilities are often basic. Some of these trips involve some camping on tent or local houses. These tours will often involve long journeys and road driving. Sightseeing and optional day walks are often included and these days may involve up to 5 hours of physical activity. To enjoy adventure part of these tours, we suggest you are reasonably fit, healthy, have a moderately active lifestyle and have a positive attitude.


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